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Controlled Burn Chapter 30

Eternal Flame

"Don't. Touch. Me," Bella growled right after I kissed the back of her neck. I had just woken up. I thought she was still asleep on her side with her back to me. It was time for us to get ready or we were going to be late.

"What's wrong?" I sighed. This pregnancy had been harder on her than the others. Twice as hard.

"Are you kidding me?" She tried to sit up in bed, but she was stuck like a beached whale. Her arms were flailing, and I grabbed one to pull her up. She let me help her but didn't stop glaring at me. "What's wrong is that I told you I didn't want to have more kids! I know you secretly did, and this is all your fault!"

"I'm pretty sure we were both consenting adults," I smirked at her, trying to lighten the mood.

"Oh, no way, buddy, that smile is not going to work on me this time. Yesterday the nurse said this was considered a geriatric pregnancy. I'm way too told to be having these babies."

"Bella, you're not old. You're 36, and I thought you said you were happy we're having the twins." I tried to soothe her.

"I'm happy I'm having the twins. I'm just mad at you for making me pregnant. Everything hurts. I can't get my shoes on. I can't even sit up in bed," Bella complained.

"You're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen." I trailed my fingers softly up her swollen calf and tried to tell her with my eyes that I meant it.

"I mean it, cut that out. Every time you look at me like that I end up pregnant again," she snapped, but I could tell she was starting to melt.

"Do you know how sexy you are to me? I think you're even sexier when you're pregnant." I leaned down and kissed her bare shoulder, making my way to the crook of her neck where I knew she liked it. I felt her tremble beneath my lips. We had been together for almost seven years, and I couldn't believe how much I still desired her, even when she was this….well…big.

Just as I began to move her back on the bed, kissing down her shoulder to her chest, we heard a shriek from the other room. I stopped, resting my forehead on her arm. Bella let out an audible sigh. "See what I mean. With two more, this will never happen. Ever."

"I'll go," I groaned and rolled off the bed.

"Edward, wait!" Bella called out. A small smile spread across my face. Claire could just keep shrieking if Bella was that desperate for me right now.

I slowly turned and gave the look that she always said she couldn't resist. "Oh get real." She rolled her eyes at me. "I just need help getting out of bed. We're going to be late getting to Alice's if we don't start getting everyone ready."

I couldn't help but laugh at the situation. I was incredibly turned on by my wife who was so pregnant she couldn't even get herself up, but I couldn't do anything about it, because our four-year-old was in the other room screaming about who knows what. Gracie had probably hidden her lip gloss again or her hair didn't have enough volume.

I helped Bella up and went to see what was going on with the girls. Claire was holding a brush and a pink dress and crying at the top of her lungs. Izzy was still in her crib but she was giving Claire her most threatening look. Well, as much as an almost two-year-old could threaten.

"Claire, baby, what's wrong?" I asked as I picked up my little angel who wrapped her arms around my neck and cried into my shoulder for a minute. I shushed her and ran my fingers through her hair. "It's okay, sweetie, Daddy's here."

Claire finally stopped crying long enough to breathe and said, "Izzy won't wear this pink dress or let me brush her hair. I told her she needs to look pretty for Auntie Alice, so Auntie Alice will give her more candy, but she just keeps trying to bite me."

"Sweetheart, that's your dress and it's too big for Izzy."

"I just wanted her to look pretty, Daddy. Her hair is so ugly, I can barely stand to look at it." Claire put her hands over eyes dramatically while Izzy just sat unaware in her crib and chewed on her teddy bear's ear. That girl loved to chew on things – toys, furniture, her sisters. Bella got angry that I laughed when she bit us, but she was just so cute…kind of like a little puppy.

"Claire, you can't keep trying to tell Izzy what to do. I know you're her big sister, and you think you know what's best for her, but she's still just a baby. We need to give her a chance to learn how to do things too."

"But Auntie Alice said it is my job to make Izzy fashion forward," Claire argued.

"I understand," I sighed, annoyed with my sister for turning Claire into her own personal mini-me. "Why don't you go make sure your Barbies are all fashion forward?"

"Okay, Daddy. Sorry for waking you up." Claire kissed me on the cheek before I put her down.

"I was awake," I sighed as she skipped out of the room.

I turned and looked at Izzy who giggled. "Did you bite your sister?" I growled at her playfully.

