Ronny was there but the door never got opened !

While Ronny took her cell phone out of her purse to call Stu she noticed a little note on the door that says : '' Make my day by coming inside ''

She smiled then opened the door and found trail of red rose petals with small heart shape candles leading to the bedroom and when she went there she found Hershey's kisses in a heart shape were placed on the bed and in the middle of the chocolate heart kisses there was a note saying : '' close your beautiful eyes ''

Ronny got very excited and closed her eyes .. and the minute she did she felt that there was someone standing right behind her

Stu gave her a hug from her back and started to kiss her neck over and over again ..

Ronny was giggling and was very pleased so Stu carried her ... '' Oh my God Stu what are doing ? '' Ronny said.

Stu : '' Shush ... Sweetie just lean your head over my shoulder ''

He took her down the stairs and she noticed the Red rose petals on every step.

Then they entered the dining room and the lights were off there was just the candles light and there was a table with delicious breakfast and a little box on the corner ... there was romantic music too.

Ronny : '' OH MY GOD STUART !!! ''

Stu was smiling and acting dumb : '' What ? ''

Ronny : '' OH MY GOD STUART !!! ''

'' Ok .. moving to the next step .. YOU CAN DO IT RONNY !! '' Stu was joking

Ronny laughed then she gave him a kiss ( a long emotional one )

after the kiss they both left their eyes closed for a few seconds then Ronny bit into her lips , opened her eyes and smiled

Stu opened his eyes sighs then said : '' OK now you see Ronny we are making a great progress ''

They both laughed so much ..

Ronny : '' Now can you put me down please ? ''

Stu : '' What if I didn't ? ''

Ronny : '' You'll never gonna get something special from me '' joking of course !

Stu immediately put her down !! They laughed so much then Stu kissed her and Ronny's arms were around his neck

He took her from her hand and led her to the table .. pulled the chair for Ronny and said : '' Miss .. ''

Ronny sat down then said : '' Thank you Sir ''

Stu gave her a quick kiss on the cheek then went to his seat

'' Yummy it looks delicious ! '' Ronny said

Stu : '' Thanks but you can't eat until I do some prayers ''

Ronny : '' OK ! .. sure ''

They gathered their hands and Stu : '' Thank you God for this amazing grace and I don't mean just the food '' then he looked at Ronny and found her looking at him and was very touched.




Ronny was wiping her face with the corner of the napkin then said : '' Stu this is so delicious I loved it .. have you ever cooked before ? ''

Stu : '' Well I'm glad that you did and yes I have cooked before just once though ''

Stu took the little box and gave it to Ronny

Ronny : '' What's this ? ''

Stu : '' Believe me it's nothing .. it's just a gift to prove something to you ''

Ronny had the strange look then when she opened the box she found a mirror and a card sticked on it saying : '' in this mirror you'll see the image of the most beautiful woman in the world. ''

Then she looked at the mirror and of course she found her image ! .. She left the mirror and the box on the table, stood up and went to Stu and said to him in a low voice : '' I can't believe that you just did that .. I can't believe how perfect you are How sweet and lovable .. Thank you so much sweetie ''

Stu : '' Hey you finally called me sweetie ''

Ronny smiled : '' Now I know what it really means '' then she gave him a kiss ...

Stu : '' Baby I wanna take you somewhere ''

Ronny : '' Where ? ''

Stu : '' You'll see .. now come on ''

They went to his car and Stu drove away with her .. They went to the beach

Stu took Ronny and they walked a little on the beach then Stu trace out the shape of a large love heart in the sand and they both sat inside the heart and started cuddling and kissing until they fell a sleep in each other's arms ...