A/N: This has a lemon between Kaiba and Yami, as well as important news at the end of the chapter.

Chapter 40: Full Circle

Yami immediately recognized the room when they entered as the place he had first met Kaiba at the brothel, the hotel suite. It felt like it had been forever ago since Yami had first entered the room and everything had changed between them and their relationship. Yami was about to ask Kaiba why he had brought him back to the room, but the deep kiss he received was a good indication of his reasoning.

"Let me show you how that night should have gone," Kaiba implored as he started trailing kisses along Yami's neck. It was something that Kaiba had long contemplated ever since and now with everything that had just occurred in his office, Kaiba felt a need to be closer to Yami, to reaffirm their connection in a way that a desk and chair would never allow.

"What should I call you this time?" Yami asked by way of consent, blushing shyly much like he had that night.

"Seto," Kaiba told him, wanting to hear his forbidden name moaned at the height of ecstasy in defiance of all the rules that had constrained him for years.

Nodding in understanding, Yami offered no resistance as his shirt was pulled off and cast aside. Despite the stressful encounter upstairs, Yami found himself relaxing at the familiarity of being with Kaiba, his body giving itself over to his skillful touch that was an effectively pleasurable distraction from it all. He had an idea of what Kaiba had in mind and Yami found himself eager for what was to come.

Stripping himself with the efficiency of years of practice, Kaiba divested them both of their clothing as he edged them closer to the enormous bed. Yami laid back on it, remembering how erratically complicated his emotions had been that night and he smiled as he felt a different kind of nervousness, felt a flutter of anticipation for what was to come rather than the fear of the unknown. He admired Kaiba's body in a way he had been too shy to do before, arched up shamelessly under his touch in a way he never would have allowed himself to do before that night.

Kaiba took his time kissing his ways along Yami's body, as If he were cataloguing every possible inch as belonging to him and no one else. He allowed himself to explore Yami in a way that previously would have gotten him severely punished, but even now he couldn't help but think it would have been worth it if it wouldn't have put Yami in harm's way. It was still so hard to escape from the threat of Gozaburo's shadow sometimes, but Kaiba persevered and pleasured Yami's body in spite of it all, losing himself amongst the heated flesh and breathy moans that stirred his desire like few things had before.

There were few words between them as Kaiba continued, although Yami felt a thrill of anticipation thrum through him when Kaiba procured lube from an unknown place and started to slick him up once more. It made him remember what Kaiba had said to him that night about all the things he had imagined doing to him before and Yami's body rocked against the fingers at the mere thought of it.

Kaiba loved how responsive Yami was being to his touch and he didn't spend long preparing him since he was still ready from their earlier round. He was eager to burry himself deep inside of that welcoming heat, to take his rightful place within Yami that belonged to him and him alone. When he heard Yami breathlessly groan his name in a subtle hint to move things along, Kaiba withdrew his fingers and smirked at Yami's unintentional whimper of protest.

Lubing himself up and then wiping his fingers clean on the bed sheets, Kaiba kissed Yami as he penetrated him slowly, enjoying the slow spread and feeling of his rival's body accommodating his girth and taking him in fully. It felt like a return to the start and a new beginning all at the same time as the familiar sensation still managed to feel new with the tenderness of the actions. Appreciating the experience as he never had been able to previously, Kaiba set a slow and deliberate pace, his hands feathering tactile kisses all over Yami's body as they moved.

All Yami could focus on were the sensations and Kaiba, reaching out with his hands to hold him that much closer, to draw him nearer. He never would have been able to accept this sort of thing that night, but now he craved it when it came to Kaiba. When he was with Bakura, he had never dared to go so far, even though the teen had pushed hard for it; somehow it just never felt right, never felt like something that Yami wanted. And yet now, Yami couldn't imagine not being with Kaiba so intimately as they moved in sync, understanding their actions and accommodating them to echo their pleasure to further heights.

Kaiba felt like there should have been words between them, felt as if there were things that needed to be said, but he didn't want to complicate things any further. His everything was Yami in that moment, amazing as it was that the singular presence of the slight teen managed to obliterate the enormity of all that was Gozaburo in that moment. For now, it was only the two of them moving as one in order to become closer still.

Yami managed to moan, "Seto," repeatedly, loving every time Kaiba reciprocated with a growl of need that went straight through him. His hands aimlessly wandered all over Kaiba's body, but finally settled for embedding in his brunette hair, using the hold to bring them closer together for a kiss that was quickly broken apart when a gasp ripped through Yami at the shift in angles. Everything felt hyper-sensitive from their earlier activities on the desk and Yami's body was shivering from the onslaught of pleasure, his hips bucking hard into Kaiba's hand when it wrapped around his length.

Kaiba stroked Yami in time with the pace that was picking up as they reacted naturally out of habit, wanting to hit their peak and yet wanting to draw it out all at the same time. Yami came first with a loud moan that had Kaiba's name somewhere in it, but the brunette wasn't close to done yet. He kept thrusting into Yami's body, loving how his tired lover tried to keep up with him anyway. It was a heady feeling to know Yami's body in such a way, to be with him with no barriers between them in the place that had forced Kaiba to erect so many in the first place. He just wasn't ready for it to end quite yet, so Kaiba kept his pace, mindful of Yami's body in the event that he needed to stop for his comfort.

Yami's body kept undulating in pleasure as little mewls escape from him, only somewhat aware of how it was slowly chipping away at Kaiba's reserves. The breathless way that Yami kept calling out to him was what finally drew Kaiba to his end as he came hard with a shudder as he thrust until empty. Only then did he still, looking at Yami's flushed expression of affection and reached forward with his clean hand to brush against his cheek.

Once again, Kaiba felt there was a need for words, but none would come to him as he slowly kissed Yami, suckling on his lower lip playfully before parting. When Kaiba pulled out, Yami squirmed a little as he felt the aftermath of their coupling following suit; it was something he still hadn't quite gotten used to yet. Still, he wasn't quite ready to get up and go to the shower, so he held out his arms to Kaiba who hesitated for a moment before lying down by Yami's side and allowing the embrace.

Kaiba listened to the quickened beat of Yami's heart from their activities slowly calm in their peaceful moment. Even though he still felt weird being the one held, Kaiba didn't object to it; he just accepted the affectionate gesture and the stray tracings of his fingers languidly over pale skin. It felt good, it felt safe, and more importantly still, it felt like something that Kaiba wanted for himself.

Yami hadn't realized he had fallen asleep until he woke up and saw Kaiba sleeping on his chest, his face looking younger than his years as his guards were lowered in his restful state. It made Yami smile sleepily at the sight, wishing that he could see more of it, but knowing that these sorts of moments were few and far between. The instant Yami moved his hand against Kaiba's shoulder, the brunette awoke with a startled flinch as he jerked up on instant guard. It made Yami feel bad, but he said nothing as Kaiba slumped back down onto him and exhaled heavily.

Kaiba hated his own reaction, but there were too many years of programming that warned him against the punishment of what would happen whenever he fell asleep during brothel time. He wondered if he would ever stop reacting to what he had been through, if there would ever be a time when he would escape from the shadows of his past and what he had endured. Although even Kaiba had to admit, there was a benefit in having developed stamina, even if Yami wasn't able to fully keep up with him yet.

Only an hour had passed since they had fallen asleep, so Kaiba didn't worry himself any further over it. Besides, he knew Ishi would find him if something major had come up during that time. That was another benefit of his new position, was being able to finally reward her with anything and everything in his powers for staying so loyal to him through it all. It had been a relief to know she fully intended to stay by his side and support him still and she was paid the highest salary next to his own. However, it wasn't out of favoritism or a sense of duty; she was damn good at her job and he was continually surprised by her managerial skills.

"Shower?" Kaiba suggested as he forced his sluggish body to move away from the comforting warmth of embrace.

"Yeah," Yami agreed, feeling sticky in a way that made him want to get clean.

Walking into the bathroom, Yami shivered at the cold marble and from the memory of what had happened the last time he had been in that specific shower after that first night. It was almost embarrassing to realize how reserved he had acted, but it was all a learning experience that Yami didn't regret. They were free of it and that was all that mattered now.

Once they were inside and under the spray of the water, Kaiba couldn't help but want to provoke Yami a little as he held him close and let his hands follow the path of the water down to that pert ass he so adored. "So is this what Ishi did to you that night?" Kaiba teased as he nipped playfully at Yami's sensitive ears.

"No," Yami denied through a groan, heat returning to his cheeks as he felt Kaiba's fingers probing near his entrance.

Chuckling in amusement, Kaiba let the issue go in favor of reminding Yami, "Do you remember how you touched me that night?"

"Please stop talking," Yami pleaded as tried to ignore the urge to hide from his embarrassment.

"Why? It's a fond memory for me," Kaiba countered as enjoyed the rub of their skin under the water.

Yami neglected to add that the memory of that encounter had led to him getting hard every time he took a shower for at least the week after the incident, instead settling for an indignant huff. His otherwise silence made Kaiba continue, "Would you object to me keeping this floor?"

This time it was Yami's turn to ask, "Why?" He didn't understand why Kaiba would want to, let alone why he was asking for what seemed like Yami's permission.

"For us," Kaiba answered, rather taken with the idea since he was partial to a few of the suites despite the clientele that he had been forced to share them with over the years. "After all, there's a few rooms you've yet to see…"

"Such as?" Yami questioned, his curiosity starting to get the best of him.

"That's what I'm asking you to find out," Kaiba replied with a smirk as he started to kiss Yami heatedly.

"Okay," Yami breathlessly agreed when they parted, liking the idea that they always had a place to go where it could just be the two of them.

The rest of the shower progressed quickly from there as they actually took the time to wash themselves clean. Only then did they exit the shower and return to the bedroom, Kaiba taking the time to pull back the top cover before they got back into bed. This time it was Yami who was curled up on Kaiba's chest, his fingers slowly trailing along his shoulder and arms, just indulging in the quiet moment that such a place should never have seen.

Yami had almost drifted asleep again when a soft knock on the door stirred him from his almost-rest. Kaiba called out for them to enter and Ishi walked into the room with a polite bow as she approached. Instead of the colored wig she used to wear, her natural black hair was done in an ornate updo that was elegantly fashionable, with a few strands hanging down to frame her face and further enhance her natural beauty. Yami instantly felt his cheeks flush as the woman once again saw him naked in a compromising position and Kaiba's laugh did nothing to assuage his embarrassment.

"It's good to see you again, Yami-sama," Ishi greeted him with a genuine smile, internally cooing at how adorable the couple looked as they lazed in the aftermath that she was reluctant to draw Kaiba way from now.

"It'd be better if I was wearing clothes," Yami muttered as he resisted the urge to hide his face against Kaiba's chest and pull up the covers.

"Oh, I wouldn't say that," Ishi teased with a wink that made Yami blush harder as Kaiba laughed at the exchange.

The sound was beautiful to Yami and he loved the way it sounded from his position, but Yami still scowled at being the brunt of the joke. He felt mildly better when Kaiba's hand ruffled his hair slightly in reassurance before drifting around his waist to hold him closer. "What'd you need?" Kaiba finally asked Ishi, knowing she wouldn't have entered without a reason.

The playfulness left her countenance at once as she went into business mode to announce, "You have a visitor that I thought it best to ask you about before dismissing him."

"Oh, I bet I only need one guess to know who," Kaiba commented with an irritated growl. He had been expecting the visit ever since Gozaburo's death and Kaiba was honestly surprised that it had taken so long for the man to show up and cause trouble. "I'm surprised that bastard managed to hold out this long before showing up."

"Yes, but he more than made up for it with his grand entrance," Ishi sarcastically commented with a roll of her eyes that made Yami wonder just what the hell was happening.

"I can imagine," Kaiba commented with his own eye roll at the thought of Pegasus barging in and making all kinds of a spectacle of himself. "Hn, like he needs to do anything else to draw attention to himself? I can't stand that bastard."

"Would you like me to send him away?" she questioned with a gleam in her eyes that made Yami wonder if there wasn't something more to her sadistic side after all.

Although it was a tempting offer, Kaiba knew better than to take it; he had to face his own problems and it was enough to know that Ishi had bought him a little extra time. "No, because then he'll just keep coming back until he gets what he wants," Kaiba refused, holding back an irritated sigh. "I'll go, just buy me a few minutes to get ready."

"As you wish, sir," Ishi acknowledged with a bow before swiftly making her exit to do as she was told.

Once she shut the door, Kaiba sat up with a swear as he tried desperately to think of any way out of the unpleasant situation. He was startled by the feeling of Yami hugging him from behind, but Kaiba didn't reject the comfort. "What's going on?" Yami asked, his chin resting on Kaiba's shoulder.

