At this point Echizen knew he was, for lack of a more polite word, fucked.

He just found out that not only would he be trapped by the 5 other males around him for the rest of night, but for the next month as well. He tried to crank his head around to the diva in the back. It was all his fault no doubt. Stupid Monkey King wanting to have his surprises. He wondered if anyone else knew, but he doubted it, surely Momo knew he wouldn't keep his mouth shut about it. However as he tried to turn around there was more shuffling of their little grind line, and Tezuka and Yukimura were introduced. Tezuka took over Sanada's position in front of the rookie, and Yukimura moved behind Fuji in between Atobe.

Echizen looked at his bucho, who unexpectedly danced just as passionately as Sanada, and felt a shiver run down his spine. It could have been the lighting, or maybe Tezuka had too much punch, which Echizen doubted, but there was something very primal in his chocolate eyes, and with the Tezuka's body language, Echizen barely needed a second guess. He was about to talk his bucho, about his thoughts on the whole camp idea when he felt a mouth on his neck, on the opposite side of Fuji's hickey. Echizen's eyes closed, and he growled. "Fuji-sempai…." He warned, though, it probably didn't sound threatening as Echizen was slightly enjoying the attention.

The counter genius smiled and then spoke, "Not me." He said. And he was true to his word, because as he was talking the mouth on his neck hadn't stopped. Echizen forced himself to open his eyes and look, though he had a good guess about who it was.

Teal hair immediately filled his vision. Echizen let out a small groan as Yukimura bit his neck, leaving a large red mark. Echizen, once getting back to his senses looked at the elders face, which was resting on Fuji's shoulder, for an explanation. Yukimura grinned. "Hey, Fuji wasn't the only one you ditched. Tezuka-san and I were there as well. Don't we get to punish you too?"

Fuji's chuckling filled his ears, whether it was from Yukimura's statement, or the shiver that Echizen gave after it, Echizen didn't know, nor did he want to find out. The genius in question then addressed Tezuka. "Saa, now it's your turn Kunimitsu." He teased. Echizen's eyes raced over to his bucho's, unfortunately to meet opaque lenses, not allowing him to see his bucho's eyes. A trick he must have learned from Inui.

Echizen felt Tezuka start to lean down, it was much more personal having a face to face experience, rather than getting molested from behind. "Oi, bucho, oi!" He said panic in his voice rising as the elder continued his advance. "You don't need to listen to Fu-- Mmph!" He started as a mouth suddenly crashed on his own. Tezuka was forcefully, and effectively shutting the younger up. Echizen gasped as he felt his bucho bite his lower lip, not hard enough to break skin, but fairly hard. Tezuka wasted no time and within seconds he and Echizen were battling for dominance, though with Tezuka's superiority, and experience in the field, it wasn't long before Echizen lost, and gave Tezuka free rein. They broke minutes later, Echizen panting for air, and Tezuka not even affected.

Echizen was caught of guard by that, he figured out of them all, his bucho would be the more reserved one, well, either him or Sanada, but that kiss just proved him wrong. My first kiss was taken by Tezuka-bucho… He thought absentmindedly, however Atobe's voice brought him out of his thoughts.

"Oi! I deserve a turn. After all I was the one who first got him to dance, and then I was the first one ditched." Echizen panicked, like hell he would let the others take advantage of him. Sure the alcohol was still giving him a small buzz, but he realized that this was going no where good. He need to get out of this before something else happened, like Sanada coming up with some excuse to molest him.

Life seemed to enjoy picking on him. "Hn, and I was the one who found him."

Echizen almost paused and shouted "Are you serious?!" but he bit his tongue. He could see that he was severely outnumbered in this situation. He decided that he would let them get their so called reward for making his life hell, and then he would set them straight. And as much as he didn't want to admit it, and as much as he tried to push it away, he was enjoying the attention the others were giving him, even if it was in a more physical manner than he usually received. Echizen felt Fuji's hands wrap around his wrists, and Tezuka's arms around his stomach, there was no escape anyways. "Made Made Dane Sempai-tachi. Do your worst, after all it will be the only time you can." He taunted. He didn't want to appear too helpless, he still had a reputation to uphold.

