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Brennan and Angela both reclined in their hospital beds. The door opened and they both sat up and smiled at each other as two bassinettes were wheeled into the room. One was wheeled to Angela and the other to Brennan. The nurses scooped up the tiny bundles and placed them in their mother's arms. Both babies were hungry and immediately began rooting around for their dinner and fussing. Each mother bared a breast and offered it to her daughter and smiled over at her best friend as their babies began to suckle. Their daughters had been born in the same room within seven minutes of each other the night before and Angela said it was because they already knew that they were going to be best friends for life and were anxious to meet each other.

When Angela and Brennan had discovered that they were pregnant within one day of each other and had the same due date, Angela had placidly insisted that the babies would be born at the same time and told Hodgins to fix it so she and Brennan could be in the same room when their daughters were born. Hodgins had been skeptical, as had Brennan. Booth had reserved judgment. When ultrasounds verified that both women were carrying girls, Hodgins had donated enough money to the hospital to build a new wing to get Angela what she wanted.

Brennan had been reaching for the phone to call Angela and tell her that Booth was taking her to the hospital when the phone rang. It was Angela and she was on her way to the hospital. They arrived within minutes of each other and were wheeled into a labor room that had been equipped especially for them, but, hey, when you donate 10 million dollars to something you deserve a few perks.

Angela's daughter, Chloe, was born first. Hodgins at her side holding one hand and the other hand stretched out and holding Brennan's as she lay in the other bed clutching Booth's hand. Her daughter, Morgan, was born seven minutes later. The night of the babies' births, the nurse had come in and told Brennan and Angela that there might be a problem with the babies. They could not get them to stop crying in the nursery, they had been crying for hours. Brennan panicked but Angela told the nurse to bring them in. The nurse didn't like it but she brought the babies in while they waited on the doctor to come in and examine them. They were screaming their heads off.

Angela told the nurse to put them in the same bassinette. The nurse was scandalized and refused saying that it wasn't sanitary to put them in the same bassinette. Angela had snapped at the woman to get out and transferred Chloe to Morgan's bassinette, telling Brennan that the play date tonight was at Morgan's but they would use Chloe's for the next play date. Angela unwrapped the girls and scooted them close to each other. They quieted instantly, snuggling together and closing their eyes. When the doctor came in, he declared them perfectly healthy and wrote orders for them to share a bassinette on demand. Angela smirked and the nurse glared at her. Brennan looked at Angela in awe, asking her how she knew they wanted to be with each other. Angela had complacently replied, "They're our daughters, Bren."

Booth and Hodgins were ecstatic with their daughters, praising them and their wives lavishly. The next morning six dozen red roses arrived for each woman from their respective husbands. The two couples had grown incredibly close over the last three years and were as proud of each other's child as they were their own. Parker was also ecstatic when he found out that he was finally going to be a big brother. He was a little disappointed when he found out the baby was a girl, but his heart melted when he saw her for the first time and Brennan and Booth both fought back tears as their son held his baby sister and promised to always look out for her because that's what big brothers do.

Not everything over the last three years had been easy for either couple. Hodgins and Angela had a harder time adjusting to married life that Booth and Brennan because they were already together almost 24/7 and little things had gotten so blown out of proportion that they had almost split a couple of times in the first 18 months. Their best friends had helped them sit down and talk things out and saved their marriage. Booth and Brennan's problems were a little more complicated. They had been split up as partners. That they had actually expected and were more or less prepared for. It was the curve ball that the FBI threw their way that caused problems.

The Bureau considered Brennan a valuable asset and wanted to keep her happy. Although they were adamant about splitting her and Booth up, they offered to assign her another partner or she could assign one of her interns to do the field work and supervise the cases from the lab and Booth would remain as the liaison between the Jeffersonian and the FBI. Brennan hadn't wanted to give up her field work and Booth didn't want her in the field with anyone but him. He just didn't trust anyone else to protect her. It was a very difficult decision for Brennan. Even though she loved Booth more every day, she rebelled when Booth ordered her to stay in the lab where she belonged. She had finally decided that Booth's peace of mind was more important to her than continuing to work in the field, but it had taken them quite some time to work through the feelings of resentment caused by the episode.

They had barely reached an even keel from this when their second big issue came up. Brennan's presence had been requested in Guatemala by the State Department. A mass grave containing over 200 bodies at first count had been discovered and the currently reigning regime had requested assistance in excavation and identification of the genocide victims.

Brennan didn't even think of refusing and was shocked when Booth threw a hissy fit. She calmly explained her reasons for going. He not so calmly yelled that it was too dangerous and she wasn't going. He knew it was a stupid thing to say the instant it left his mouth, but it was how he felt and he was too stubborn to take it back. They didn't speak for two days. The morning of the third day, the day that she was scheduled to leave, she told him that this was not just part of her job, that doing this, giving those victims' identities and returning them to their families was part of who she was and she wouldn't change it if she could. She told him that she was sorry he didn't understand but she would see him in two weeks when she got home.

She was angry at his pug headedness as she had inaccurately pegged it, but she was crushed that he hadn't known how important her work with genocide victims was to her after all their time together. If he hadn't known something so basic, what had their partnership really been about? Was she just fooling herself that she could have a forever with anyone, even Booth?

Booth saw the sadness and doubt in her eyes as she walked out the door with her suitcases so she could go from the Jeffersonian to the airport this afternoon and avoid a lot of traffic. He hadn't even told her he loved her, he realized with shame. He knew that he had reacted like a jerk and been an even bigger jerk about backing down. If he didn't watch it, he was going to drive away the best thing that had ever happened to him. How the hell was he going to fix this? He hadn't changed his mind. He thought it was too dangerous for her to be where she was going. Then go with her. He stopped in his tracks as the solution came to him. He grabbed his phone and sprinted out the door. He had a lot to get done in a few hours.

He met her at the airport. She thought he had come to say goodbye and the joy on her face at seeing him made him ashamed. He had hurt the woman that he had promised to protect from hurt for the rest of his life and it broke his heart that she was so willing to forgive him. They fell into each other's arms, apologizing and holding tight to one another. They learned a lot from this. Brennan agreed to limit her adventures and Booth went with her when she went out of the country. So far, that was working for them.

The only other real issue they'd had, oddly enough, was Chris. Brennan and Angela had tackled finding an appropriate companion for their dad with more than enthusiasm. They were organized, methodical and scary as hell. Booth thought that the two of them could easily take over a small, third world country with very few men if they were in charge of the military. They screened and rescreened candidates and discarded any that had less than a 95% probability of being compatible with Chris.

The problem came up when they brought Booth a list of 31 names and demanded that he do background checks on all of the women so they could weed out any undesirables without Chris having to meet them. Actually, Angela had demanded. Brennan had asked nicely and given him a tantalizing incentive to cooperate, but he'd had to say no. Neither woman had been particularly understanding and he had been treated to melodrama from Angela and the cold shoulder from Brennan for a full week, before they suddenly returned to normal.

Suspicious, he and Hodgins had requested an explanation (thank goodness, the girls had actually been able to teach them that demanding gets you nowhere by now). Angela happily explained that since Booth wouldn't help them they had hired people who would. