Title: Moving Day
Fandom: Guiding Light
Characters: Olivia Spencer, Natalia Rivera, Rafe Rivera, Blake Marler, Emma Spencer, Fetus Rivera
Category: Mush, fluff, sappy stuff with a tiny side of angst. Just a smidge really.
Rating: PG
Word count:
Summary: Moving in means moving in. Right? Sequel to The End of Her World.
Spoilers: For the 7/01/09 episode.
Author's Note: I took the s/l of doom and not only embraced it, but made out with it. Then we had little fic babies. Which is probably not the best metaphor given everything, but there you have it. Please to be not killing me for this fic. Also many thanks to
q_wordy13 for the beta. I very much appreciate her words and insight.
Disclaimer: All characters (Olivia Spencer, Natalia Rivera, Emma Spencer & Fetus Rivera) and situations belong to Guiding Light, Telenext, Proctor & Gamble, etc. I'm not them.

Olivia Spencer rolls over in her King size bed and pulls the comforter further over her head. There's no painfully bright light filtering in through an uncovered window and certainly no increased noise audible from outside the door of her suite (the Beacon is well soundproofed- she's made sure of it), but she knows nonetheless that it's morning already. She doesn't even have to glance over at the still silent alarm clock beside her bed for confirmation. Besides that would require opening her eyes, and it may be morning, and she may be somewhat awake, but she certainly isn't opening her eyes just yet. Not until she absolutely has to.

She snuggles deeper into bed, feeling her thousand count sheets slide against her skin like a lover's caress. That thought alone makes her eyes snap open. Natalia. She stifles a groan and flips onto her other side, fully awake and a little bit agitated now. She wishes she wasn't alone in this big sprawling bed, but rather had Natalia by her side. They've shared a bed more than once, but since they've become – or at least acknowledged that they've become more than friends – they've only shared a bed twice. Once with Emma between them and once alone.

The first time was frustrating. The second time was less so, but worse in its own way. It had been about comfort, not desire, but that hadn't meant that desire was absent. Being able to hold Natalia in her arms like that had been the sweetest kind of torture. Olivia wouldn't have traded it for anything, but she still longs for more. One day...she promises herself, one day they will have that.

Today...Olivia smiles. Today is going to be wonderful. Well, maybe not the actual day. She wrinkles her nose at thought. She's always hated moving, unpacking all of those boxes and unloading Emma's and her things yet again. It's not one of her favorite things to do, but moving back in to the Farmhouse with Natalia? That makes all of the difference in the world. It doesn't hurt that Olivia secretly hopes this is the last time they'll have to move - at least until Emma is ready for college.

It occurs to her that this might actually be the last time she spends the night alone in this bed in her Beacon suite, and to her surprise she finds that she doesn't mind the thought. She's had enough of freedom and independence. She wants Natalia, and the family that comes with her - their mismatched, absolutely perfect family.

Olivia doesn't even try to dim the smile that breaks over her face. She's pretty sure this is going to qualify as one of the happiest days of her life and she wants to enjoy every moment of it that she can.

On the bedside table, her cell phone rings. She reaches for it and answers without looking at who's calling.

"Olivia Spencer?" Life as a hotel owner has taught her to expect the unexpected - especially at night, in the earlier hours of the morning and whatever weekends or holidays it is most inconvenient to get something repaired. She's almost used to it by now. She just hopes that it won't be a big enough emergency to stall their plans for moving. They've both been so busy that the move they wanted to undertake right away has dragged out for almost a month now. Olivia is more than ready. Patience has never been her strong suite.

"You're awake?" The surprise in Natalia's voice might have been insulting if it hadn't been amusing.

"You know me too well," Olivia says fondly.

The light sound of Natalia's laughter echoes down the phone line. "I think I know you just well enough."

"That's because you're all romantic and sappy."

This time Natalia snorts. "I do know you. That's why you can't fool me. I know you're just as big of romantic sap as I am. Admit it: you love it when I say things like that."

"I do," Olivia admits hoarsely. There are moments that she's still struck almost speechless by the knowledge that Natalia loves, really, truly, deeply loves her more than anyone or anything except for their children. It makes her feel like the luckiest woman in the world.

