Yes, story is completed and has been since 2011, so this is an author's note/question.

If I decide to retype this story into something better, would you be interested in reading it? To be truthfully honest, I do not like this story or the way it turned out. I hated how I made Sakura's character. I am not a fan of hers at all, but I always hated how I made her character out to be. I have been contemplating for months about changing this. The story would still be a SasuHina story, but it would no longer be in a high school setting, nor will it be a Hinata harem (which this story turned to be without me realizing it). There may be an obstacle Hinata/or Sasuke would have to overcome before the SasuHina officially starts, but that obstacle will not be Gaara and possibly not Sakura either.

However, I must admit that the retyped version will not be out any time soon. The reason for that is that I have been working on my own novel that I plan to publish this year. Fan fictions have taken a backseat for the past few months.

If you are interested in reading a new version of this story, please send me a message or reply in a review. Thank you~!