Of Wolves and Wizards

By ChaoticTeacup

Twilight/Wizards of Waverly Place crossover

Rating: PG13 currently. Subject to change.

Summary: When Alex gets dragged along to Juliet's family reunion, she thinks being stuck with her brother and his sappy girlfriend is the worst thing that could happen. Sorry Alex, welcome to Forks, Washington! Vampires, Wizards, and Werewolves, Oh My!

Disclaimer: Isn't it obvious?

Notes: My vampires, werewolves, and wizards are based on a combination of Twilight, Wizards of Waverly Place, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Harry Potter. I'll reveal things as I go. But for basics, my Vampires don't have magic, they can take naps but don't need it, they can eat food but don't need too, and they're a less powerful than Meyer's undefeatable creations. That will be revealed later. My werewolves…will be revealed. And my Wizards…you'll see. I don't do authors notes in the text so if you need any clarification, check the top and bottom for notes.

"Why can't we take the flying carpet?" Alex whined, sitting in the sub shop while her parents and older brother were double and triple checking the bags. Alex, Harper, and Max were sitting around a table looking bored out of their minds.

"Washington is just too far Alex, Our family carpet isn't built for that distance" Her father, Jerry, answered, falling into his lecture mode. Alex rolled her eyes and grumbled.

"I hate airplanes. Human transport is such a waste of time"

"Listen here young lady," Alex sighed as her mom joined her husband in lecture mode "When I was growing up I didn't even KNOW about flying carpets, WE used planes and busses and taxies, and we were thankful!"

"Dear?" Jerry tentatively caught her attention, not wanting to set his wife into a bad mood. "You sound like your mother."

A look of horror quickly took over Theresa's face quickly replaced by smug humor. She laughed and pushed Jerry a bit. "Don't even joke about that"

Justin and Alex shot each other a look.

The front door of the sub shop opened and Juliet came in rolling a suitcase behind her. She parked her bags next to Justin's and pecked him on the cheek smiling.

"Annoying Twit and Twinkle toes are finally reunited, will wonders never cease?" Alex commented and she and Max gagged a bit. Juliet sent her a look that Alex scoffed at and they lapsed into silence.

"So why do you have to go to this anyway?" Harper's question made Alex thump her head against the table and a mumbled "ehwztrynawtufinkabaotit"

"Alex? Are you talking to the table?"

"Dude, Sweet! I wanna try!" Max suddenly smashed his head into the table but quickly rebounded clutching his forehead "Oww...seems like it doesn't want to talk"

"I said, I was trying not to think about it" Alex ignored her younger brother's

"Well why didn't you just say that?"

"...I did"

"Oh right you did, well anyway"

Juliet and Justin rolled their eyes while Max rubbed his bruised forehead.

With a pained look Alex adopted the tone she always used when repeating someone else's rules that she didn't agree with, "Juliet is having a family reunion and Justin's to chicken to go alone"

Justin jumped in with the rest, "We wanted to introduce the whole family but we thought we'd just start with Alex." He grinned at Juliet and she gave him a shy smile.

"Oh gag me" Alex looked even sicker. "I just don't understand why I have to go with JUSTIN and his GIRLfriend, can't Max go??"

"Maybe you'll me a hot vampire! Like Lestat" Harper suggested happily.

"Uh...yeah Harper, we went over this already. Real Vampire, Book Vampire. Lestat doesn't exist."

"Oh but I wish he did" Harper's eyes were practically turning into hearts as she sighed.

"Oh please." she huffed. "Not only to I prefer my men alive. But I don't think I'll ever be as simpering and pathetic as you fools in love." Alex folded her arms across her chest. Theresa looked torn and walked over to her daughter, touching her on her shoulder.

"Why do you say that honey? There's no reason you wouldn't fall in love, What about Dean? You guys were so cute together"

While mentioning Dean had hit a bit of a sore spot, Alex didn't let it show. "Mom dearest, as an evil genius it's my job to show the world the truly diabolical qualities of a completely logical mind." she smiled and hugged herself "Y'know I really love being me"

Juliet looked at her and smirked, but kept her opinions to herself.

