Things I've Never Done

AN: Hello all. I've appreciated all these reviews. I really do need paragraphs sometimes! Contrary to popular belief I take constructive criticism well. This is a Booth/Bones piece. I hope it sounds like an in character conversation.

It had been a long case, complete with cheating husbands and slimy remains. Booth; being a man who loved food, and Brennan; a woman who liked rehashing a case. The best option to both eat and rehash was The Diner.

"Although I dislike generalizations, I believe most of our cases have cheating spouses involved somehow." Stated Brennan. She munched half-heartedly at salad greens. Booth took a moment to respond, seeing as he ate with impressive gusto. She almost feels sorry for that burger. Even if it is an inanimate object without the necessary nerves to feel such a chomp.

"Well, well. Bones is catching onto popular motive." His words could have been harsh without that

twinkle in his eye. Twinkle? She thought. Didn't I once tell Agent Perotta that twinkling was a result of seeing something you liked and that Booth didn't twinkle at anyone? He must not have twinkled at her. He was caught up being accused of killing a hockey player. He wasn't thinking clearly if or when he twinkled at her.

"Earth to Bones?" Booth said, waving his tan hand in front of her face. He had finished his food. She had been spacing. She hates being caught up in thought about something stupid around him. She knows he can tell, as illogical as that may seem.

"I was thinking that it is unusual to see as many cases of adultery in our work. You'd have to take into consideration that maybe it's not just common in homicide cases." She lied. Well, she had been wondering that. Just not thinking that instead of who he twinkled at.

Booth looked slightly offended. "So you think most men cheat on their girls?" His voice was that of a skeptic. She was confused at his tone. What did she say?

"It's not like I said you always cheat ." She reasoned. He looked irritated. "I have never cheated on any woman I've been with! Men are not all slugs, Bones!" He scowled. She tried to think of a response.

"I didn't think you were the type." At those words his face lit up. "Really? Why's that?" She answered honestly." You are a very loyal person, and quite protective. You seem to adore the woman you have dated." She spoke quietly. He beamed at her. Why does me saying he isn't the type to cheat mean so much to him?

"Hey Bones, can I ask you a personal question?" He was dead serious. She nods.

"Have you been cheated on?" She didn't know why she would answer when he asked her these questions. She supposes it's how he watches and listens so intently. Like he waits for me to tell him.

"My boyfriend in junior high took me to the dance and danced with another girl the entire time. That isn't adultery type cheating but.." Why was she even saying this?

"It still made you cry." he stated knowingly.

"I didn't cry." She scoffed. The half hour in the girl's bathroom begged to differ.

He smirked. "Well Bones I've never cheated." His pie had arrived and he took a happy bite.

"I never see a cheater coming." She remarked solemnly. His eyes were soft and full of compassion.

"Just more things we've never done, huh Bones." He returned to his pie. She wonders how it would be, to have that kind of loyalty shown to her. Booth never cheated on any women. She dug into her salad and stuffed her silly whims away with every bite.