Warning: explicit sexual content between males


They had never been on what one would call good terms. They couldn't talk to each other without breaking into an argument or bickering like a couple of old hens. Even so Kanda was always watching out for Allen and vice versa. When in battle the stoic samurai would assure Allen that he'd sooner let him die than compromise the mission, but even so he couldn't help the concern he felt for the younger boy and always found himself rushing to his aid.

He really did hate it. That when it came to Allen he often thought with his heart rather than with his head. This to the proud samurai was unacceptable. But that thought didn't do anything to deter him from his instinctual need to protect the snowy haired exorcist.

Somehow, this already dizzying relationship was doomed to become more complicated.

Once again partnered for a mission the two found themselves stuck in a rather unfavorable situation, courtesy of some very damnable innocence. In keeping with the recent string of odd occurrences in Amiens, France, Allen and Kanda found themselves trapped in the confessional of a rather sizeable cathedral. The narrow spaced did little for their conflicting egos and even less for their quickly diminishing patience.

"What the hell is your problem?" Kanda snapped when Allen put a hand over his to stop him from unsheathing Mugen.

"You can't go swinging that thing around in here, you'll kill us both," Allen snapped.

"I'm going to cut the damn door open," Kanda hissed his annoyance, "so move or I'll cut right through you."

"You can't damage the confessional!" Allen said quickly, "we'll be flogged…or something."

"So you want to stay trapped inside this stupid box?" Kanda scoffed "the innocence isn't going to get bored with screwing around with people coming to confess their sins. Were you even listening when that damn scientist explained the mission?"

"Of course I was listening BaKanda," Allen grumbled as he shifted as far to the side as possible, brushing against Kanda in the movement. The navy haired male made a couple slashes at the door but nothing happened.

"It's indestructible," Allen muttered dully at the new found information, not missing the string of profanities to fall from Kanda's mouth as he sheathed Mugen, much to Allen's relief.

After that the two could only wait. This particular piece of innocence seemed to take pleasure in trapping people when they go to confess their sins and would subsequently provoke rather sinful urges within them – Komui surmised that it brought out the darker sins that they weren't willing to confess. Only when that offense marring the person's soul was freed, would they be allowed to leave.

The two exorcists had not known what was going to happen, Allen had assumed his sin had something to do with Mana, after all what else could there be. Kanda on the other hand felt no inclination to believe in such things. He lived the way he did as a means for maintain a sense of sanity, bearing in mind the knowledge of what he was, and that he really didn't give a damn about the so called God that the Order was fighting for. So when the older male had suddenly felt his mind being twisted by images of his younger partner sprawled out beneath him, gorgeous skin fully exposed to him, Kanda released a very appropriate, oh shit.

Calloused hands caught around slim wrists, pulling the smaller boy into his lap, earning a startled yelp.

"Kanda what the bloody hell are you do-" Allen flushed an inhuman shade of red as lips pressed against his, a tongue delving swiftly past his lips. If the shock hadn't been enough, the onslaught of unfamiliar but very pleasant sensations had thrown Allen's mind for a loop.

Pulling away Kanda smirked. Despite the displeasure at being spurred into doing this by the innocence and the string of profanities streaming through his mind he couldn't help but feel satisfied at the response he'd gotten. Pulling Allen closer, Kanda licked up the pulse along his neck slowly.

"Oh God, Kanda stop that," Allen groaned as the hands that had been holding him at the shoulders, slid down to his waist, parting the exorcist coat the boy wore in the process.

"Why should I?" Kanda asked voice heady with lust.

"Kanda, it's the innocence or something. Remember it brings out si-nnarghah," Allen's eyes rolled back in pleasure as a pressure settled itself on his hardening arousal.

"You're enjoying it," Kanda mumbled "and it's not like you have anything better to do while we're stuck in here." Allen shivered as the sultry tone embraced him, drawing sweet circles over his skin and wafting wispy trails of unholy promise into his mind.

Dizzy with pleasure that Allen didn't know was possible to experience he leaned his forehead against Kanda's shoulder, panting and moaning softly as hands that he'd never seen touch anything with as much care as now, caressed him. It made him feel euphoric; never having dreamed that being touched could have felt so good.

"Utsukushi," Kanda breathed as he pressed a trail of light kisses along Allen's chest as he worked the buttons on his shirt open, steadily moving further and further south.