This time Atobe was the one chuckling, not Fuji. "Brat, you make it sound as if you have a choice in the matter." He said as he then descended down onto the rookies lips, Sanada attaching himself onto Echizen's neck, near Yukimura's hickey. A few moments passed and they both broke away.

Echizen clicked his tongue at Atobe. "Made Made, Monkey King. Tezuka is better." He teased the diva, who let out an undignified scoff, and returned to his spot in their little line. Sanada grinned and returned to his spot as well.

For the rest of the night it was fun, a light kiss here and there, but they were only slight brushing of the lips. The group was enjoying the simplicity of dancing, and didn't want to get to far ahead of themselves. Echizen was thankful they all toned it down, because if they had continued, he had a feeling he would have been very violated, very quickly. That, and he was enjoying the dance. Switching partners every so often, yet always remaining in between two people, he actually started to rejoice in coming. Not that he would have told anyone. It was a few hours later when all the lights in the room turned on full, the music slowly dying.

Echizen watched as Atobe made his way up to the DJ's booth with the microphone ready for him. "Thank you for coming. To all guests, there are rooms available for you to rest in until tomorrow morning, when you will be expected to leave. And to all members of Hyoutei, Seigaku, and Rikkaidai, welcome to training camp. For the next month you will be lodging with five other boys. You are expected to teach and train each other, as well as show hospitality. More information will be given out tomorrow. If you don't know your cabin number, seek out your Coach. Lights out in two hours. Dismissed." Echizen laughed, how like Atobe, springing a surprise on everyone and not giving them time to react. The diva then navigated back through the crowd to the group he was dancing with moments ago. "Alright we are the Cabin farthest away from the Camp, because despite the distance, it's the best in quality." A curt nod was given from everyone, Echizen also added a yawn. The thought of a nice shower, or bath if he had the time, and a soft bed enticed his fancy at the moment.


The cabin was larger than one would expect. It was more of a two story house, than a cabin. The first floor had a kitchen, dinning room and living room area, and washer and dryer for clothing. It was homey. And then the second floor was the bedroom area and bathroom. Echizen grabbed his duffel bag, which had been placed at the front door with everyone elses and followed Tezuka and Atobe up. It was routine for everyone to get unpacked then they would decided about what was going to happen for the rest of the night.

As Echizen walked his hips still swayed, to an imaginary beat that was still going in his head. He hadn't noticed that he was doing it until Fuji lightly grabbed his rear. "Keep that up, and I might pounce." He warned, Echizen froze up, Fuji didn't bluff. Or at least he hadn't before. He scurried off quickly.

Noticing the room, he saw that there were two large beds and three medium sized dressers. He wondered how sleeping arrangements would work out. Pushing those thoughts to the back of his mind, he set on his first task, unpacking. Each of them had to share a dresser, naturally the two couples took a dresser, leaving Yukimura and Echizen to share. Echizen tried to unpack as quickly as he could, and prayed his father hadn't put anything perverse in his belongings. Luckily there was nothing, in fact there were even his favourite bath soaps among his belongings. His mother must have packed for him. He was glad that his luck wasn't as bad as it could have been.

Yukimura had noticed the bath salts and grinned. "Echizen, did you know that there is a hot spring out in the back? You've got to admit, rooming with Atobe does have it's benefits." Echizen looked like a kid in the candy shop with his dad's credit card. Yukimura laughed, which caught the attention of those around him.

Fuji made his way over first, and then addressed the group. "Why don't we all enjoy the hot springs after we are done unpacking? I'll help you wash your back Echizen." Fuji said, though no matter how innocently the elder said it, Echizen didn't quite trust him. No matter, the thought of a hot spring was amazing right now. He finished unpacking his clothes and grabbed one of his favourite salts, and a towel. Turning around he saw that the others were also ready to go to.

Echizen liked to be alone when bathing, but he supposed he couldn't help it right now, not with lights out in an hour. He followed Yukimura outside to the backyard, and was awed by the size. Echizen was uncomfortable with the idea at first because he thought that there wouldn't be any privacy, but with the size of the hot spring all six of them could fit comfortably, and still have their space. Echizen tied his towel around his waist over his cloths, and then took them off. Luckily the towel stayed in place and he still hadn't been exposed. He started to reach for his shirt when two hands aided him in his disrobing. His head turned around, expecting Fuji, but saw Yukimura, clad only in his towel. Behind him, was Fuji getting a wash cloth soapy. He wondered how they got changed so quickly.

