Title: Before the Show
Author: Orilon
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: CM Punk/Jeff Hardy
Spoilers: Only if a person hasn't seen the September 4th Smackdown
Disclaimer: Everything from WWE belongs to Vince McMahon.
Summary: Punk right before the September 4th Smackdown.

CM Punk sat in the chair while Jeff was putting the white face make up on him. He moaned a little at the sensation when Jeff put the make up over his throat. He shivered at Jeff's husky laugh and gave Jeff an apologetic look at his disapproving look after he moved.

He closed his eyes when Jeff started to put the black circle around his
eyes. When he opened his eyes, he liked the almost Crow like look. He
didn't even try to put on the black lipstick because he knew he couldn't do it. He had wondered how that was going to work with his lip ring until Jeff stopped at the lip ring.

He tried not to move at the tickling when Jeff was using his fingers to put the other lines on over the white. He was amazed at how long it was taking to get him ready for this since he normally just changed and went out there.

After Jeff was done, Punk shivered when Jeff kissed part of his shoulder not covered by the tank top.

"Babe, if you don't stop that, I'm going to get this all over you." Punk commented.

He wanted to take if further, but knew that they didn't have enough time to do the make up over again. He pulled on the arm bands and leaned back against the chair.

He got up and went out of the locker room when he got the signal from
the stagehand. Time to play with the people's minds.