"Okay, Daddy!" She smiled proudly.

"I told you not to bite your sister!" I slowly moved toward her and held out my hands like I was going to tickle her. She screamed and laughed and moved toward the corner of the crib. I grabbed her and tickled, before I threw her up in the air and caught her. She squealed in delight as I started planting slobbery kisses all over her face.

"Stop, Daddy!"

"Come on, let's dress you in something pink so your sister and aunt will be happy."

"Okay, Daddy!"

In less than three minutes, I had Izzy's diaper changed, dress on, shoes on, hair brushed, with a cute little pink bow on her headband that I knew Claire would approve of. "Come on, Iz, let's go make breakfast."

"Okay, Daddy!" Part of me wanted her to talk more, but I knew from experience that my girls expanding their vocabulary was not always a blessing. I plopped Izzy down in her high chair and pulled out the eggs along with the muffins I'd made the night before.

Izzy started singing as I cracked the eggs into the bowl, and I started singing harmony with her babbles. I just knew she was going to be the musical child. Izzy was our little diva, and Gracie was bound to be an actress. She was dramatic and her imagination was bigger than our house. Our favorite and least favorite thing about Gracie was how expressive she was. She loved to talk. She loved to tell stories. She was just like her mom when she was she excited, she couldn't shut up. It was adorable and exhausting. We'd already gotten three notes sent home from kindergarten about her excessive talking. Bella was worried about it, but I thought it was funny.

I'd been working with her in the afternoons on being quiet for longer and longer amounts of time, and it seemed to be working. Bella was amazed and thought I was the most talented parent in the world. I would never disagree with her. I had found very few things in life that I truly enjoyed besides music. Bella had been my salvation from my melancholy, and so it was only natural that she had also given me the one thing…no three things, soon to be five, that made me truly happy. Being their father was something I excelled at, and I loved my work.

I tried going to school with grand plans of teaching music while I continued to write. I thought I needed a regular job to seem like a man that was good enough to be Bella's husband. The problem was that once I started, I was miserable.

Bella's job was demanding and she ended up working long hours. I would go to class every day where I was constantly frustrated that I knew more than my professors. Then I would get home and need to spend all evening composing or doing homework. Writing music for a grade seemed to zap the creativity right out of me. I didn't have enough time to spend with Bella. We missed each other. I hated school. I hated having people tell me what to do and what to write.

I was trying to stick it out, because that's what I thought a man did. They made sacrifices for the people they loved, for the woman they loved. The day Bella told me she was pregnant that all changed. She was upset, not about having a family with me, but about the timing. Marcus was giving her more and more responsibility, and that Daniel prick had been sending her on freelance assignments. She was worried about having to choose between that and being a good mother.

I threw out the idea thinking she would hate it. I worried she would think I was being lazy or just trying to get out of finishing school. I couldn't believe it when she burst out laughing and then hugged me because she was so happy. She said she had been wishing I would just quit school because I was so miserable, but that she hadn't wanted me to think she didn't believe in me. I wanted to stay home with the baby. Bella wanted to keep working. It was actually the perfect solution, and Bella was perfect, and we were perfect together.

Five years and three little girls later, I was still home with the kids, and I was good at it. Our family grew quickly, and it wasn't easy, but we did what we had to and made it work. Everyone else thought we were crazy, but we didn't care. We were happy, and the girls were happy.

"GRACIE, PUT DOWN YOUR FATHER'S GRAMMY! I TOLD YOU IT'S NOT A TOY!" Bella roared while she waddled after Gracie who was running through the house with my award. Okay, so maybe she wasn't happy that very moment, but overall I knew she didn't regret any of the choices we'd made. Loving someone so completely and knowing that they loved you completely in return had changed us both for the better. There was nothing I couldn't do with her by my side. She made me more. She made me alive.

She came into the kitchen after putting my Grammy back on the mantel with the others and backed herself into a chair, plopping down the last few inches. "I'm sorry I didn't get breakfast made. It's the weekend; you shouldn't have to do anything."

"Shush, Lois. You know I don't want you to do anything but sit there and look beautiful." She'd put on a long blue dress that reached her feet. Her hair was up, and while I preferred it down, I enjoyed the view of her shoulders and neck too.

"Stop looking at me like that, Super Hands. We have hungry mouths to feed."

