You Belong With Me


She wanted nothing more just for him to notice her the way she notices him but things don't always go as planned especially when the guy you're madly in love with already has a girlfriend.


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Oh and also in this story Hinata and Neji are not cousins, they're siblings.

Flashback ~

"Sasuke-chan, where are you?" The small young girl yelled out. It was a snow day for the young eight year old Hyuga Hinata and she couldn't have been any happier to have the day off. Wearing her light tan coat with a light blue hat on with her bangs hanging from out her hat and two little ponytails were seen on the side of her face.

"Ha! You'll never find me" Hinata turned her head when she caught a glimpse of a young boy running away. She smirked to herself and kneeled down gathering up some snow forming a ball as she threw it towards him, watching as the snow ball hit the raven haired boy in the head.

She giggled proudly to herself when she hit him with the ball. "I finally got you Sasuke-chan" She smiled to herself.

He pouted to himself, raising his hand up ruffling the snow out of his hair. He walked towards her shoving his hands into his coat pocket. "Stop you're giggling, so you got me. So what!" He pouted not liking the fact she got him.

"I'm sorry Sasu-chan"

He blushed deeply from the nickname, he huffed and quickly turned his face away from hers with his eyes closed shut. "Let's go to my house, it's getting too cold and my hands are cold" He stated. She nodded her head as the two started walking back to his house.

Both Hinata and Sasuke were neighbors and have been for three years now. When they first met each other both were really shy but as time went by the two were always seen together. Hyuga Hinata and Uchiha Sasuke were best friends and no one has ever came between them and that's the way they both like it.

The walk between the two was a silent one but not an uncomfortable silence and very comforting one, until Sasuke spoke.

"Hinata when we get older promise me that you'll always stay by my side"

The eight year old girl looked over at Sasuke noticing how he kept his head straight ahead not daring to look over at her. "You should know that I'll always be b-by you're side Sasu-chan. You're my best friend ever"

Sasuke flinched slightly at her words, it meant a lot to him to hear that come from her. "I know're someone who is very important to me and I don't want anyone to come between us" He then stopped walking once they reached his house, turning his body facing hers, his black eyes peering into her white orbs.

"Hyuga Hinata you're my only best friend and I sure won't ever let anyone get in our way. Rather they're an adult or someone our age" He placed his hand in front of her face extending his pinky out. "Let's a make a promise we won't ever leave the other's side"

Hinata looking at his pinky with a light blush on her cheeks. Nodding head she put on a determined smile, linking her pinky in with his. "I promise that I won't ever leave you're side Sasu-chan" She stated while looking into his eyes.

He smirked while looking at her happy to have a friend like her, she has always been there for him these past three years that they have known each other and he intends to be there for her...forever.

End of Flashback ~

Nine years have passed since that day and Hyuga Hinata has grown since that day. Her hair had grown longer, her body has matured and of course she has grown taller. She looked at herself in the mirror wearing her school uniform, her skirt was practically below her knees, her socks her pulled up to her calfs of her legs, she wore a sweater on top of her shirts despite the fact it was over ninety degrees outside, wearing two long pigtails that hung low draping over her shoulders.

Hinata was what was known as the school's nerd or loser if you may say. She didn't mind that title and always mostly kept to herself and didn't bother anyone. She was bullied almost everyday, there has never been a day where she has been to school without being bullied.

Defending herself aways proves as being useless since she gets laughed at. She sighed to herself and looked away from the mirror.

"Hinata come on, we have to get ready for school!"

"I'm coming Neji-nii" She called out to her brother. Hyuga Neji is her year older brother and despite his title at school; being one of the most "hottest" guys going to they're high school, he was a very stoic male but would defend his little sister within the quickness if he caught her being bullied by someone. He hated would people would tease her especially one girl in particalar...

Hinata raced down the stairs with her bag over her shoulders, rushing towards the kitchen grabbing the toast that was on the counter and ran out the side door trying to catch up with Neji.

"You didn't have to leave me Neji-nii" She pouted.

"You take forever in the bathroom, not my fault" He smirked to himself as he reached his hand forward ruffling her hair making it look messy.

"Neji-nii! You're going to mess up my hair" She frowned trying to move everything back into place. He chuckled to himself taking his gaze away from her and looked up noticing Sasuke standing not to far away from where they were walking.

"Oi Sasuke!" Neji called out the the raven haired male.

