Why was he here again?

Echizen looked around the room from his spot on the wall, bodies pressed so tightly together, in a mock attempt at dancing. Scoffing he tore his gaze away, what they were doing was hardly dancing anymore, Echizen was surprised that everyone on the dance floor was still wearing clothes. He surveyed around the dance floor, to the others who, like himself, were playing bumpy wall paper. He could spot Tezuka talking to Yukimura off in the corner farthest away from the music. Sanada not too far behind. Even now that Yukimura had been cured, Sanada still followed like a cautious body guard. His eyes lingered on his bucho, more than he would have liked. Upon returning from America, and after skipping a grade and entering high school, he had come to realize his feelings for the tennis captain. He had known a long time, but always chose to ignore his feelings, and pretend they didn't exist. However he knew he couldn't keep going on pretending they weren't there forever. Though Tezuka wasn't the only one he held feeling for. Not by a long shot, especially since he knew he had no chance with him. After all, shortly after he realized his feelings, it was announced that Tezuka was going out with Fuji.

Fuji Syuusuke, the tennis genius that never showed his weakness to anyone, also caught Echizen s interest. That, and his hormones. The day that Fuji and himself had a match, which to this day was still unfinished, he also harbored feelings for him, as well as Tezuka. The same time he accepted his feeling for Tezuka he decided to accept his feelings for Fuji. It wasn't like he loved them or anything. He just held a strong affection for those two. Well, those two and another two. Who also were a couple. Echizen had the worst of luck when it came to anything asides from tennis. But tennis didn't have luck. It had hours of practice and drills. There was no luck in tennis in Echizen s books. One was either good or bad, if someone who was a fantastic player decided to stay up late all night practicing, to lose to an amateur the next day, it wasn't luck for the amateur, it was stupidity on behalf of the other tennis player. But in everything else, there was luck, and Echizen came to the easy conclusion, he had no luck.

Not only were Tezuka and Fuji in a relationship, with each other, his other interests were in a relationship with each other. Though, with Fuji and Tezuka one could see it coming, however this other couple was a 1/100 shot for guessing. And like Echizen said earlier, he had no luck. So when it was announce that these two were a couple, Echizen could have laughed. In fact he did, I mean who would believe that Sanada and Atobe were going out. It seemed like they never got on each others good side, but hell, Echizen never got on the good side of anyone at first. Echizen had first hated Atobe, he was the person who broke, scratch that, even at that point, Tezuka was never broken, Atobe was the person who had injured Tezuka to the point of risking his tennis career. And Echizen, who subconsciously knew his feeling for Tezuka could never like such a person. It wasn't until his match with Atobe that he started to like the Monkey King. At this point Echizen was starting to notice a pattern, half of him wanted to stay far away from all good tennis players, yet half of him, the winning half, always forced him to challenge them. So when Sanada came along, he didn't care, instead he followed his instincts and challenged Sanada right off the bat. After his defeat against the Emperor, Sanada haunted his mind, one of the only people to beat him aside from Tezuka and his Father. It was natural that his mind often focused on the cold Emperor, however he started to get concerned when his mind couldn't stop thinking about him, even after he had won the match in Nationals.

In all Echizen could say he had it bad. Not only did he had affection for four people, but all four of those people were in a relationship. Divided perfectly into two couples, there was no room for him. Not that he wanted in, after all, it was just a strong feeling of like, just his hormones acting up, it wasn't like he loved them or anything. It wasn't like he was broken and in a pitiful state now that they were all unavailable. He was Echizen Ryoma, and he would be damned before he fell to that state. But right now he wasn't so sure.

Atobe had thrown a large party and gathering for Rikkaidai, Seigaku, and Hyoutei. Letting each member of the team invite whomever they wanted. Echizen wouldn't have even come if it hadn't been for Inui and his stupid juice. That thing should be registered as a toxic bio hazard, and used in military research, in hopes to find a way to harness it's terrible powers into a weapon. Then no one would mess with Japan. Speaking of Inui, and the rest of the team for that matter, he doubted anyone was keeping tabs on him, after all they looked like they were having such a great time on the dance floor. Echizen quickly did a search, to see if he could find anyone close enough to stop his newest plan. In tennis one had to make quick decisions and that's what Echizen did, seeing no one, he started to make a dash for the door. Well, not a dash so much as a swift walk, he wanted out, and fast, but not at the cost of getting caught. He walked past the punch table, which had probably been spiked a long time ago by Momo, he knew not to take any punch as soon as he got in there, and continued along the wall, as if trying to blend into it. The music getting louder as he got closer to the door. He was only a few steps away from the back door, which had been propped open to allow some air into the hot room, maybe Echizen s luck was changing? Three steps, two steps, one step, and free! Echizen stepped out side, and inhaled the pure fresh air of freedom.

However a voice interrupted his victory breath, "Going somewhere already? It s only been a half hour since it started. Is everything O.K. Echizen-san?" A familiar voice said. Echizen tensed, his mind already knew who it was, and if that person was following him, then the person whom he was dancing with moments ago surely wasn't far behind.

"Hey, is Ochibi-chan leaving already Oishi?" Sometimes Echizen really hated it when he was right. He didn't even have to turn around as he could practically feel the worried foot-steps of Oishi and the eager steps of Eiji. His escape was short lived, and now he wouldn't be able to try another attempt for at least another hour. Echizen let out a long sigh, feeling his breath of freedom escape with each second.

"No Oishi-sempai, just getting some fresh air." He explained with a lie, he turned around to the mother hen, as if to show that there was no injury on the boy. Echizen would have said something like his father was sick or something lame like that to try and get home, but he didn't want the others going and checking and having his lie exposed, and the fact he didn't have a phone on him, would make his story less believable. Echizen hated to accept defeat, but sometimes he had to pick and chose his battles. He was regretting his decision as soon as he felt Eiji attach himself on Echizen.

Eiji was grinning, "Can't handle the heat Ochibi-chan?! I barely even saw you dancing!" Eiji pointed out. Echizen knew that it was a jest at him. Eiji was trying to get Echizen riled up so that he would dance, because no matter how hard anyone looked. No one could see Echizen dancing, he was in the same spot for the past half hour. He could hear Oishi s worried comments about Eiji hanging off of Echizen. Saying thing like, Echizen came out for air not to be mauled. And other little comments like that. And while Echizen liked the fact that it made Eiji let go, Echizen hated being doted on.

Taking in another breath he spoke, "Mada Mada Dane, Oishi-sempai. I'm fine. Let's go back in." He would have loved to let the other two go in while he made another attempt at escape but he knew that Oishi would want to stay out here, and if Oishi was out here, then his boyfriend, Eiji, would be too. And depriving Eiji of his dancing partner resulted in nothing good. So back into hell Echizen went, better than into the strangle hold of Eiji. Oishi was uneasy with going back in, he wanted to make sure Echizen was okay, but he didn't push on the younger, especially since everyone knew how much he hated being questioned. But Oishi swore to himself, that he would keep an eye on Echizen for another few minutes. Eiji celebrated by jumping up and down in his usual excited manner. Echizen went back in, I m going to get some punch, you two go dance. He said trying to get them off of his back. Eiji took the opportunity to steal Oishi back onto the dance floor, and Echizen breathed in relief now that no one was breathing down his neck at his attempted escape.

Or not. Bad luck strikes again. "Ore-sama saw that brat." Great. Just Great, Atobe himself happened to see his escape, and everyone knew how much the diva thought highly of himself. Just the thought of someone trying to escape his party must be astounding to the Monkey king.

"Saw what Monkey King? I was just getting some air." He explained trying to get him away. He hadn't even turned around yet, and someone else was interrogating him. Jeez, that was his last time at trying to leave. Okay, maybe not, but he would do it better next time, and not get caught.