"Kan-nghah what-" Allen gasped as a hand dipped into his pants and through glazed silver eyes he observed the older male as he turned them, so that Allen was sitting on the small wooden bench and he was kneeling in front of him.

"It means beautiful," Kanda smirked as he produced Allen's erection from the boy's pants, observing the gorgeously vivid embarrassment that painted the boy's cheeks.

"No, what are you doing?" Allen's eyes went wide once he registered what Kanda's intention was, clamping his legs shut, hands shooting down to cover himself.

"I believe that's obvious baka Moyashi," Kanda said as he pried Allen's legs apart and slid forward so that he was in between the boy's legs. Calloused hands on his thighs made Allen stiffen as he averted his gaze, the older male licking the hands that still covered his erection.

"Move your hands." The command was firm and husky, and though every sensible thought in Allen's mind screamed at him to do the exact opposite, Allen found himself complying, once his gaze had locked with Kanda's.

"Good boy," Kanda whispered, breath ghosting over the boy's erection as he took the organ into his mouth, indescribably pleased with the reaction he received – pale body jerking, hands gripping the edge of the bench in an iron grip and teeth biting into a swollen bottom lip in attempts to reign in the sound that wanted to erupt from his small body.

The older male wanted to hear the boy's bliss, wanted to witness the wild abandon that would shatter all preconceptions of the young exorcist and replace them with only a raw, unbridled image of Allen in his very essence. Sucking harder and moving his tongue in teasing little circles around Allen's slit; Kanda earned himself a beautiful scream when he nipped at the sensitive flesh.

The coil in Allen's stomach continued to wind tighter and tighter and he felt as though he was going to explode, wood splintering under his grip Allen came, semen filling Kanda's mouth and dribbling down his lips and chin.

Cobalt eyes looked up in thorough amusement at the horrified look on the boy's face after he'd come down from his high.

"Perhaps you should make use of this confessional," Kanda teased wiping the back of his hand across his mouth, "forgive me father for I have sinned, and all that shit. I got off on a guy defiling me in a holy place."

"Kanda!" Allen sputtered indignantly as he composed himself, "what the hell is wrong with you?"

"Che, wouldn't you like to know," Kanda smirked as he captured Allen's lips in a crushing kiss, Allen's mouth being plundered by a tongue that was still laced in his essence.

In Allen's mind he did just as Kanda had suggested, though it had been meant as a joke. The sin was written across both of their faces and in every exchange of words and glances between the two. Allen had begged his forgiveness, but not for what he'd just done – what Kanda had just done to him. He asked forgiveness for the thoughts and feelings that had been stirred the moment Kanda had kissed him, and for the way he wished that the act hadn't been meaningless and was somehow brought about by real feelings that he could reciprocate.

Once confessed, the door to the confessional opened and a blushing nun asked if the two were alright. Relieved to be free but embarrassed beyond belief Allen wondered if everyone in the vicinity had heard his cries. When they'd entered the cathedral there hadn't been a soul inside but now several people were scattered about the pews praying. Kanda ignored the woman and quickly ducked in the side where the priest would usually sit, finding the innocence embedded into the intricate woodworking about the partition.

Pulling the innocence from the wood Kanda grabbed Allen's hand and pulled the still apologizing boy towards the exit with him. He hadn't wanted to stick around for anyone to see the damage he'd done to the confessional. He had been on many missions before and had come to the conclusion that people weren't all too happy when things were damaged during the innocence retrieval.

Back at the inn, innocence safely stowed away in Allen's golden golem, the two said nothing as they retired to their rooms for the night. A couple hours into their isolation Allen arrived at Kanda's door, with a soft knock and the resolve to speak with the male about what had happened earlier, it was a surprise to Allen when Kanda answered the door, hair damp and clinging to his exposed chest as if he'd just come out of the shower. All of the thoughts flew from Allen's head as he launched himself at the older male, tackling him to the ground with a fierce impassioned kiss.

Not complaining, Kanda had returned the gesture and soon the two were ruffling some sheets in what was chalked up to be residual lust. When morning broke and found the two a tangle of limbs strewn across the covers, Kanda had simply smirked while Allen tried to keep himself from blushing. He was embarrassed but that was not so much due to the fact that he'd lost his virginity to a man, under the influence of innocence but to the fact that he had initiated the tousle the night before and that he didn't regret it as much as he was sure he should have.

Once cleaned up the two had headed to their scheduled train back to headquarters. The mission being over and things seemingly back to normal had left a complex relationship with a new twist that was impossible to ignore.

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