Title: The Innocence of Herons
Day/Theme: 9/21) antebellum innocence
Series: post FE10
Character/pairing: Naesala/Leanne
Rating: PG-13. Naesala's default rating!
Author's Note: Comment_Fic: Naesala/Leanne, he'd soil her just by touching her


Leanne was as pure as newly fallen snow, she was pristine and beautiful and by some happenstance she loved him. He didn't need Heron empathy to see how her eyes shone when he came to call to the court and took orders from the bird king, or hear the Heron songs she sung about him, ones traditionally of love and courtship. He saw every overture and kept a certain distance.

Reyson always pursed his lips, and gave him a very meaningful glance. look all you want, but don't touch.

And he followed that direction. She deserved some strong brave man who didn't have the history of a twice traitor to stain him. Someone who would be able to sing back those chants without feeling trapped and nervous. So he kept his distance and tried to listen to other birdsongs, other than the pained, lover's courting Gladr that she sang around him.

Of course, staying away from her would be much easier if she wasn't almost as strong-willed as Reyson. Even keeping to his quarters with hypothetical headaches didn't work.

She didn't even bother to knock, just slipped in as quiet as snowfall. Her hair was golden in the lamplight, and he was drawn to her in a way that neared bewitchment. Ravens loved gold. No wonder he'd always had a thing for Herons.

"You don't like me?" she said, with a gaze so sad he felt something wince inside him. (He had a feeling the look was orchestrated for just that feeling.)

"I like you, but I also like living. Your brother has made it clear that to continue living, I should keep my hands off."

She clucked her tongue in disapproval, and came a little bit closer.

"We could run away...Just the two of us...." she said, low and suggestive. Her innocent expression never changed as her hand traced up his chest.

"Yes, the last living Heron girl and a notorious traitor. We'll be perfectly inconspicuous. When we're caught, Tibarn would shred me in two and eat my entrails and make a necklace of my spine, and Reyson would scatter the bones," Naesala said.

"I will protect you," she replied.

"I'm flattered, but Herons aren't known for their battle skills. Really, why would you want a cunning and handsome raven with blood on his hands?"

Even when trying to dissuade him Naesala couldn't talk ill of himself. He kept on trying to think of bad things, and all he could come off with was too smart for his own good and so sexy it hurts and really wears those clothes well.

"...Was that supposed to discourage me?"

"It was an attempt. Let's see..what would your brother say. 'I would soil you'."

She took his hand and lead to slowly, slowly to her breast.

"Maybe I want to be soiled," she said.

Naesala's eyes widened as he felt the swelling of her soft curves, and the gradual hardening of her nipple beneath his fingers. This was incidentally, the second time he'd found a Heron to be not nearly as innocent as they'd seem.

"We could start the Heron race again. When I'm with child, Reyson and Tibarn will have to allow you to be my husband...."

That was moving a bit fast, and if any other girl had mentioned marriage he'd probably have flown out no matter how good their breasts felt. But Leanne was special, and somehow he'd always knew she'd be the one to catch him. She smiled, and her voice was as rich as honey and just as sweet.

When she put an offer that way, how ever was he to refuse?