Atobe scoffed at Echizen, who now had just turned around. "I wasn't born yesterday brat. Surely I know when someone is trying to make an escape. I've done it myself a few times at my fathers business parties. The man can't seem to accept the fact that Genichirou and I are in a relationship." Echizen cringed, he already knew that. Why did the Monkey king find it necessary to bring up his relationship? However he just pushed it off and walked past Atobe.

"Well, it didn't work, so you don t have to worry. Now go bother someone else." Echizen said tiredly. Just talking to Atobe, Tezuka, Fuji or Sanada took away more energy that he liked. He tried to keep things short and sweet. Short anyways. Atobe scoffed once more, in a dignified way, and how one can scoff dignifying was beyond Echizen.

Putting his hand on Echizen s shoulder Atobe turned the kid towards him. "And why would you, or anyone else for that matter, try to escape from one of my parties?" He questioned. Echizen almost wanted to tell him that his party was boring, well, to him it was, and that he had no interest in being here, but then he would have to listen to the diva rant about how his parties were not boring. And that was something he would not want to do.

"I don't dance." He explained in a short quick sentence. It wasn't to say that he couldn't, after all it looked like all one had to do was sway their hips and bash it into someone rear or privates, but rather that he didn't. He didn't want to, he saw no pleasure out of it, and he had no reason to, everyone he had an interest in was taken and there was no need to raise his hopes up. And there was no way in hell was he going to dance like that with someone he didn't know, and the rest of the team had partners. So Echizen, didn't dance.

Atobe laughed. "Is that it?" Echizen grit his teeth. Of course, why else would he be trying to run away, because he was afraid that he would get kidnapped? Hell, Echizen had a lot of pent up anger and he would love for a reason to beat someone up. He may be small, but he sure as hell packed a punch, just ask those kids that he played basketball with when he was younger, taught them a lesson. But before Echizen could get out a reply, Atobe grabbed his wrist and pulled him towards the dance floor. Now wasn't Echizen just saying how he wouldn't get kidnapped? He tried to pull away his wrist but failed, he should have known better, tennis players had a very good grip on things. Atobe got about three quarters in before he stopped and pulled Echizen's back against his chest. "Try to keep up brat." Atobe said putting his hand on Echizen's hips. Echizen's heart started to beat faster, his body wanting nothing more than to agree with Atobe's command. But Echizen knew better than to let his body have control in a situation like this. The beat in the song picked up and started to go faster. He decided one song. That was it. His hips started to sway from side to side in a quick motion, surprising Atobe at first, but he surprised so many people so much, that they tended to just move on and accept it. He started to grind into Atobe, the feeling foreign to him but Atobe didn't correct him, so he must have been doing it right. His hands reached up slowly, as if looking for something to do, something to grab onto, when the found Atobe s neck.

Echizen rested his head on Atobe's right shoulder as his left arm wrapped around Atobe s neck. His right hand held Atobe's right hand on his hip. He was biting his lip not to let out a moan. Now he knew why people danced like this.

He could feel the song start to slow down and change, and he slowed down as well. Atobe was left stunned that Echizen could dance like that, hadn't the brat said he couldn't dance? And as if Echizen was reading his mind he spoke. "I said I don't dance. Not that I can't." And with that he made his way through the crowd, to a newer place on the wall, hopefully far enough that the Monkey king wouldn't follow. Though against his better judgment he took a glass of punch, even if it was spiked surely Echizen could handle one glass, and he was so thirsty right now he didn't particularly care. He took a sip and the drink burned as it went down his throat but it was cold and what he needed. He looked back to where Tezuka, Yukimura and Sanada were the last time he saw them, he saw that Tezuka had left and that it was just Yukimura and Sanada, though not for long as he saw the Monkey King head towards Sanada. Echizen let out a grin, it looked like his dancing was damn fine, even from this distance, he could tell that Atobe was flushed. He saw him lean over to Sanada and say something, but he couldn't read lips. The next thing he saw Atobe start to pull Sanada towards the dance floor, as Sanada excused himself from Yukimura.

Well, damn. Echizen dance so well that he warmed Atobe up for Sanada. Marvelous. The boy took another sip of his drink only to find that there was nothing left. When had he finished that? He thought about it for a moment and then decided to get another drink, that one had barely affected him, and surely another couldn't hurt. Hell, he was an Echizen and if he was anything like his father, which he protested strongly, he could probably hold his liquor. He leaned against the wall, letting out a small sigh, he should never have danced with Atobe, because now all he wanted to do is dance. But he would stay strong, or at least he told himself that. He looked over to where Yukimura was last time he saw him, but couldn't find him, he looked around the area but still couldn't find him. Oh well, he just admired Yukimura s tennis, no matter how twisted it was. He luckily was already interesting in another sadist, and that was one to many. He took another sip from his drink, it went down just as easy as the last one did.

"Looking for me, Echizen-san?" A soft voice asked. Echizen would have jumped if he was not Echizen, so instead of jumping he simply turned around, to the captain of Rikkaidai. "And why might you be over here all alone? After hearing about how well you danced from Atobe-san I was sure you d be out on the floor." He said, luckily louder than his usual voice, because of the music Echizen wouldn't have hear him if he spoke normally.

Echizen didn't let a blush betray his emotions, instead he let the blood rush to his face due to alcohol. That's what it was. "Ah, I don t dance. I was just teaching a lesson to the Monkey King." He stated. He didn't want Yukimura getting any ideas, because with the captain he had a feeling that his secrets about his interest in the others wouldn't stay secret for long around him.

Yukimura let out a sly grin, and Echizen put his cup down. Enough of that, especially since Yukimura was planning something. He didn't need to be sober to see that, so getting drunk wouldn't help him any, it would be better to put the cup down before it got him into more trouble than he could handle. "Well, his lesson looked and sounded very pleasurable." Yukimura stepped forward, Echizen didn't budge, he had heard about this kind of scenario before, and backing up would not help him any. So he let Yukimura approach him. The elder leaned down, his mouth right by Echizen's ear. "Perhaps you could teach me, Echizen-sensei." Yukimura whispered into Echizen s ear. The younger let out a shiver, the way that Yukimura had said that had definitely not helped his resolve to not dance. But as he was arguing with his head and his body, Yukimura had already made the decision for him, and dragged him to the dance floor before he could realize what was happening.

Echizen had mentally cursed, he could have sworn earlier he wasn't going to get kidnapped, and yet here he was again, being dragged away from where he wanted to be. He decided at that moment to change what he had said to; he wouldn't get kidnapped by anyone, unless they were a tennis playing with a fantastic grip. Yukimura danced differently than the Monkey King did. Yukimura danced face to face, Echizen was still fairly new to grinding, good at it, but still new. So he let Yukimura lead for the first few seconds until he got the feeling of it, though Echizen had wondered when Yukimura had wedged his leg in between his own. Though he feeling of Yukimura's thigh brushing up against privates sent shivers down his spine, and once again he had to bite back a moan. The beat picked up and both Yukimura's and Echizen s hips followed flawlessly, as if they had been doing this for hours rather than minutes.

As the song started to change, Echizen was going to try the same thing he did with the Monkey King, flee. However as he tried to back up, he bumped into someone else s chest. He went to go for an apology. "Sor-" When he was interrupted.

"No need Echizen-kun. If you wanted to dance with me, you should have asked." This new voice made him freeze up. He could feel arms wrap around him and he knew then and there he had no chance of escape, even if he did, the approaching Yukimura, whom he had tried to ditch just seconds ago, blocked him in from the front. Great just great. Echizen really hated his luck.

He didn't even try to fight it anymore, his body had finally won. He murmured out a "Hi Fuji-sempai" before the next song started. Echizen was on high alert now though, he was trapped in between two well-known sadists. Who knows what would happen to him now.


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