Sasuke turned around with a blank expression but once his eyes hit Hinata he smiled warmly, walking over to the two siblings he smirked. "Hey, I didn't think you would be walking to school today"

Hinata gazed over at Sasuke blushing deeply. Over the years she has grown to fall completely head over heels for the Uchiha, but she hasn't said a word to him about it. The only person who knows her feelings is her brother Neji, who often teases her about it but she knows he means no harm about it.

"Yeah our father is on a business trip so it's just Hinata, Hanabi and I left at home and my car is in the shop so we have to walk" Neji spoke with a sigh. Sasuke nodded his head looking over at Hinata with a smile, reaching over towards her moving her hair out of her face causing her to blush even more.

"You're being so quiet today Hinata. Are you okay?" He asked when he removed his hand away from her face.

She nodded her head trying her hardest to push down that blush. "H-Hai, I'm fine Sasu-chan"

Neji chuckled to himself causing Sasuke to shoot him a glare. "Hinata how many times do I have to tell you? We're older don't need to call me that anymore" He sighed softly to himself trying his hardest not to appear to be angered by the nickname.

She just nodded her head looking down towards the ground. She has always called him that and he never minded it before but once they hit high school he wanted her to stop calling him that.

The Uchiha looked over at her as did Neji who shook his head. "Hey..." Sasuke lifted his hand placing it under Hinata's chin, lifting her head up with his finger. "Don't take it the wrong way, okay?" He whispered softly to her.

Neji watched the scene in front of him. "Well I'm going to continue walking" Neji sighed not really wanting to watch a Sasuke and Hinata moment, seeing how he felt awkward standing there with the two. Once he was walking away from them Sasuke slowly dropped his hand from under her chin his eyes never leaving her bright white eyes.

"You're still the same as ever" He smiled at her, leaning away from her.

"Hey babe!"

Both Sasuke and Hinata turned they're heads to see Haruno Sakura sitting a red convertable car in her school uniform smirking flirtaously at Sasuke. "I knew I would find you here. Are you ready to go?"

Sasuke smirked giving Sakura a small wink as he walked towards the car. "See you later Hinata" He spoke never turning around to look at her as he said it since his eyes were fully on Sakura. Once he jumped in the car Sakura stared at Hinata with a smirk on her face and grabbed Sasuke by the collar of his shirt pulling him forward planting and rough passionate kiss on his lips.

Hinata watched with widened eyes as Sasuke and Sakura had a make out session right in front of her and what's even more Sakura was staring at her the entire time she was kissing Sasuke. It was like she knew what she was trying to do and what that was was to make her jealous.

She was trying her hardest not to cry while watching Sasuke kiss another girl right in front of her, it was like he forgot she was there.

Once Sakura pulled away she took her eyes off of Hinata and looked at Sasuke. "I swear you're the best kisser Sasuke-kun" She blushed deeply at him.

"Heh, you're not so bad yourself" He smiled at her, leaning forward giving her another quick peck on her lips.

Sakura smiled and then looked back over at Hinata with a digusted look on her face. "What are you doing hanging around lame people?" She asked with a grunt.

Sasuke narrowed his eyes but then looked away from Sakura. "She's my next door neighbor, that's all" He spoke lowly.

Hearing these words come from his mouth hurt her, she couldn't stand here anymore listening to them talk so she quickly ran to catch up with Neji. Sasuke felt a tinge of pain in his heart from what he said but turned his head back over towards Sakura when he heard her speaking.

"Geez, what a lame girl. Come on let's get to school" She smiled to him as she drove off.

The promise she made to Sasuke years ago wasn't the same anymore. And if you're wondering why, it's because of Haruno Sakura. Once she stepped into Sasuke's life he tends to forget about her and pushed her to the side to make room for Sakura.

"So much for that forgotten promise..." She muttered to herself.

She couldn't find Neji anywhere and realized that he must have already gotten to school. She was almost there anyways so it didn't matter either way. When she finally made it to the school she noticed that many of the students were still outside, hanging around they're friends.

She didn't have any friends in her school, the only one she talked to was Neji and she barely sees him around the school, since the school it so big. She sighed softly to herself and decided to walk inside the school since she knew no one outside. Once she made it inside she kept her eyes glued to the floor, not realizing where she was walking she bumped into someone almost knocking herself to the ground until a arm reached out and grabbed her.

"You should really watch where you walk"

She looked up at the person, almost letting out a gasp once she looked at his face. He was really...handsome. He had flawless skin, very pretty aqua color eyes, and the reddest hair she has ever seen, and to top it all off a red kanji tattoo on his forehead that said "love".