"Daddy, okay!" Izzy agreed and we all three laughed.

I called Gracie and Claire in for breakfast, and I saw Bella's eyes start to glaze over as Gracie spent the entire meal telling us about the dream she had the night before where she met Oscar the Grouch on a space ship. Bella looked exhausted already, and we hadn't even left the house yet. Carrying two instead of one, plus her increased work schedule had made everything more difficult this time, and I was worried she was pushing herself too hard. I tried to make sure she had plenty of time to relax and took her mood swings with a grain of salt. It wasn't so bad now that I knew what to expect. We'd been through this before.

Gracie and I finished the dishes from breakfast, while Claire and Bella argued about Claire wearing mascara. I didn't know why Bella bothered with this one. We both knew Alice would just put it on her as soon as we got to her house anyway. I packed up the diaper bag and started loading everything into the car.

I had just finished strapping in the last of the girls when Bella climbed in. "Did you get Lucy's present?" Bella asked.

"Got it," I said.

"What about the baby sling? The kids might want to walk to the park."

"Got it."

"Oh we need sun screen! It's supposed to be sunny today." Bella started to get out of the car, but I grabbed her arm. "I've got it, dear. Don't worry."

She looked at me, took a deep breath, and tears started to pool in her eyes. I'd obviously done something wrong. I probably made her feel like we didn't need her or like a bad mother for forgetting sun screen. She probably felt insecure that Izzy said daddy more than mommy or…

"You're just so wonderful," she sobbed. Oh. I was not expecting that one. "I love you so much. You're so good to me."

I grabbed her hand and kissed and held it firmly in my lap as I backed the car out of the garage.

"Daddy, why is Mommy crying?" Gracie asked.

"Because Mommy loves Daddy so much," I explained winking at Bella who smiled at me through her tears.

"So love makes you sad?" Gracie asked.

"Not exactly, baby." I answered before Bella had a chance to explain to Gracie how love could sometimes make you sad. Once those two got started it was hard to stop them.

"Well I cried the other day when I fell off the swing, and then Kelsey said I was clumsy, and I don't know exactly what clumsy means, but I told her I was not clumsy. I am a princess, right daddy?"

"Of course, princess."

"You know in the Princess and the Frog, the boy frog said it wasn't slime, it was mucus. Mucus is what comes out of your nose when you sneeze. Did you know that Daddy?"

"Yes, Gracie."

"Micah eats his boogers at school. Boogers are mucus. Uncle Jacob told me to blow my nose on Uncle Emmett's pants one time, but I don't think Uncle Emmett would like to have mucus on his pants. Jacob told me that I am the prettiest girl he has ever seen. Daddy, I think I'm going to marry Uncle Jacob someday. I think he's so handsome, just like a prince or like you, Daddy."

I noticed Bella rubbing her temple like she had a headache. "Gracie, baby, do you think we can try the quiet project now? We still have about ten minutes before we get to Auntie Alice's. How long do you think you can be quiet for?"

"Oh Daddy, I think I can do it for the rest of the time, but Uncle Jacob told me to make sure you pay me time-and-a-half on the weekends, so I'm going to need um…. 75 cents per minute. Is that math right, Daddy?"

I glanced over at Bella sheepishly. I was busted. "Yes, Gracie, time-and-a-half, that's errr fine. Let's just start now."

"You've been paying our daughter to be quiet!?" Bella seethed through clenched teeth.

"It's been working," I shrugged.

"We'll talk about this tonight." She was mad. I rubbed my thumb across her knuckles, lovingly, and she snapped her hand away from me. "I need to check my email," she said pulling out her Blackberry.

I smiled, knowing she wouldn't be mad at me once she got the blog alert.

"When did you have time to write this?" she asked with tears running down her cheeks again a couple of minutes later.

"It was in my head last night. I got up to jot it down and decided to post it on the blog instead."

"It's beautiful," she wiped her eyes with the back of her hand and tried to lean over to kiss me, but her belly got in the way. I leaned over instead and gave her a quick kiss.

"What's beautiful?" Claire asked.

"Your mother," I answered and Bella rolled her eyes at me but smiled.

"Daddy updated the blog about Mommy," Bella explained to her.

"Oh, Auntie Alice says that's so romantic when Daddy writes you those love letters. Read it, Mommy!"

