Many will realize that the next episode in canon is "Blindsided" in which we learn that Tony's ex-cellmate, Eddie, was set up to take the fall for a murder committed by Admiral Overbeck's son. (Did anyone catch that I'd used an obscure canon name for my villain?) Since Secretary McGath promises to look into the case and Eddie hires a civilian lawyer, we can safely assume that another piece of Overbeck's world crashes in on him.

As for my fictional characters: Slate stays true to his oath and refuses to give up General Denton. I may use the general in a future plot, so I'm not going to reveal much more about his fate other than to say no one knows the role he played in Redemption. He may help Slate escape custody at some point.

Not sure what happened to Yeoman Betty. I don't think Overbeck had the guts to off her, but what she knew was only slightly damaging without the testimony of Bridger, O'Neill, and Wolenczak. However, right after "Blindsided" comes the Hyperion incident and that means all of Overbeck's big accusers would disappear for ten years. If you hold to canon, it would be easy to see how Overbeck could demand a new trial and with all the star witnesses suddenly and inexplicably missing, he could get off. I'll let everyone decide for themselves what occurs in the trial and punishment stages of this little fictional foray.

Thank you all for reading. Anyone who has read this far but never posted a review, I would beg of you to at least drop me a note. Readers mean the world to me. I can't do it without you.