Of Wolves and Wizards

By ChaoticTeacup

Twilight/Wizards of Waverly Place/Stick It crossover

Rating: TEEN AND UP. Currently Subject to change.

Disclaimer: Sweet Dreams Toots

NOTE: Hey people. Spose its been….awhile.


Leah got up and excused herself to the restroom. Looking in the mirror while she washed her hands she sighed. She really wasn't that bad looking, she thought, it was a pity no one seemed to appreciate it. Taking stock she had to admit the hours of patrol and 'Wolfy Activities,' as Embry called them, did wonders for her physique. Her muscles were toned, her stomach flat, she really couldn't complain. Her gaze narrowed to her hips. Except that.

That would always bother her.

When she had first shifted she had been overjoyed. She felt like she had found her place. She could be one of the boys, and she could finally be treated as an equal by her boyfriend Sam.

'Cuz that worked out' she thought bitterly.

The day she had been told by the doctors that she was effectively sterile had been hard. Her cousin Emily had taken her since the specialist was in her home town of Seattle. She'd been in shock on the drive home, and Emily had been forced to manhandle her into the house, which was when she had met Sam as he came to see how Leah was faring after the appointment.

It had effectively been the worst day of her life, to date anyway, she thought bitterly. Things could always get worse, that day had taught her that.

Being told she could never have children, losing her boyfriend to her cousin, and coming to the realization that if imprinting was about producing children, she would never be able to partake in that unique joy - it had been a really terrible day. No wonder she was still bitter about it, even years later. Granted, she thought to herself, checking her panty lines in the mirror, Sam hadn't exactly been considerate of her feelings after their breakup. At least he and Emily had left to visit her family and wouldn't be back for several more days.

Sighing, Leah decided to get back to the group. She was curious about Jacob's cousin, hoping that the girl wouldn't be too irritating. Leah didn't think she could put up with another Kim.

Coming back to the group she noticed the tall brunette and mentally snorted. Of course any cousin of Jacob's would be tall. The girl looked athletic and her style was laid back and comfortable. Promising, Leah thought to herself, noticing that the girl's nails had chipped dark blue nail polish on them. Maybe she could include Jacob's cousin in their perpetual broken hearts club.

Walking up to the group she pulled a smile onto her face, jogging back to the group.

"You have no idea how far the nearest bathroom is. I swear it's a different zip code. Anyway..." She looked at Jacob expectantly, waiting to be introduced. She was tired of referring to the girl as 'Jacob's hot cousin' in her mind. Wait... Hot? Where did that come from?

"Haley, this is Leah. Leah this is my very flexible cousin Haley"

Very Flexible? Leah snorted, a smirk pulling at her lips as she held out her hand, intending to ask just HOW flexible the girl was. Haley took her hand and Leah noticed that her hands were covered in calluses. She looked up to ask, when she was struck by the girl's hazel eyes. Leah felt herself falling.

She ran. Emotions crashed over her and she bolted. She didn't notice leaving the airport or bolting across the car park until she heard the crunch of leaves under her feet. Without even checking to see if anyone was watching she shifted. Her clothes were torn to shreds as her body changed and the pieces scattered across the ground, blowing into the parking lot. She would later bemoan the loss of her favorite panties, but at that moment she didn't care. Thoughts rushed through her head faster than she could track them. Fear, shock, and an undeniable sense of longing plagued her as she ran away, hazel eyes haunting her.

Embry caught up easily to Quil and Paul, his sleek form faster than the other boys more burly bodies.

'Caught her scent?' he asked through the pack link, brushing Quil's side fondly as he passed him.

'Pshh...Of course. A penguin could follow her scent right now' Paul snorted.

'Oh be nice' Quil deliberately shoved the larger wolf in the side, causing Paul to stumble and fall behind.

'What'd you have to go and do that for?' He whined, as the other two sped off into the distance. Rolling his eyes as best he could in his current form, Paul got back up and began running after them, but he was never as fast as the other two and ended up lagging behind. Twenty minutes later he caught the scent of something far more interesting than his fellow pack members and veered off course.

Paul was going Vampire Hunting.