"Yeah, read it, Mommy!" Gracie said and then threw her hand over her mouth. "Only three dollars this time," she said defeated.

"Okay girls, I'll read it,

She rushes in and smiles at me as she walks past.

Putting her bag down and taking off her scarf and her coat. Like she always does.

I sit, and I watch. I'm content to watch and not talk. But she likes it when I talk.

The thing is. I like talking to her. That's the thing. That's everything.

She's animated and dramatic. She's fun and life and soft and flowers.

Nothing about her is safe. Every time she touches me, I'm acutely aware of her danger.

I stare at her. The miles fly by, and before I know it she's more and I'm more and we're more together.

I pinch myself and wonder. How do I deserve this? That's the thing. That's everything.

The little things. The way I make her walk in front of me so I can watch her hips sway.

She makes me soup when I'm sick and lets me hold her when she's cold.

I tell her she's pretty, and she makes me feel strong.

Her touch sets me on fire but puts out my flames. That's the thing. That's everything."

"Okay, Daddy!" Izzy shouted as soon as Bella finished reading the poem, and we all laughed.

Bella reached over and innocently put her hand on my thigh. Such a simple little act like that made me crazy. I couldn't stop the frustrated groan that came out of my mouth as my head fell back against the head rest. Bella giggled from her seat. I should have known when we were interrupted this morning that it was going to be a long day.

We pulled up in front of Alice's house, and before I even had the car in park, Gracie and Claire went running inside. Izzy struggled with the buckle on her car seat, frustrated that her sisters could undo their own. I helped my baby out of the car, and then went to pull Bella up. She turned in the seat swinging her feet out the side of the car and held her arms out for me. I couldn't help it. I laughed. She just looked so helpless. She glared at me, but I could see the smile playing behind her eyes.

I pulled her up, and she held onto me wrapping her arms around my neck. It was hard to kiss her with the big mass of babies between us, but we found a way. "Thank you for the poem," she whispered and kissed me softly again. I was just about to lean her back against the car, when Gracie's laugher pierced the atmosphere. Jacob came flying out the front door with Gracie on his back followed by Lucy. I felt the water hit the side of my face before I saw the water gun in my brother's hand. "Get a room, you two," he shouted.

"Yeah, get a room!" Gracie mimicked him. I secretly resented how much my daughter adored her uncle. I didn't want there to be another man in her life, especially Jacob. He was always trying to come between me and my girls.

"Calm down." Bella noticed me tensing as she wiped the water from my cheek. "He's good with her."

"I still don't like it," I muttered. I grabbed Bella's hand and we walked into Alice and Jasper's house.

"Aunt Bella! Your nose is huge! What happened to your face!" Emmett's son Riley said to Bella as soon as we got inside. Rosalie looked horrified and grabbed him holding a hand over his mouth.

Bella just sighed, "I don't know, kid, when you're pregnant everything seems to get bigger. Hopefully it will all go back to normal soon."

"When are you going to pop those puppies out, Bells?" Emmett asked from where he and Jasper were watching football in front of the TV.

"They're due in about three weeks, but the doctor said he doesn't expect me to go full term. I'm hoping I have them while we're here," she said.

"That would be awesome!" Emmett roared.

"Yeah, totally awesome!" Riley agreed and gave his dad a high-five.

Alice left Claire sitting on the kitchen counter, where she'd been putting make up on her, and instead of telling either of us hello walked straight up to Bella's stomach.

"Hello there, girls. It's Auntie Alice, and I am so excited to meet you any day now. I know we will have so much fun, and I promise to buy you lots of pretty things and never to let your mommy shop at Wal-Mart for you." Alice kissed Bella's stomach, and Bella and I both rolled our eyes.

"Done yet?" Bella asked.

"I guess," Alice shrugged and hugged us both. "I can't believe you're going to have five kids. If you have any more you'll have to buy a bus or something."

"No, we could still fit in one more into an SUV that seats eight," I pointed out.

Bella slowly turned and looked like she was about to kill me. "Um, not that I've thought about that. I just, well…oh look, I'd better go help Jasper with the grill."

I heard Bella complain about how I was taking my Sound of Music obsession overboard as I slid open the back door and went to help Japer.

"What's up, Edward? You surviving?" Jasper asked.