Silence lingers between them for a moment, but it isn't awkward. Finally, Natalia breaks it.

"Blake called."

Olivia doesn't even try to stifle her pitiful groan. She knows exactly what that means.

"She needs me to come in first thing this morning. One of her most prominent authors had a family emergency and we're going to have to completely redo the schedule for the next month. I can't get out of it. I tried!"

Olivia bites her lip as disappointment wells up within her. She doesn't want to put this off again, especially with Emma so excited about it as well. She knows, however, that she needs to try to be supportive. It's not like Natalia planned this. Emergencies happen. She knows this.

"Okay, we'll just reschedule." She tries to sound chipper, but Olivia has a feeling that she's failing miserably. "Maybe we can do it this weekend."

The ensuing silence says it all. She can almost see Natalia's wince.

"Or not." She frowns. "What's going on this weekend?"

"Rafe's coming over for dinner tonight. He said there's something he wants to talk to me about, and he wants us to spend some time together this weekend."

"Oh, right." This is huge. Natalia and Rafe have talked several times since the Bauer Barbecue and although often painful, Rafe has begun to yell less, at least at Natalia. It's progress and this is even more progress, if he's inviting himself into their home. If it's even their home at that point, which it looks like it won't be. "So you probably want to wait until after he comes over for us to move our things in." She's trying very hard to be good and not sound bitter about this.

"Actually, I was thinking…"

"Oh?" Is this the other shoe dropping at last? The knot of tension in her stomach says it could very well be. Once again things have simply been going to well for too long. Can't have that.

"I know I can't be there today, but, well…you still have the day off right?"

"Uh, yeah." Olivia isn't sure where this is going. Does Natalia need her to run some errands for her to prepare for her day with her son? "One perk of being the boss."

"Good. I was thinking that, well, that you could get things moved in without me. Everything's already packed up and there will be movers to do all of the heavy lifting," Natalia hurries on. "So you won't have to worry about that. We've already lived together once before. It's not like I need to be there so we can discuss where things go."

Olivia bites her lip to try to hold back the tears that she feels welling up in her eyes and hopes Natalia can't hear her sniffling on the other end of the phone.

"Olivia?" Natalia prompts nervously into the silence. "You don't have to. I know it's a lot to ask. I just don't want to wait anymore to have you and Emma in the farmhouse with me. It's been too long already. I miss you." Her tone slides from nervous and worried to tender and gentle with the last sentence. The heartfelt depth of emotion in her words does nothing to help Olivia regain her ability to speak. Natalia just keeps surprising her. Then again, if they're all this good, Olivia hopes she keeps surprising her for the rest of their lives.

"I'll do it," Olivia finally blurts out.

"Are you sure? You don't have to. We can wait until I'm there to help."

Olivia smiles and tries to lighten the moment. "You did move Emma and I in pretty much by yourself last time. All I did was sit on the couch."

"And supervise." Natalia adds, and Olivia laughs because she remembers the discussions that they had when she was moving in the first time. How times have changed. "You did a lot of supervising."

Olivia chooses to ignore her. "Anyway, there's no reason that I can't do it myself this time." She doesn't want to let this opportunity slip by. Time is moving far too quickly and she hates the thought of missing another moment with Natalia. Besides, she's so pregnant now that she's starting to worry about Natalia alone at the farmhouse.

"Good!" Natalia says a little bit too quickly. "I mean, I'm glad you and Emma will be there tonight when I get home."

The thought makes Olivia smile. "Me too."

"I, uh, I should go." Natalia says regretfully. "I still have to get ready."

"Oh," Olivia tries not to sound as disappointed as she feels. "Yeah, you should go. Wouldn't want to be late for Blake."

"I'll call you later on," Natalia offers, trying to cheer her up.

It works, at least a little.

"Okay. I love you." She says it almost every time they get off the phone, because she doesn't ever want to regret not saying it. "Bye."

For a moment, Olivia lingers in bed, savoring Natalia's call and the knowledge that tonight they'll be back in the farmhouse. Then she sits up, full of determination.

