CHAPTER 1 : Travel to USA

'' Hello Daddy ! '' Ronny said with a spoiled girl's voice.

'' What do you want ! ''with a smile on his face :)

'' OK OK ! .. you do know that I wanna study in medical school, don't you ? '' getting nervous every minute.

Takes his newspaper away, sighs then say :'' Get to the point Ronny !! ''

She gets very nervous and takes a step back then say in a shaky voice :'' I wanna go to L.A and study medicine ''

'' WHAT ? '' continues in a sarcastic voice : '' Ronny just go you're being silly right now''

'' NO ! I'm not being silly. I'm very serious and I'm telling you that I wanna got to L.A '', She replays strongly .. yet very nervous !

The father knew that this is the most serious moment she will ever have. But he denied that because he didn't want to see his beloved daughter go away and leave him alone with her mother .. He still thinks that she is the little girl that just spoke her first word and said : '' Papa ''

'' I'll think about it '' He said in a hopeless voice knowing that his only daughter will get what she wanted.


'' Mom .. Mom .. Dad hurry up ! Let's go we don't wanna be late for my flight to Los Angeles ! '' Ronny's waking her parents up in a joyful voice and a really big smile on her face.. yet very nervous.


Mom hugs her only child while crying and say : '' Sweetie do you really have to go .. I mean you can study medical here in Kuwait ''

'' No Mom I don't have to .. I want to and besides going to the US is SO important to me !. so please don't cry '' her eyes full of tears and the smile is still on her face .. But at the same time so sad cause she is leaving her mother.

'' Now stop it Katharine you don't want Ronny to go away sad, do you ? '' in a very desperate strong voice.

Mom : '' No, of course not '' while wiping her tears away.

Dad continues : '' Besides this is Ronny's biggest dream since she was a little girl .. OK baby are you ready ? ''

Ronny hesitate at first then get her strength together and shout : '' READY !! ''