Yukimura was always good at reading people. "We changed while you were occupied with the springs. Fuji, and I will help wash your back." Echizen, figuring out that Sanada, Atobe, and Tezuka would be helping each other, couldn't control himself as his head whipped over to look at the other group. He almost regretted doing so, seeing the three, very well built teens made him flush. The way Sanada's hands moved expertly over Atobe's back, turning the diva into a pile of mush, and the way Atobe hung his head on Tezuka's shoulder, with the latter supporting the diva, was definitely a pleasant sight.

He pried his eyes before anyone noticed he was staring.

Suddenly he felt the wash cloth on his back, and Fuji's hands moved with ease. Echizen tensed, he would not give these two the pleasure of finding out his weak spots. Who knows what would happen then? However like Atobe, he too, was losing the fight of self control. He felt Yukimara's hands ghost over his skin, massaging lightly. "Echizen, you should take care of your body more often, your back is full of terrible knots. Sanada will have to work them out later. He gave me the best massages while I was in the hospital. He can probably work out these knots in no time." Yukimara said, Echizen could only nod, not trusting his voice.

He then felt the wash cloth Fuji was holding move to his chest. He went to push the hand away, and grab the cloth himself, but Fuji clicked his tongue. "Saa, Echizen-kun just sit tight. You just might find out how pleasurable it can be to let someone else have control." He taunted with a surprisingly deeper voice than Echizen had remembered. Echizen nodded, the way Fuji stressed the word pleasurable, made him freeze. He bit the inside of his cheek as Fuji washed everywhere but his nipples. He was slightly frustrated that the genius was toying with him, but he was even more frustrated that he was falling into the trap that the genius had set out. He almost started to growl as if to demand that Fuji do the job properly, when he felt the wash cloth scrub over the nipple, he gasped, not expecting the sudden movement. Fuji grinned. "My, my, you are sensitive indeed. Splendid." The genius said, making Echizen feel uncomfortable.

Just as Echizen was about to voice his uneasiness, Fuji pinched his left nipple, and Yukimara's hand ghosted over his other nipple. The two elders now full out groping his chest. Echizen was rendered helpless for a moment until a cough, from his beloved Bucho, interrupted the two sadists. "Are you done?" He asked, quick and to the point. Echizen could have sworn that Fuji glared at Tezuka, but it was gone as soon as he blinked.

"Yes we are, just finished in fact." Fuji said, taking a step away from Echizen, letting the boy have some room. Echizen immediately bolted from in between the two and practically dived into the hot springs. He then moved to a spot against the wall, settled himself in, and enjoyed the wonderfulness that was known as hot springs.

It was about 25 minutes until lights out, meaning they had spent 45 minutes in the springs, when they decided to get out. Fuji let out a slight remark about how he hated when his finger became prune-like. Echizen scoffed, he loved that feeling, it meant he had spent just the right amount of time in the springs. He was pleasantly surprised that the others let him enjoy himself without being molested, he supposed that even they could enjoy the solitude of the hot springs. He stood up and followed the others out. However with the water on the floor, and his relaxed state of mind, and the lack of energy due to the dancing earlier, he wasn't so careful with his footing. Managing to slip on some water, Echizen placed his arms in front of his face before impact, well, before the impact that never came. Four strong arms circled around his body. He opened his eyes, he absently wondered when they had shut, to see his bucho and Sanada holding his lithe frame from hitting the floor.

"Are you okay?" They both asked at the same time, which gave Echizen a strong sense of surround sound. Echizen nodded, and attempted to stand up as Tezuka's arms had left his body. Sanada apparently did not approve of this as his arms tightened around the boy and picked him up bridal style. Echizen took a second to realize what had happened and he growled.