"I-I'm sorry, I'll pay more attention" She said softly looking away from his intense gaze.

He nodded his head, letting his hand slowly drop from her arm, shrugging his shoulders he parted his lips. "It's fine. I'm new here so you think you could help me find the office?" He asked, his green eyes never parting away from her light colored orbs. Nodding her head, not being able to form any words, she turned away from him and began walking.

He followed closely behind her watching her movements as she was walking, noticing how she once again was walking with her head down and eyes glued to the floor. He sighed to himself shaking his head, he could tell this girl kept to herself a lot. Looking around he noticed a lot of girls were giggling and pointing at him while blushing.

"Great...fangirls. Just what I need" He groaned to himself.

"Oh, you must be new here at our school, ne?" The red headed male almost didn't even notice that a girl had approached him. Nodding his head watching as the blonde girl began blushing deeply while looking at him.

"Well my name is Ino, what's your name?" Ino asked while fluttering her eyelashes at him.


Hinata turned around looking over at him once she realized that he wasn't following her anymore and that Ino had gotten to him. "Great, Ino got to him. She's the most popular girl next to Sakura no doubt in my mind he'll rather follow her around the school than me...the lame silent girl" She sighed to herself as she turned around and began walking away.

Gaara noticed this and began walking to catch up to her but was stopped when he felt a hand grab his arm. Turning around he glared down at the blonde girl who was holding onto his arm. "While don't you let me show you around the school, I'll be your tour guide here" She winked at him trying her best to flirt with Gaara.

He yanked his arm away from her grasp. "I already have someone who I want to show me around, so thanks but no thanks" He sneered at her turning away from her, leaving her standing there with a shocked expression.

She almost made it to her locker but stopped when she felt a presence near her. She thought it was maybe Sakura and her lackeys coming to tease her but whe she looked over it was the same guy from before. "A-Ano...?"

"Thanks for leaving me"

His voice so much devoid of any emotion she couldn't really tell if he was joking or not. "I'm sorry, I a-assumed you were going with Ino so I-"

"Never assume anything. I asked you so I want you to take me there" He exclaimed while looking down at her. She blushed lightly nodding her head.

"Just let me put my books in my locker and I-I'll walk you to the office" She smiled brightly at him causing the red haired male to smirk to himself. Once she finished putting her books in her locker, she turned to Gaara. "Ready?"

He nodded his head as the two began walking towards the office. Hinata was trying her best to ignore the stares she was getting from some of the students, while Gaara ignored everyone. Stopping in front of the office door she turned towards Gaara looking up at him.

"Well this is Tsunade-sama's office, I hope everything works out well Gaara-san" She bowed to him as she turned around to walk away.


She stopped turning around to look at him raising her eyebrows up. "Yes?"

"I still want you to help me" He muttered never turning his face away from the door as he opened it and walked in leaving Hinata standing behind wondering if she should follow him which she eventually did.

Tsunade looked up from her desk seeing two students looking over at her. She sighed to herself, raising her hands up resting them under her chin. "What can I do for you two?"

"I'm new, I transferred from Sand Valley High" He spoke in a monotone voice.

The blonde haired woman arched her eyebrow up. "Ah, you're Sabaku Gaara, ne?" She watched him as he nodded his head, looking back over at the girl standing behind him she noticed the female Hyuga that she often sees around the school. "Let me see you're schedule Sabaku-san"

Gaara closer towards her desk, placing his folded up paper into her hands. She unfolded the paper looking down at all of his classes. "Hmm" She glanced over his schedule for a bit longer thinking to herself. "Say, I do believe you have all the same classes as Hinata here. Hinata why don't you become his guide for the day"

Hinata nodded her head. "Yes, Tsunade-sama" She smiled at her. The brown eyed woman smiled brightly at the girl before waving them both off. Leaving the office Gaara followed the girl back out in the hallway.

"So your name is Hinata?" He asked while gazing over at her.

"Y-Yes, Hyuga Hinata, it's a pleasure to Sabaku-san"

He stared at her for a few moments trying to gather up his thoughts about her before he said anything else. He could tell that she was a really silent girl judging how she looked. "Hn, likewise" He replied looking down at his schedule at his first class and then his watch on wrist.

"We better head off into class now, right?"

Hinata nodded her head motioning him to follow her, as they were walking towards they're first class Hinata noticing that the staring had began starting up once more. "Do people in this school always stare so much?" Gaara asked becoming annoyed by the girls staring at him with blushes on they're cheeks while the males eyed him nervously.