"Of course. I've never been better," I answered truthfully. Just then I heard Gracie crying, and looked in the direction to find Jacob carrying her around the back of the house and freezing as soon as he saw me. He was obviously trying to avoid me by coming in the back door. Busted.

"What happened?" I practically growled at him.

"It's no big deal. She just skinned her knee," Jacob said defensively. "She needs a band aid.

"Come here, sweetie." I held out my arms, and Jacob handed Gracie over to me. "What did Uncle Jacob do to you this time?"

"It wasn't him, it was Lucy. Jacob told her to tackle me. He said it would make me a football player like him."

"Honey, your uncle Jacob plays second string at a Junior College, he's hardly a football player."

Lucy came trudging through the back yard and up to the patio where we were. She was wearing a pink t-shirt her mom no doubt had forced her into and a pair of basketball shorts she'd probably stolen while over at Emmett's playing with Riley. Her hair was still uneven from when she'd cut it last week causing Alice to nearly be hospitalized after having a breakdown. Lucy was covered with mud, and it only got worse when she lifted it up to blow her nose into it.

"Lucy, please stop blowing you nose on your shirt," Jasper groaned. "Your mom will freak out if she sees you doing that again."

"But I didn't have a tissue," Lucy shrugged and spit on the ground beside her. "Hey, Uncle Edward!"

She smiled and reached out her arms like she wanted to hug me.

"How about we hug after I get Gracie a band aid, and you change your shirt." I couldn't help but laugh. Lucy was such…such…a boy. A complete tomboy. It was Alice's worst nightmare come true. Jasper secretly encouraged it, and I knew he was relieved she wasn't too prissy. Little Lucy could care less about clothes or shopping. She would rather be playing baseball with Riley or making mud pies in the woods behind their house. If it wasn't for our Claire worshipping the ground Alice walked on, Alice may not have been able to handle it. Alice still adored Lucy, but told everyone it was just a phase she was going through. It would be a shame if that were true. Lucy was a cool kid.

We were just getting ready to eat when the doorbell rang. "Oh! I think that's her!" Jacob jumped up and ran to the kitchen. He came back in holding hands with a cute blonde girl, who thankfully looked his age.

"Amy, this is my family." He started pointing out who the different people were around the room. "That's my sister Alice, she's a design consultant and her husband Jasper. He's an anthropologist. My mom and dad, Esme and Carlisle. Over there is my oldest brother, Emmett and his wife Rosalie. That's Lucy, Izzy, Riley, Claire, and my girl, Gracie. My sister-in-law Bella, she's a writer, and my brother, Edward, the stay at home mom."

Emmett started to laugh at my job title and Rosalie elbowed him in the ribs.

"He's not a stay at home mom," Claire argued. "Mrs. Cope said he's a dilf."

Everyone started laughing except for Bella and me. Bella started choking on her water, and my face turned 10 shades of red. "I knew that bitch was trouble," Bella snarled so quietly that only I could hear her. My eyes almost pooped out of my head at her language, but when I looked over at her she just winked at me and shrugged. God, I wished we were alone…and naked.

"Mommy, what's a dilf?" Riley looked up at Rosalie and asked.

"Nothing. It's nothing," she answered quickly and everyone laughed again.

"Everybody, this is my girlfriend, Amy," Jacob finally announced.

We all started to greet her, except for Gracie who ran to the bedroom crying. Bella and I realized what was happening at the same moment, and she looked at me with a helpless expression.

"I'll take care of it," I said.

"Thank you." Bella squeezed my hand and I followed in Grace's direction.

I found her in Lucy's room crying on the bed. "Gracie, what's the matter?" I asked but feared I already knew the answer.

"Uncle Jacob doesn't love me anymore," she sobbed.

"Of course he does. You can love more than one person at a time," I rubbed her back.

"But you only love Mommy."

"That's not true. I love you and Claire and Izzy and your new sisters."

"But, how can I marry Uncle Jacob if he has a girlfriend? He probably wants to marry Amy." Gracie threw herself back down on the bed dramatically and cried harder.

"Baby, one day when you're around 30, just like your mommy was, you're going to meet a nice boy that you're not related to, and he is going love you very much just like I love your mommy. Until then I have plenty of love for my best girl."

"So you love me more than you love Claire and Izzy?" Her head perked up.

"I didn't say that…" I walked right into this one.

