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Most of the time, she dreamed about basements. She saw them behind her eyelids, places to hide and places to die. Ginger and Sam lay in one of them, only dead to her, because of her. In another, she huddled in the corner, trying to forget about Ghost and the fresh corpses and her fast-approaching transformation. It seemed everything important in her life had happened under ground, invisible to almost everyone.

But she'd been saved from the second cellar, although at first it seemed to be by ghosts. Ginger's restless spirit had been following her, taunting her, since she left home, and what better time to appear than in her little sister's final moments?

Death took its sweet time to kill her. She remembered pain and then darkness. She'd thought that was the end, the beast had torn her apart, but no. She awoke again to daylight and the silhouette of of a red-haired young woman

"Bee?" It said.

Oh, dear God, she had thought. "I can't even die without you around? Leave me alone..." She wondered if she'd actually said it, but Ginger's reaction told her she had. English hadn't yet escaped her.

The wooden stairs creaked under new weight, footsteps descended.


She knew that voice, hadn't heard it in months, and lifted her dark eyes to watch another shadow join her sister's.


She'd never read that wolves could cry, but apparently it was true. She felt tears slide down her cheeks before blackness claimed her again.

Brigitte woke and found herself face to face with Ghost, who seemed to be fascinated with the side of her head.

"What the hell are you doing?" the brunette mumbled, still half asleep and unable to muster the right amount of anger.

"Your ear..." the girl said, entranced.

Her eyes widened. Bee had heard that before and the memory made her heart race. One hand reached up to check – Not again! - and felt the familiar point at the top of her ear.

"Ginger!" she called, sitting up abruptly in a panic. "Ginge!"

"What?" the older snapped from the bathroom. She sauntered out a second later, white streaks already visible in her hair and a scowl gracing her mouth. "What's wrong with you?"

The younger of the two stared in shock, only able to motion dumbly to her ears and to her sister's hair. "Are we...? Did you...?"

"Calm down, Bee. Whole transformation in one day, isn't that great? No worrying all month," the red-head said with a delighted giggle.

She didn't take it seriously then, why should she take it seriously now?

"Aw, wipe that horrified look off your face. Come on, get dressed, we're driving and then going for breakfast!" As much as Ginger probably would've hurt her for bringing it up, Brigitte couldn't help but notice a tiny bit of their mother in her otherwise contrary older sister.

Ghost, upon hearing the word 'breakfast', hopped up from her seat on the floor next to the bed and bounced on the balls of her feet.

"Oh, finally! I've been wanting to see how powerful my hounds are! Who are you having for breakfast?"

"We're not having anyone!" Bee paused and looked to Ginger for confirmation. "Right?"

The red-head walked back into the bathroom laughing.

They found Sam outside, leaning against his van, a cigarette hanging from his fingertips and a smile on his face. He didn't look different in any way Brigitte could place, but there was a sort of melancholy hanging over his head even though he seemed thoroughly amused.

"McCardy's having... issues," he announced, not even able to say it without chuckling. Ghost gave him a strange look as she passed him to get into the front of the truck.

As if summoned, Jason emerged from the room next to the girls' and made his way over to them. Something told Bee that he wasn't in a very good mood. Maybe it was the frown, or maybe it was the 'I wish you were dead' glare he gave Sam when he got to the van.

"It's not funny, man," he said indignantly as Ginger cooed and draped herself over him.

Sam took a drag and shook his head. "Oh, it's funny. It's some messed up shit, but it's fucking funny."

The transformation, Brigitte had come to find out, was as unique in its progress as the lycanthropes themselves, and first symptoms were arguably the most variable. Hair, ears, something had to go first, and unfortunately for Jason, he got something akin to his period. Of course, Sam, being the twisted person he was, thought this was the most hysterically hilarious thing he'd ever heard.

Ginger finally broke the tension. "I'll drive." She held out her palm expectantly, but Sam just glanced at it and then back up to her eyes.

"You know the rule. The rule is that you don't drive my truck. Ever. Got it? Bee can drive." He pulled the keys out of his pocket and threw them to Brigitte, who caught them but suddenly felt very in the middle.

Dropping her hand, the red-head scoffed and uncoiled herself from around her lover to square shoulders with the other man.

"Yeah, I bet you'd let Bee drive your truck all she wanted, right?" she said before leaning towards him and whispering something neither Brigitte or Jason could hear. Sam looked disgusted when she turned away from him and moved to the passenger side of the van. Her mate stalked to the back and climbed in.

Sam snuffed the cigarette out under his shoe and went to follow McCardy. "I'll make sure he doesn't, you know, bleed out or anything."

"Hey." Brigitte grabbed his hand before he got too far and he looked back at her, confused. She'd meant to take his wrist, but she figured she'd say what she wanted to say despite the awkwardness. "Thank you for putting up with her. I know she's a hand-full sometimes."

He smirked. "I don't do it for my health."

"Then why do you do it?"

"For yours," he stated with a shrug, as if it were obvious, pulling his hand from hers and continuing towards the back.

Once she'd gotten into the driver's seat and started the engine, the brunette only half-listened to Ghost's rambling and Ginger's smart-ass comments. Her mind kept wandering to Sam, the only scrap of normalcy she'd had in a long time, the only person she'd never seen as monstrous. When he'd smiled at her, she'd seen his teeth. They were sharp now.