"He's one of oto—Gozaburo's old associates," Kaiba started to explain, tripping himself up over his old form of address for his adoptive father; there was just something about the room that made him feel the need to say, "Otou-sama," instead of the bastard's name.

Yami heard the slip, but said nothing of it. "What's so bad about that?" Yami questioned, knowing that there were plenty of things that could be wrong with anyone that Gozaburo associated with previously.

Kaiba hated Pegasus J. Crawford with a passion, mostly because he was a pedophilic creep that Gozaburo had threatened on more than one occasion to send Mokuba to work at his Industrial Illusions brothel that catered to such a crowd. The mere thought of hearing Pegasus call him "Kaiba-boy" was enough to make his blood boil in rage, but Kaiba tried not to let himself get riled up too much; it would put him at a severe disadvantage for his meeting. "This is going to take awhile," Kaiba finally said, not wanting to get into details with Yami. "You should probably go home."

"I'd rather wait for you," Yami insisted, wanting to be there to offer what comfort he could under the circumstances.

Reaching up and giving a light squeeze to the arms embracing him, Kaiba said, "Thanks, but it's not necessary tonight."

"If you say so," Yami finally consented, feeling a bit disappointed. Even though he told himself that he had already stayed hours past what his original intention had been, it didn't matter when he thought about what Kaiba was going to be facing.

Pulling himself from Yami's embrace, Kaiba left his clothes on the floor and went over to the hidden closet and pulled out a fresh suit to wear. Dressing quickly with the ease of experience, he caught sight of Yami watching him through the mirror. He saw the flush once again creeping back into Yami's cheeks as he appreciated the view of Kaiba in a suit and it made the brunette chuckle to himself.

Walking over to the bed and kissing Yami goodbye, Kaiba told him, "I'll see you tomorrow, okay?"

"Good luck," Yami offered, not knowing what else to say.

"He's going to need it," Kaiba said with a wolfish smirk that was sexy despite its promise of a very real threat.

With those words, Yami was once again left alone and he flopped back down onto the bed, burrowing into the pillow with a heavy sigh as he tried to get his composure back into order. He felt like he should have been more upset about the Bakura revelation than he was, but Kaiba was worth too much to him to give up to Gozaburo's machinations, cruel and evil as they may have been. Besides, it wasn't like he was going to have to see Bakura again, so what difference did it make?

Yami was startled out of his thoughts when Ishi reappeared after another soft knock. It made Yami instantly regret not getting under the covers when he had a chance and he peeked out at her from the pillow as she walked over and sat down on the bed next to him.

"He'll be fine, that man isn't interested in him at all," Ishi reassured Yami, clearly seeing the worry written all over his demeanor.

"Then why is he here?" Yami asked, not understanding.

"Because he's hoping to have better luck with Seto-sama than he did with the other bastard," Ishi explained, refusing to ever speak that horrible man's name again unless it was to curse it to the deepest level of hell possible. "He won't succeed, though."

"That's good," Yami commented without comprehension, although he did feel the tiniest bit better at the reassurance, knowing the woman wouldn't lie to him.

Reaching out and taking Yami's hand to give it a light squeeze, she smiled down at him as she said, "Thanks for being there for him."

"I should be saying the same to you," Yami returned, knowing that Ishi's support had probably helped Kaiba out in more ways than he could ever hope to understand.

Laughing lightly, she waved it away and knew that there were no words needed to explain to Yami. "I'm glad he has someone like you by his side," Ishi told Yami, knowing that she could never really say it enough. She was about to say something further when a beep interrupted them. Reaching up and touching a small, silver KC badge on the high collar of her uniform, she activated her end of the line. "Yes?"

"Onee-san, we're having a slight problem when Kirimi-san tries to log into the system," one of the front desk women informed Ishi through the hidden earpiece she was wearing.

"I'll be down momentarily," Ishi informed the girl before disconnecting with another light tap on the KC logo. "It appears there's no rest for the wicked after all. Do you require any assistance from me before I go?"

Chuckling at her playfulness, even though he was a bit mystified by the one sided conversation he had just witnessed, Yami said, "No, I'm good. I'll see you later, then."

"Looking forward to it," Ishi replied with a flash of something Yami would have sworn was a perverse leer before she turned and walked back toward the door.

Rolling over to look out the window once she was gone, Yami lingered a little longer as he admired the view. Even though he knew he should leave, Yami still was hesitant to leave until he knew the full extent of whatever was occurring with Kaiba; it was just too troublesome to know that some part of Gozaburo's past was interfering with the present once again. Besides, he was still a bit worn out from their earlier activities combined with the emotional outburst from before and wasn't quite up to moving yet.

Deciding it was okay to stay just a little bit longer, Yami didn't even notice when he drifted to sleep.

Somehow Kaiba wasn't surprised when he checked the cameras and saw Yami soundly asleep on the bed, right where he left him. Although Kaiba's first reaction was to be a bit miffed that Yami hadn't listened, there was a part of him that was a little bit glad that he had been disobeyed. On impulse, Kaiba picked up the phone and dialed the Game Shop, not sure whether or not to be relieved when Yuugi's grandfather picked up instead of the teen. "Good evening, Mutou-san," Kaiba politely greeted the older man, instantly falling back on his brothel manners, "this is Kaiba Seto calling."

"Ah, Kaiba-kun," Sugoroku warmly returned before turning serious, "I'm sorry to hear about your loss."

"Thank you, it's appreciated," Kaiba replied with the ease lent to him from giving the same pat response.

"If there's anything we can help you with, please let me know," Sugoroku offered, before refocusing the conversation on Kaiba's original intentions. "Now what can I do for you today?"

"I was wondering if it would be a problem for Yami to spend the night over at my place," Kaiba awkwardly requested, wondering if it sounded as weird as it felt to say. "He offered to help me settle in my new apartment and—"

Sugoroku interrupted Kaiba to grant permission with an enthusiastic, "It's not a problem at all," knowing that Yami was the kind of boy who would volunteer his help. It was a bit surprising to hear that Yuugi hadn't also offered to assist, but Sugoroku was sure that he had his reasons. "He can stay the whole weekend if that makes it easier. I know these things take time."

"That's very generous of you," Kaiba thanked him, wondering with a slight perverse thrill if the older man would still grant permission if he had any clue what they would be up to. It actually was a bit of a relief because Mokuba was going to be gone all weekend on his class trip to Kyoto; this way Kaiba wouldn't have to deal with the mansion on his own if he chose to go back with Yami. "I'll run it by him later and have him get to back to you, if that's okay."

"That's fine," Sugoroku agreed, hoping that it would do Kaiba some good to have a friend in his time of need. "If you need anything else, don't hesitate to call."

"Thanks," Kaiba replied with sincerity before hanging up and deciding it was about time to wake up Yami and give him the good news.

"You could have at least covered up," Kaiba muttered when he reentered the hotel suite room and saw Yami's sleeping nude form, almost feeling bad for the way his rival was curled up on himself to conserve heat.

Stripping down and littering his clothes along the casualties from their earlier encounter, Kaiba joined Yami in bed before pulling the covers over both of them. The encounter with Pegasus was draining, especially when Kaiba started to wonder who else would crawl out of the woodwork to challenge his new position. It hadn't been as bad as Kaiba had feared, but it had been a less than pleasant all the same.

Yami woke up from all the movement of Kaiba positioning himself and he squinted against the nightstand light. "Seto?" he asked uncertainly, his voice thick with sleep.

"Who else would it be?" Kaiba chided, ignoring his paranoid inner voice that answered with the name of a certain white haired former employee.

Murmuring incoherently as he curled up around Kaiba's warmth, Yami started to drift off again until he got prodded gently in the side. "Hn?" Yami groaned, blindly gesturing at the light as if that would make it go away.

Obliging Yami and leaning over to turn off the lamp, Kaiba informed him, "I spoke to your grandfather."

"Jii-chan?" Yami asked, his mind fighting to consciousness in his concern.

"He gave you permission to spend the weekend with me," Kaiba smugly informed Yami, chuckling at the confused noise the information caused.


Lightly running his hand over Yami's ass, Kaiba teased, "And the best part is, he'll think you're sore from helping me move."

"Later," Yami protested, not quite up to another round just yet.

"We've got all weekend," Kaiba agreed with a kiss on Yami's forehead before indulging in the chance to rest up while he had the opportunity.

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