Hinata giggled as she stopped in front of the classroom door. "Well i-if a person were new then yes" She explained while looking up into his sea green eyes.

He nodded his head as he looked into the classroom for a few moments as he walked into room, looking around noticing how most of the students were huddled around certain tables talking. He looked back over at Hinata with his expresionless expression. "Where do you sit?" He asked.

She seemed to be taken back by the fact he was curious as to where she sits. "U-Um...I sit in the back"

"Well show me" He stated while never taking his eyes away from hers.

She walked into the classroom noticing how no one really noticed her since they were all talking among with each other. Once she sat down in her seat she looked over noticing that Gaara was sitting down looking over at all the other students.

Sakura looked over towards the back of the room noticing how the new guy was sitting next to Hinata. "Look we have a new student and he is sitting next to the lame girl" She snickered right along with the other girls and males surrounding her.

Sasuke frowned hearing Sakura calling her lame. Ever since he first started dating Sakura things have changed greatly between he and Hinata. No longer the one to protect her when she gets bullied, seeing how he is dating the girl who is the ring leader who bullies Hinata. He looked in the same direction Sakura and her friends were looking at, it was Hinata and the new guy.

"Oi, new guy!" A blonde male yelled over at the red haired teen.

Gaara looked up giving him his full attention, but said nothing but await from him to continue.

"My name is Uzumaki Naruto, what's yours?" He grinned widely at him.

"Sabaku Gaara"

Naruto grinned while taking a glance over at Hinata. "Well since you're new here I'm going to let you know a few things, first thing is if you want to be big in this school you hang out with us and second thing is...people like that thing you're sitting next to is the school's lame girl. I wouldn't be seen around her" He explained while smirking at Hinata.

She looked down clearly hurt by his words, just like Sasuke; Naruto use to be a good friend of hers too but once Sakura came to they're high school he dropped her so quickly and decided to follow Sakura and hasn't talked to Hinata ever since.

Gaara frowned slightly glaring harsly at everyone in that area. "I would appericate if you don't talk down on her, she didn't do anything wrong. So if you don't want me to kick you're ass don't talk about her in my presense again...dumbass" He muttered the last word to himself turning his head looking over at Hinata with a concern in his eyes. "Are you okay?" He whispered softly to her.

She couldn't believe that Gaara just stood up for her in front of everyone, the guy barely really knew her but he stood up for her without a care in the world about it. Hinata blushed deeply while looking over at him with widened eyes, but realized he had asked her a question. Nodding her head trying her hardest not to cry in front of anyone. She lifted her head up glancing up at Sakura noticing how she was smirking at her. She hated how she stole her best friend Sasuke and turned Naruto completly against her.

"Heh, she's such a loser isn't she Sasuke-kun" She smiled brightly at her boyfriend who merely took his eyes away from Hinata smirking at Sakura.

"Yeah" He replied which caused Hinata to stare with wide eyes at the male Uchiha.

"What a traitor" She thought to herself with a pout looking away from him.

"Alright class sit down in you're seats" The teach spoke as he came into the room. Everyone sighed and took they're seats slowly. "It seems we have a new student here, would you mind standing up and telling us about yourself?"

Everyone turned around to look at the bright red head. Gaara nodded his head standing up from his sit. "My name is Sabaku Gaara, I just transferred here from Sand Valley High. I have two other siblings but due to some problems with me from my previous school I came here" He responded.

Most of the other students wondered what happened in his other school. The male teacher nodded his head as he gulped while scratching the back of his head. "Well Gaara I hope you enjoy yout stay here at our school"

He nodded his head sitting back down, he turned his head when he felt a pair of eyes on him. Turning his head he noticed a pair of black eyes staring at him curiously with narrowed eyes. Not liking how he was looking at him he shot him a cold harsh glare as he quickly turned his head away from him.

Class went by awful quickly for the raven haired male, he couldn't believe someone defended Hinata and what was even more shocking it was someone who was new. He noticed how everyone else seemed shocked by it as well seeing how no one besides Neji defends her. Despite Neji being another friend of his he knew that the elder brother of Hinata hated how he treated Hinata when they were in school.

Noticing that Sakura had left the room along with her close friend Ino, he turned his head noticing that Gaara seemed to have been waiting for Hinata to grab her books. He walked towards them his eyes never leaving Hinata's face.

"Sorry about Sakura-chan, you know how she is" He stated while bringing his hand up behind his neck rubbing it slowly. He knew that the red head was still staring at him since he felt his eyes on him and it made him feel awkward.

