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Three days, seventeen hours, and nineteen minutes have passed since Edward left. I hadn't left the bed, our bed, since Alice had put me there that horrible night he left. I hadn't moved except to go to the bathroom and even then I regretted leaving the bed and I didn't plan on leaving it for anything else, not even food. As the thought of food left my mind my stomach growled ferociously and I wrapped my arms around it as the door creaked open and Alice padded across the room and climbed into the bed next to me.

"Bella, you need to come out and do something. You are too skinny, have you eaten anything lately?" I shook my head, "When was the last time you ate?"

"Three days, seventeen hours, and twenty-four minutes ago."

I didn't have to look at her to see the expression that was surely plastered on her face. She took her hand and gently rubbed my hair for a few minutes before going into the closet and emerging with a pair of Edward's sweatpants and a sweatshirt. She set them on the bed beside me and pulled me and led me to the bathroom, telling me to take a shower. I showered quickly and slid into the clothes she had brought from the bed and laid on the counter, his scent still embedded in the fabric and I fell down on the floor in the bathroom. Alice ran in the room, obviously startled by the noise and then by seeing me on the ground. My legs sprawled out around me and my hands lying in front of me picking at the sweatshirt, tears pouring down my face again. She ran across the large room and wrapped her arms around me and I laid my face against her shoulder, my tears not showing any sign of stopping soon. She waited a few minutes before speaking again.

"Bella, do you want to go to Forks and see Esme and Carlisle and stop for food on the way?"

I nodded and she helped me up and led me to her car, stopping momentarily to let me slip into my sandals. I stared out the window as she drove to Forks, a good three hour drive. About an hour and an hour from Forks she stopped in front of a little Italian restaurant in Port Angeles and even though I knew this place well I didn't tell her. I walked in with her and sat down while my mind drifted back to that first night I came here, with Edward.

It was my junior year of high school when I first met Edward and after a couple months of getting to know one another, I agreed to coming up here with him. He drove us up here and pulled up in front of one of the cutest little Italian restaurants I had ever seen. He pulled into a parking spot and quickly made his way to my door, being the gentleman everyone had come to know him of being. He placed his hand on the small of my back and led me towards the front doors, opening one for me to pass through before trailing in behind me. He led us towards the hostess stand where a skinny brunette that stood at about five-foot-seven quickly fluffed up her hair and put on her flirtiest smile as Edward reached the stand. I heard myself scoff at how hard she was trying and Edward looked at me confused, my face blushing as I shook my head.

"Is it just you two tonight or are there some more people joining you?"

"It will be just us two tonight,"

She smiled politely at him and grabbed a couple menus before sending me a glare that went undetected by him seeing as his eyes were focused on me at the time. She led us to a table for two that was somewhat distant from where the rest of the crowds were and we sat down. I grabbed my menu and started looking through it, unsure of what to get.

"Have you been here before?" I looked up at Edward under my eyelashes and saw his menu shut and he was watching me intently.

"A couple times."

"Well, what's good here then?"

"I always get the mushroom ravioli, but I don't know what kind of food you like so I can't help you there."

I huffed and looked at the menu again, looking up as a very pretty blonde waitress made her way over to us. She quickly reapplied a slight amount of lip-gloss before she reached our table, her attention completely focused on Edward. Apparently someone had been tipped off when they were in back.

"Hi, were you ready to order?"

"Yeah, can I get the mushroom ravioli and a Coke." She wrote his order down on the pad in her hands and looked at me, her expression changing into that of hatred towards me.

"I'll have what he's having." She turned on her heels quickly and walked towards the kitchen, glancing over her shoulder at Edward once more. I laughed to myself and looked down at the table, shaking my head.


I looked up at Edward, "Seriously?"

"I'm lost now."

"You don't realize both of those girls trying their hardest to get your attention?"

He shook his head, "No, I'm not with them, besides they don't hold a candle to you." I felt myself blush a deep shade of red and averted my face to looking back down at the table. "So, why are you here with me? In case you haven't noticed I'm not exactly the prettiest girl at Forks High School. I mean, you could do so much better than me."

"Really Bella, is that how you see yourself?" I nodded and he shook his head, "You're wrong. Don't you realize that most of the guys at our school wish they could be here tonight instead of me? Even your friends do, well Mike, Eric, and Tyler."

"What? No they don't."

"Really, how many of them have asked you to prom?"

"All of them."

"Exactly, and you haven't noticed Mike following you around like a love sick puppy?" I nodded and he gave me a pointed look, "Need I say more?"

I shook my head and took a sip of my Coke that the blonde had brought during our conversation and looked back up at him, "But you never answered my question, why are you here with me and not someone else?"

"Because I want to be here with you, because there is no one else I'd rather be here with."

My face blushed as soon as the words had left his mouth and I looked around the room. My gaze stopping when my eyes locked with Edward's, he held my gaze for a minute before reaching down and pulling something out of his pocket. He had his hand wrapped around something and looked back up at me.