"Now don't forget" Jerry got the attention of his wayward children with practiced ease. "While visiting Juliet's...family, you must keep these on" He handed Justin and Alex small bracelet's and told them to put them on. The instant the red material settled on her wrist, Alex almost let out a gasp of pain as the bracelets almost literally burned an intricate design into her flesh. Unfortunately for Justin, he wasn't so smooth and did in fact let out a girlish squeal.

"What the hell was that?!" his voice hiked several pitches and he looked a bit pale.

"Just a precaution. You'll be staying with Juliet's...kind, and this device taps into the basic pulse of your magic and makes you....well inedible"

"So it's like the mayonnaise of the Vampire world?"

Everyone turned to look at Harper. She just shrugged and muttered "...I always said hold the mayo...I thought everyone knew that"

Three hours and a boring wait through airline security later, Justin, Juliet, and Alex were taking off from New York City Airport. Alex had the window seat and was watching everything get teeny tiny. In her mind she was engaging in Godzilla like fantasies and the lady sitting in front of her was quite sure she heard something along the lines of "crunch crunch rawwwr and everybody screams....nooooo Alexzilla stomps everything in sight"

A couple hours later Alex had gotten bored. She'd moved her seat back and forth, reclining it as far as it could go, turned the air on and off and on and off and flickered the lights. She'd called the harried flight steward over at least 6 times and had watched as much as the in flight programming as she could take.

Finally deciding to engage her companions in conversation she turned to Justin and Juliet only to realize that her brother, perfect as always, was using the flight to 'adjust to the jetlag'. Basically he was asleep.

Juliet however smiled at her encouragingly.

"Umm...Juliet? So...about Forks ...your extended family lives there, but is it really different from New York?"

"It's....as you say, 'bumblefuck' Washington. Not much goes on there."

Alex sighed, 'figures the parents would send me somewhere totally lame'.

"Is there anything to do there?"

".....I think it would be best if you discovered it yourself." Juliet said evasively. However, unlike her brothers, Alex was skilled in reading people, even 2000 plus year old people.

"I'm going to be bored out of my mind." It wasn't a question, it was a statement.

"I didn't say that" But her words and her tone were contradictory.

"You were thinking it. Great...dullsville" Alex turned back to the window intent on ignoring Juliet for the rest of the ride. She was annoyed that even Juliet admitted there was nothing to do in Forks. Alex was still engaging in her internal rant when Juliet interrupted her thoughts.

"I fully trust in your ability to find something to do." Alex looked a little taken aback and confused, but Juliet continued before she could say anything. "While most people might get bored, you have always amazed me with your ability to make anything fun. So I wouldn't worry."

Alex started to laugh and Juliet just stared at her. "We'll see, we'll see. Anyway tell me about your family. I'll need blackmail material if we're going to be staying with them"

When they arrived in San Francisco, Justin was shocked to see his sister staying quiet, in fact it always seemed like she was deep in thought. Alex being deep in thought was never good for anyone, he shuddered. He was about to call her on it when Juliet tugged his arm and pointed. "Gate 91, we need to go that way."

As they sat down outside the terminal to wait, Juliet excused herself to 'powder her nose'. Justin was getting the feeling that something was wrong.

"Does she seem nervous to you?" He was still watching the door to the women's bathroom. Alex rolled her eyes.

"Dude, you are so blind. I can't believe how dumb you are sometimes." She was rifling through her bag trying to find something.

"I am not! I got full marks last semester!" He finally turned to her looking somewhat affronted.

"Yeah yeah...Justin the school geek" She was still looking through her bag; finally giving up she sat back and looked at him. Taking pity she decided to help explain. "Remember how much you freaked out about introducing her to your family? It's probably like that."

Justin looked a little shocked, his look shifting to thoughtful as he began to understand.