"Emma, honey," she calls out as she slips out from underneath the covers and tries to stand up without losing her balance. "Time to get up. We have to get going. It's moving day!"


Her head jerks up in surprise at the sound of Natalia's voice calling out for her. She stands quickly, abandoning the box in front of her, and heads for the kitchen.

"What are you doing here?" Olivia asks with a smile, sliding her arms around Natalia's waist and greeting her with a kiss. "I thought Blake was keeping you busy all day," she murmurs, her forehead pressed against Natalia's. She isn't ready to let go of her yet.

"She is," Natalia says ruefully. "But she did give me a break for lunch. I wanted to see how you were doing."

Olivia wrinkles her nose. "Oh, great. I'm doing great."

Natalia laughs at her not at all convincing tone. "Making lots of progress?" She asks, her eyes gleaming with amusement.

Olivia lets out an almost petulant sigh. "There's a reason I let you do most of the unpacking last time, you know."

"Because you'd just had a heart transplant and you're better at supervising anyway?"

"You admit it!" Olivia crows. "I am better at supervising."

"Well, you've had plenty of practice at being bossy," Natalia says dryly, and resists the urge to stick her tongue out at Olivia. Only she can bring out the urge to act like a kid in Natalia.

Olivia gasps with mock-indignation at her comment. She's about to offer a quick comeback when she feels a sharp jolt where her abdomen is pressed against Natalia's slightly bulging belly.

"Did you feel that?" Natalia asks, her hand slipping down between them to press against the spot where the baby kicked.

Olivia covers Natalia's hand with her own. "I did." She feels the tears welling up in her eyes and she can't believe she's being so emotional about this. She doesn't even have pregnancy hormones to blame for it. Olivia sniffs and tries to pretend the moisture in her eyes isn't actually there. "Do you think she was defending my honor against her mommy calling me bossy?"

Natalia laughs and lets her get away with her diversion. "Oh, you are bossy. There's no doubt about that. But I love you anyway."

Olivia smiles. "Lucky me," she says softly, just before she captures Natalia's lips for another lingering kiss.

"What time is Rafe going to be here?" Olivia asks a moment later as they move around the kitchen fixing sandwiches for their lunch.

"Around six, I think," Natalia says, as she passes Olivia the bread.

Olivia nods as she opens the mayonnaise and takes the spreader from Natalia. "Okay. I'll cook dinner. What does he like?"

Natalia stops what she's doing and stares at Olivia. "You're going to cook dinner?" The surprise in her voice is obvious. She shakes her head. "You don't have to. We can order take out, or I can pick up something from Company on the way home from work."

Olivia shrugs and tries to sound nonchalant about it. "I'll be here. I might as well cook. I'm sure he and Frank aren't big on the home cooked meals over there."

When Olivia finally looks up from her sandwich, Natalia is still watching her, staring at her gratefully.

"Thank you," she says softly. "I know you're not looking forward to Rafe being here tonight, so I really appreciate you doing this."

"Hey, no." Olivia cuts in quickly. "I don't want you to ever think that. I do want Rafe here. I want him here all of the time, because I know that makes you happy." She takes a deep breath and runs her hand through her hair, sweeping it back. "What I hate is that he upsets you. So him being here, wanting to come over for dinner, that's a good thing, I think. I want it to go well."

"So that's why you want to cook."

"Yeah," Olivia shrugs. "That and I think I like cooking for you. There's nothing like an appreciative audience."

"Okay," Natalia agrees, smiling and nodding. "Rafe isn't picky. He'll eat anything."

"Anything, okay," Olivia repeats with an answering grin. "Got it. That narrows things down."

Natalia swats her shoulder playfully, and Olivia can't stop smiling. She's still nervous about tonight. She's trying to be positive, but she's pretty sure that Rafe doesn't know that they've moved back in. This has the potential to go very badly and if there's any chance that a home cooked meal can help smooth the evening over, she's going to take it.

Emma will be there as well. It will be their first family dinner. Olivia marvels at the thought. Who would have imagined that the four of them would be here - together - as a real family, with another little one on the way? If that can happen, surely there's hope for Rafe to come around, too. It's enough to balance out her nerves.

Mostly, anyway.