"You don't have to take this, but I want you to take it."


He opened his hand and picked up my hand and gently laid the bracelet in it. I looked at him shocked before looking down at the bracelet in my hand. The light glinted off the gold chain which hooked on each side to a beautiful little heart. I looked back up at him and he smiled.

"If you don't want it I understand, but if you do I'd be very glad if you kept it." I smiled and handed it back to him and his face fell.

"No I love it, but I can't keep it. That doesn't look cheap."

"If you love it then I want you to keep it." He grabbed a hold of my hand again and gently set it in front of him and clasped the bracelet on my wrist. I smiled at him just as an angry huff came from beside us. I looked up at the waitress who was glaring at me fiercely. She put the plates in front of us and turned on her heels, storming from the dining room.

"Bella!" I jumped in the booth I was sitting in and looked up at Alice.


"She's waiting for you to order." I looked over at the waitress and muttered a sorry before ordering the mushroom ravioli just as I always did. "What were you doing? You were just sitting there fiddling with your bracelet."

I shrugged and looked down at my wrist again and smiled at the bracelet that still lay on my wrist. The one that was now accompanied on that arm with the diamond ring that wrapped itself around my finger.

Almost an hour later we were heading back toward the car when the sound of the water hitting the sand caught my attention. I stopped and Alice turned to look at me, obviously getting tired of my bizarre behavior so far that night but didn't mention it again because she knew what I was going through to an extent. I walked towards the end of the block and towards the sandy beach, making my way to the exact spot that was engrained in my memory.

It was still my junior year and Edward and I had been dating for a few months now. We had decided to come up to Port Angeles again and eat at the Italian restaurant. My phone started going off halfway through the meal and I answered it, only to hear a voice that came from no other than Phil on the other end of the phone, pain apparent in his voice. I excused myself from the restaurant and went outside fear creeping into my stomach.

"Phil, what's wrong?"

"Your mother and I were heading home from a party last night and got hit by a drunk driver. I haven't had access to a phone until now."

"What happened? Are you alright?"

"I'm doing a lot better tonight."

"What about my mom?" I heard my voice crack and heard my throat contract.

"That's what I'm calling about. I told them to bring me a phone or else I'd go find one myself."

"Just tell me already."

"They tried everything they could Bella, you have to believe me when I say that."

His voice continued on with saying something but I didn't hear anything that he said. The phone fell from my hands and I ran down the block and turning towards the beach. The sand flung up around me as I ran across the sand and into the water. I wasn't sure where I was going but at the moment the dark blue water of the ocean were inviting as if they were telling me that everything would be alright if I just ran into the water. The cold water engulfed my body quickly and I was up to my chest in the frigid water when a wave crashed against me, knocking me backwards when it crashed against me. The cold water engulfed the rest of my body fast and the shock from the cold water made the small breath I had in my lungs escape. I felt a pair of strong, warm arms wrap around me and cradle me against their chest, the air nipping at me causing me to shiver violently. The arms released my legs and my feet hit the sand and my arms stayed wrapped around their waist. He placed his hands on either side of my face and turned my face towards his.

"Bella, what were you thinking?"

I looked into Edward's eyes and my own eyes were spilling over with tears. I shook my head, "I wasn't thinking. She's, she's dead." I began sobbing then worse than I had been before.

"Who? Who's dead Bella?"

"My, my, my mom."

My sobs picked up their intensity then as if they weren't bad enough already and he wrapped his arms around me, pulling me against him. He gently ran his hand on my hair and rubbed my back gently.

"Shh. I know it seems bad right now, but things will get better. It may not seem like it but they will."

I didn't question him because I knew he wouldn't just say something like that to me, somehow he knew it was true. We must have stood like that for an hour before my sobs finally start to slow down and I looked up at him. He looked down at me, pain etched in his eyes. He laid a hand on my cheek and gave me a tentative smile. I smiled back at him and stood on my tiptoes and kissed him once before looking him the eye and realizing that was the first time we had actually kissed. I kissed him again and wrapped my arms around his neck, savoring the current moment, hoping it would help me forget the bad one that happened just a while before. I broke the kiss and looked at him again, both of our breaths ragged, our foreheads pressed together. I took a deep breath and spoke what was in my head before I lost the courage.

"I love you." He smiled widely at me and kissed me again before a shiver rolled through my body.

"You're probably freezing aren't you?"

I nodded and he grabbed the sweater he had thrown off when he went into the water to carry me out. He held it out to me and I slipped into it and leaned against his chest as he led me to his car. He held my hand the whole way back, somehow keeping the tears that were about to flood my eyes again from coming just by his touch, but the second he had pulled away from my house the tears poured as the knowledge that my mother was gone overcame me.

"Bella, we need to go or we aren't going to get there before dark." I turned around and nodded at Alice before following her back to the car.


