I'm alone. That much I know. It's hard, being alone. I should be used to it; I'm not. If just for one day, I wasn't aloneā€¦ It doesn't change 57 years of solitude. I don't have habits because of one stupid fluke of a day. No. Of course not.

Who am I kidding?

Nobody's here on this island with me. Nobody can hear me when I scream at the ocean, the tingly salty scent making me cut short with a sneeze. I fall to the sand, sitting cross-legged with my invisible legs making dents in the sand. I sigh, becoming fully visible again. No use covering myself now that I'm alone.

Dammit. I flop back into the sand, watching the sky. Stars, pinpricks of light, become blurry as I begin to cry. I didn't know I could still cry.

The moon is a bright crescent over the horizon. I frown at it. "Miracle of the Blue Moon" plays quietly in my head and I stop the tears. Ashley is gone, but she's opened up a whole other opportunity for me.

I stand, white toes digging into the sand, and set off into my future to recover my past.