"But you said I was your best girl!" she smiled.

How should I handle this? She was in a fragile emotional state. I couldn't tell her she was just in the top three. I knew what I had to do.

I got out my wallet and pulled out a five. "You're my best girl, and I'll give you five dollars not to mention that to your sisters. It can be our little secret."

"Okay! I love you Daddy!" Gracie smiled and threw her arms around my neck. When it came to fatherhood, I really was brilliant. We walked back to the living room hand in hand. Everyone had just finished filling their plates, and I felt bad that I hadn't been there to help Bella with Izzy. Gracie and I got our food, and Jacob called her over to sit with him and Amy. Gracie looked up at me to make sure it was okay, and I nodded yes. She went happily, and I knew she and Amy would be the best of friends in less than five minutes.

I found Bella, Izzy, Claire, and Alice sitting on the back porch eating lunch. Bella was making faces at Izzy and making her giggle. I didn't think there was a more beautiful sound in the world than one of my girls laughing. Bella was the perfect mother for them. She loved the heck out of them and was fiercely protective. She was a fun mom too. She liked to take them on little adventures and was good at making each girl feel special individually. Seeing her like this with them made my heart ache in a good way. I was the luckiest man alive, and I didn't take that for granted.

I bent down and kissed Bella's neck as I set my food down on the table beside hers. "That was quick. What did you do, pay her to stop crying?" Bella asked sarcastically.

She must have noticed the guilty look on my face before I could come up with a believable answer. "I can't believe you!"

"Yeah, but you still love me." I winked at her hoping it would work this time.

She took a deep breath and smiled at me. Bingo.

I spent most of the rest of the day just watching Bella. It was a sight I would never get tired of. The curve of her belly underneath her dress. I'd done that to her. I watched her chest rise and fall as she laughed with Jasper, and I thought about how much I wished I were touching her right now. I watched as she held Izzy in her arms when she fell asleep, exhausted from all the rough playing with the big kids. She was beauty incarnate.

The sun was just starting to set when Bella looked up at me and caught me staring. We were outside, and I was pretending to listen to Grace tell me about how wonderful Amy was. She stared back at me, and it was one of those moments in which our eyes shared more than a million words full of devotion and vows of everlasting love. We'd grown, we'd changed, we'd evolved, but we had done it together. We needed each other to make the other one whole. I was only a fraction of a man without her.

Finally we said our goodbyes, and I took my four sleepy girls home. It had been a fun day with my family, but the only thing I could think about was being alone with Bella. I drove home too quickly, but she didn't complain. I pulled into the garage and told Gracie and Claire to get ready for bed. They were too tired to protest. I picked up Izzy who had fallen asleep in her car seat, and went to help Bella up with my free hand. She let out a huge yawn, and said, "I'm too tired. I think I'll just sleep in the car tonight."

I made her get up, and tried not to show that I was disappointed at how tired she was. I had been hoping we could pick up where we left off that morning, but she needed her rest more. I got the girls all tucked in and when I finally made it to our bedroom, Bella was already in bed. She had on a black satin maternity gown, and it was low cut revealing more of her skin than I was ready for if we were just going to sleep. I pulled the covers up over her, tucking her in and kissed her softly on the lips before walking over to my side of the bed and climbing in. I reached up to turn off the light, and my head had barely hit the pillow, before Bella said in a whiny voice, "Edward!"

"What? What is it?" I shot straight up in bed wondering what was the matter.

"I…I just thought. I mean you were looking at me like that all day, and you wrote that poem, and I don't know maybe my signals are off since I'm pregnant and all, but I didn't put on this thing for nothing. I mean I can understand if you don't find me attractive right now. I don't find me attractive right now, but this morning you seemed all about it, and I thought we were on the same page, but then you just tucked me in. I mean you tucked me in? Did I misread something, or …"

"Bella," I interrupted her exasperated.

"What is it, Edward?"

"Shhh," and with that my mouth was on hers. I was desperate to touch her to feel every inch of her, and her kisses were urgent and needy, and the fact that she was swollen and perfect just make her infinitely hotter to me. I let out a moan as she grabbed my bicep and squeezed…hard. Ouch.

"No! Not now!" She rolled away from me looking defeated.

"What is it, Bella? If you're too tired, we can…"

"I think my water just broke."

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