"Put me down. Now." Sanada looked unfazed. Echizen got angrier, he was not some little princess needing help every five minutes. "I mean it. I will not be carried like this." He was pleasantly surprised when Sanada put him down. He turned around in disbelief, but then was picked up by his armpits, his legs instinctively wrapped around Sanada's waist, and his arms around the elders neck. He felt Sanada's hands reach around his rear. And then they were walking again. He growled.

Sanada held the grin back off of his face as he replied, "I did as you asked." Echizen decided right then and there that Sanada had been around Yukimura too long. He shot a glare to the teal haired boy that walked behind them, with a smile plastered on his face.

Sanada had carried him all the way to the bedroom, without so much as breaking a sweat. Sanada then placed the younger on the bed, checked him over, nodded, and then walked over to his own dresser to get his pyjamas. Echizen, grumbling, got off of the bed and headed over to the dresser he and Yukimura shared. He pulled out a pair of pants. He tended not to sleep with a shirt on. It was after he put on his pants, that Yukimura approached, with a spark of determination in his eye. "On the floor. It's about time someone fixed that back of yours." He said, his voice strong, leaving Echizen little room to protest.

However Echizen was stubborn, and never took well to people telling him what to do. He shook his head at Yukimura. "It's nothing. I'm tired and going to bed." He said, emphasising himself by lightly brushing Yukimura away with him arm.

Yukimura did not take kindly to being pushed off. He quickly grabbed Echizen arm, and with a few moves that would have made martial artists jealous, Yukimura had pinned Echizen to the floor. The younger blinked. When the hell had that happened? And how long has Yukimura been able to do that? The elder grinned. "You pick up a few things here and there at Rikkaidai." He said.

His voice acted as an attention grabber for the others. Atobe, Tezuka, Fuji, and Sanada turned to the two boys sprawled out on the floor. Yukimura grinned and then addressed Sanada, "He has a lot of knots in his back. It would be best if you could help work them out, after all, as his team members for the month, we need to look out for him, and keep him in top form." Tezuka nodded and continued doing what was doing, Atobe let out a laugh, and also turned back to what he was doing. Sanada headed over to the two and nodded. Yukimura got off of Echizen, the younger taking this as his chance to escape tried to get up, however Sanada easily caught him, turned him around, and laid him on his stomach. Sanada then straddled the younger teen and started to work his magic.

Fuji had wandered over to the three and sat beside Yukimura as he watched the stoic older teen, turn the youngest member of Seigaku into a puddle. Fuji grinned and Echizen shivered. Echizen bit his tongue. Sanada's hands were heavenly on his back. Echizen's hands were gripping at the carpet and he was trying his hardest not give in. But the way that Sanada's privates would grind into his rear made him lose control. He couldn't handle all the sensations thrown at him anymore and he let out a breathy moan. He felt Sanada grow hard, and with the general motions they were going through, Echizen was also growing hard with each passing second. "Please…" He said breathlessly, he didn't really know what he was asking for, but he didn't really care. Sanada started to apply more pressure and Echizen gasped.

By now, Atobe and Tezuka had joined in. Watching Echizen lose control like this was such a rare opportunity, they couldn't pass it up. Tezuka sat beside Fuji, and Atobe beside Yukimura. They watched the lithe boy moan out as Sanada massaged the lower part of his back. Each one of them taking mental notes for latter situations.

Echizen just now noticed that there was a crowd watching him and he tensed. He realized just what he was doing and became very annoyed. He slammed his mouth shut and grit his teeth. "Get off Sanada." He said. The elder teen was confused, and stopped. Everyone else was also surprised at the sudden change of attitude from the younger. "I said get off!" Echizen barked out. Sanada did as he was told and got off the rookie. Echizen stood up and stomped past everyone, towards the door. "I am not anyone's play thing. Thank you very much. I am sleeping downstairs on the couch, alone. And I best be there when I wake up in the morning. Good night." He said, storming downstairs to the living room area.

He grabbed a blanket off of the back of the couch and covered himself. He was pissed that the would do something like that. He had a feeling that they knew about his feelings were exploiting him, after all, he knew he wasn't the best at keeping secrets from them, but if they thought they could just toy around with him to pass the time, they were so very wrong.

He was Echizen Ryoma, and he would be damned if he let them, or anyone else, use him like that. And with that resolve, he fell asleep.



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