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"-and my powers-"

Kevin looked down at Ben. Shut up about your stupid powers and pay attention to my problems already! Out loud, he said, "Ben, I am taking your cousin to the stupid dance at her stupid fancy prep school. We have some issues here!"

Ben finally looked up. "You're taking Gwen to the dance?:

Kevin backpedaled at the expression on Ben's face. "Well, she made me! I mean, it was her idea and everything, and what was I supposed to do when she threw that flyer at me! And more importantly, I don't even know anything about dancing, or forks, or whatever Plato's Cave is! I don't even have anything to wear! I'll look like an abosolute idiot-"

"Shut up, Kevin. I have something you can wear."

"Wha-" a bemused Kevin was dragged into Ben's room, and the door slammed shut behind them.


Kevin looked at himself in the mirror, aware of Ben standing close behind him. He admired the way the tuxedo jacket was fitted at his waist and through the arms. Surprisingly, the old getup of Grandpa Max's looked very good on him. He suspected his rougish charm was to blame.

Suddenly, Ben was at his side, grinning lecherously up at him. "Do you really have to take Gwen to the dance?" He inquired, cocking his head to the side."

"Yeah," said Kevin. "Don't be a doofus, I can't just blow her off."

"Well, that's too bad." Ben smirked. "Because with you looking so delicious, I can definantly think of something I want you to blow."

Kevin was once again dragged into Ben's room, feeling more than a little afraid. This time, the door was closed and locked behind them.


Kevin gazed over Gwen's unclad shoulder to where Ben was getting ready to leave with Julie. As he watched, Ben looked back at him and grinned.

Kevin shivered as the two drove away. I wonder if he'll still be that horny when he's not pregnant...?

This was from that episode ("Shall we Dance", or Something...?) where Ben was pregnant. I was watching it, and thinking "why is Ben so mellow...?" Cuz I hear from tons of chicks who got super horny when they were pregnant. And, basically, Kevin got molested. Yes. This was my vision.