Alice wound her way through the long driveway that led towards her parents' house and parked the car in front of the garage and made her way to the front door. I followed her quickly knowing that if anyone could help me brighten up it would be Esme. I followed Alice into the house and heard soft voices coming from the living room and we made our way through the house easily.

"Mom? Dad?"

"Alice is that you?"

"Yeah Mom, it's me and Bella." I heard soft footsteps make their way to where our voices were coming from and we were met the second we entered the room by Esme wrapping her arms around both of us.

She turned and looked at me, "Let me see your ring!" I held up my left hand for her to look at the ring and she smiled, "He always did have great taste. He told me he was going to propose to you the day before he left. I can't wait for the wedding." She smiled and hugged me again and despite her cheery attitude I could tell that the last few days had taken a toll on not only her but Carlisle as well as he made his way across the room to where we were standing.

"Emmett and Rosalie went into town to get a few things but they'll be back soon. They had come up to say good-bye to Edward and decided to stay for a few days. They'll be shocked when they see you two here."

I smiled, Emmett could make anyone smile despite the situation, I just hoped he could still manage to do that when his brother just left for Iraq. Rosalie was one of the prettiest girls I had ever met in my life. Her blonde hair reached below her shoulders and her eyes could pierce a hole through anyone if they pissed her off. It's no wonder Emmett fell in love with her and married her. Jasper was in Miami for a business trip and I knew that added to Alice's bad mood because she was always a little irritable when he was gone. I remember the day they got married and she went from Alice Cullen to Alice Whitlock and she was as happy as a clam. She loved him with all her heart and I knew having him gone and Edward leave was just as hard on her as it was on me. We had been friends since I moved to Forks my junior year and it hurt her when I was upset too. I would have to keep reminding myself that when she was around I needed to be strong for not only myself but for her as well.

"Bella is that little, clumsy Bella?" I heard a smack and Rose's hand came in contact with his chest, "Sorry Rose, but she knows I'm only joking." She shook her head and looked at me.

"Sorry Bella, he never grows up."

I laughed as Esme cleared her throat, "Why don't we all go out back by the fire pit and talk for a while?"

We all agreed knowing how much Esme loved being involved in our lives and as we were heading out back my phone vibrated wildly in the large pockets of the sweatpants. I pulled it out and came across an unidentified number. Alice looked back at me and I told her to give me a minute and went back in the house and walked up the stairs to Edward's bedroom and shut the door behind me. The sight of his room brought on a new round of tears I tried to choke back as I opened the phone.


"Bella," My heart picked up its pace and my eyes threatened to spill over.

"Edward? Is that really you?"

I heard him laugh on the other end of the line, "Yes Bella, it's really me. How have you been?"

"Horrible, I miss you. How long are you going to be over there?"

"A year, far too long for me to maintain sanity away from you."

I smiled as more tears filled my eyes, "You know what I was thinking about earlier?"

"Not a clue, but will you tell me?"

"Yes I will. I was thinking about our first date after Alice and I stopped and ate there. I still wear that bracelet every day. Then I was thinking about when I heard about my mom and our first kiss and the first time I told you that I love you."

"I haven't been able to keep my mind of you. I was thinking about the first time I met you, when Alice introduced us and you thought I hated you. You were very wrong about that you know that right?"

"I do now, but at the time I didn't. Has it been twelve months yet?"

"Not yet, but it will pass by quick. As soon as I get home we can plan the wedding, I promise. I can't wait to be able to call you my wife. I love you, Bella."

"Not yet, but it will pass by quick. As soon as I get home we can plan the wedding, I promise. I can't wait to be able to call you my wife. I love you, Bella."

"Not yet, but it will pass by quick. As soon as I get home we can plan the wedding, I promise. I can't wait to be able to call you my wife. I love you, Bella."

"Not yet, but it will pass by quick. As soon as I get home we can plan the wedding, I promise. I can't wait to be able to call you my wife. I love you, Bella."

"I love you too, Edward."

"I have to go, but I'll call you as soon as I can and I'll write you a letter."

"I'll be waiting. But when I talk to you I won't say good-bye, good-bye makes it seem like I'll never see you again but I will. So instead I'm going to say until then." He laughed, "Until then Edward."

"Until then, love." I heard the line click on the end just as a soft knock came at the door.

"Come in." Alice cracked open the door and when she saw me crying again her face fell and she rushed over and sat on the bed beside me. "Don't worry. Yes they are sad tears, there will be a lot of them this next year Alice, but these are also happy tears."


"I just got off the phone with Edward."

"What? Why didn't you tell me?"

"Because when I came up here I didn't know it was him. When I figured out it was him though I got lost in the moment and just wanted to keep talking to him."

I could tell she wished she could have said hello but she shook it off quickly, "Bella come on, Rose and Emmett have something they want to tell us but they said we all have to be there." I got up and followed her retreating footsteps as she ran ahead of me. I wiped the tears from my cheeks and took a deep breath, putting my best face forward before stepping out into the night air and walking towards the fire.