"It's fine Sasu-chan" Hinata smiled brightly at the raven haired Uchiha. No matter what he has done she could never stay one hundred percent angry with him.

Gaara noticed the name she called him and assumed that the two must have been close friends seeing how the male known as "Sasu-chan" has a warm look in his eyes as he looks at her.

"Tch, what have I told you about calling me that?" He sighed removing his hand from his neck, his black orbs peered over at Gaara. "Don't ever tell anyone about that nickname, understand?"

"I can honestly care less about it" He responded.

Hinata looked back at Sasuke and then Gaara, laughing nervously once she sensed the tension between the two. "Well we better get going to our next class. I'll see you at lunch Sasu-chan...I-I mean Sasuke" She quickly corrected herself while blushing deeply from embarrassment.

"Yeah, later" Sasuke smirked giving Hinata a small wink before turning around leaving the classroon. Once he left Gaara looked over at Hinata noticing how she was still staring at the door in which Sasuke just walked out of.

He wanted to question her relationship with him but didn't want to pry too much into it seeing how he barely knows her well enough to ask such a question. He was still surprised in himself for defending her like he did earlier. She just seemed so fragile and no one was saying anything to defend her and she herself didn't look like she was going to even defend herself so he did it himself.

"Do those students always taunt you like that?" He asked in his normal low tone.

Lifting her head to speak but stopped when she noticed their teacher was giving her a look to leave the classroom. "I'll talk to you about it at lunch Subaku-san" She exclaimed.

He nodded his head and followed her out the classroom. Throughout the day, they're classes had been extremely boring to him, and in each class they went to Hinata was being teased. From what he could tell it appeared as if the female Hyuga was immune to the teasing and bullying, she never says anything to anyone. The only person that she talked to through most of they're classes they have had before lunch was him and no one else.

"Um, I normally sit with my big brother during lunch but..." She paused looking around the lunchroom and sighed softly to herself. "He isn't in here, he must have went out to lunch with the seniors. If you would like I could take you to a special place where I go eat?" She asked while looking up at the red head.

He merely looked down at the shorter girl and nodded his head, indicating that he didn't mind it.

"So you eat your lunch on the roof, eh?" He asked while looking up at the sky.

Hinata nodded her head with a soft smile on her face. "When my brother isn't around during lunch I sit up here...I like to clear my mind" She explained while looking up at the clouds. He looked over at her watching the smile that was still consuming her face, he parted his lips to speak.

"So why do they torment you?"

Her eyes widened slightly, she was secretly hoping that he would have forgotten about asking her once lunch came but it seems like it has obviously still been on his mind. "Well the girl from our first hour class with the pink hair...Haruno Sakura teases me a lot and I think it has a lot to do with Sasuke the guy that I was talking to earlier. They're dating and she knows that he is well my best friend and-"

"Tch. Best friend? He sure didn't appear to be your best friend earlier. He didn't defend you not once and he is your best friend?" The red head snorted while rolling his eyes.

Hinata blushed a deep color red while looking down at the ground, slumping down sitting down on the ground she let out a small sigh. "Sasuke is my next door neighbor and has been for years now. We instantly become close friends and at the age of eight we made a promise to each other that no one would ever come in between us and that we will always be friends no matter what but the day we came to high school is the day that promise we made to each other was a forgotten one. He met Sakura and they began dating, when she found out that Sasuke is my best friend she didn't like it and began bullying me. I don't know why Sasuke lets her but he does...also Naruto was also a friend of mines but he has a huge crush on Sakura so he knows Sakura doesn't like me so he results in teasing me just because he sees it as gaining more points in getting Sakura to like him"

She explained with a saddened smile. "So no one never takes up for you?" Gaara asked curiously.

"No, well my brother does but he isn't in any of my classes since he is a tenth grader and I barely see him around the school. So I defend myself but it's useless when everyone just laughs at you. I also think I get teased because of my apperance"

Gaara kneeled down beside her and glanced her from feet up to her head and arched his invisble eyebrow. "What's wrong with how you look?"

Her eyes widened as she looked at him and giggled softly. "Well I o-obviously don't look like any other girl in our school"

"So? I think you like fine the way you are" He mentally cursed himself. He has never been a talker and ever since he met this girl he has been talking a lot more than he normally does. He noticed the blush the was rising on her cheeks.

"U-Um, well we should be heading back to class now" She stated as she stood up. The read head nodded his head as he stood up as well, while the two headed back inside the building.

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