Title: That One Time Where Cloud Got Stalked By A Chocobo
Series: FFVII
Character/Pairing: Cloud, Tifa, Chocobo
Rating: PG

A/N: comment_fic: Any Final Fantasy, Chocobo + cast, curious chocobo is curious


The Chocobo had followed him all week. Every time he looked back, he'd see it, chirping and looking at him hopefully. Cloud really wasn't used to being stalked by Chocobos, especially ones that snuck in the inn and tried to sneak into bed with him. All his Chocobo affairs had been strictly aloof, it was Aerith who had been into snuggling and petting them and calling them Goldie and Snookums. He just guided them where to go and left the care to others.

He couldn't really figure out why this one in particular had taken a liking to him. He certainly hadn't encouraged this Chocobo's curiosity. Especially when it'd barged into his shower and made cooing noises at him.

So Cloud did the only thing he could when things got strange: he asked Tifa. She was out near the stables, throwing punches to the air. She never went halfway on her training wether it was hand-to-hand combat or serving drinks.

Tifa smiled when she caught sight of him and tightened her gloves.


He looked behind. It was still following him.

"Something up?"

She looked from him to the Chocobo stalker. She raised an eyebrow.

"Someone has an admirer."

"What?" he said.

Tifa chuckled. "Isn't it obvious? Your hair looks just like a Chocobo. He's in love with you."

She cuffed his shoulder affectionately. The Chocobo gave an indignant squawk and quickly ran towards them. When it was close enough, the Chocobo promptly began to nuzzle a bit closer to him. It sent a surreptitious glare Tifa's way, but only when Cloud gave her a pained help I'm being molested by a Chocobo look.

"So you better get a haircut, unless you want to be his girlfriend."

Cloud ran his hands through his hair. This was almost as bad as the time he'd had to wear a pink dress.