A/N: E/O drabble challenge word: scratch.

A/N II: I'm sorry this is a little late—real life intruded, I've tried speaking with it, but it does get insistent. And yes, this does mean a chapter of Gifts and Edge are coming. Thank you everyone.

Release the Kitties

"Dean!" Sam shouted, panic in his voice. The group of were-cats had surrounded his brother.

"I'm okay! Just a scratch!"

That spurred Sam to frantic action. He dove into the fray, trying to stay calm and squeezing off round after round of silver bullets. When he blinked the creatures were dead and Dean was still standing, blood pouring down an arm. Sam quickly lifted the sleeve. "Huh," Sam said.


"This is a scratch?"

"Kitten claws made it. How many stitches?"

"At least ten."

Dean grinned triumphantly. "See, Sammy, just a scratch."

The End