"Anyway, Justin. I need to borrow your WizWeb netbook, I can't find mine"

"You shrunk all of your wizard gear, it's in your coin purse" Justin answered absently, still thinking about his girlfriend's nerves.

"Oh right" The clicking of the buttons on her WizWeb broke his concentration.

"Alex! We're in public! Put that away."

Without looking up Alex continued tapping away "Relax bro, it looks like a laptop, no one is gunna think it's something else" she continued typing in silence. After a few minutes Justin's curiosity got the better of him.

"What are you doing?"

She raised a well defined eyebrow and looked at him over the top her of 'laptop'.

"I mean...why are you using that?" He always got antsy when she stared at him intently, like she was thinking of how best to cook him for dinner. Ironic since his girlfriend was the cannibalistic one. Waiting patiently for Alex to deem him worthy of response he twiddled his thumbs a bit.

"Her brother's a mind reader." She stated bluntly then went back to typing.

"WHAT?!" Justin hadn't really known what he was expecting her to say, but that was definitely not it. His mind instantly started going over all the information he'd read on mind readers, which was sadly not very much.

"I don't want someone poking about in my brain; I thought I would see what we could do."

"...we?" Justin was still thrown for a loop but he had the presence of mind to note that she had mentioned them working together.

"Unless you want the entire family knowing all your naughty thoughts about your darling girlfriend" The comment caused Justin's face to instantly heat up, his eyes getting big.

"But we...I...we never...but ....ALEX!!"

"Relax dumbass, I'm not gunna expose your deep dark secrets. But I must admit the foot fetish is a little boring, try something more exciting, like bondage maybe." At this point, Justin's eyeballs were about the size of saucers. Hearing his little sister say the word bondage had just about exploded his mind.

"Look just help me with this. From what it says here we can't actually block a mind reader from reading our minds. That's something you're born with or develop over time." She was reading aloud from the article she had found on Wizweb. "We can however..." she glanced back to the article "Put up a disturbance, like a mental noise shield. There's a spell..."

She was interrupted by Juliet's returning. Quietly she closed the netbook and jabbed the shocked Justin in the ribs with her elbow. When he didn't do anything she decided to do what she did best, and took control of the situation.

"Hey Juliet, could you watch the bags? Justin and I really need to...get something to eat. Isn't that right JUSTIN?" She ribbed him again and he shook his head like he was coming out of a dream.

"Umm yeah! Really hungry. Super hungry. Mmm food." He allowed Alex to quickly lead him away and out of sight. She continued to drag him until they were situated in an alcove inside one of the duty free airport stores. He didn't even protest when she quietly muttered a silencing spell on the area.

"Okay so this spell..." He finally got it together and looked at her reopened netbook. "It won't block really really strong mental outbursts, whatever that means, but it will shield most of our thoughts."

"How did you find out he was a mind reader?" Justin apparently wasn't as up to speed as she had thought and she quickly explained about her earlier conversation with Juliet.

"Anyway, back to the spell. The blank in the second line is apparently where you fill in something like a sound. Since we don't want to be too suspicious I thought we'd fill in with Max and Harper. The spell states that to be the most convincing you should chose someone you're close too. If we were always projecting music or whatever I think he'd suspect" Handing over the netbook she let Justin look it over quickly.

"It seems that should we need to, we can recast it whenever we want..." His comment earned him a sly smirk from his sister and he mentally felt very very sorry for whoever this mindreading vampire was. "Alright, let's do this." They took out their wands and faced the wall, blocking their activities from any of the other shoppers. Justin counted to three and they both recited

"Mind readers beware when you come near

Only Max's Thoughts are what you'll hear"

"Mind readers beware when you come near

Only Harper's Thoughts are what you'll hear"

The familiar feeling of magic bubbled beneath his skin and he felt the spell fall over them and take effect. He shook himself slightly and turned to his sister, seeing her similar reaction. "Alright, back to Juliet?"

"You can go, I'm getting some French fries" and with that, Alex walked off in the direction of McDonalds.

~~~~To be continued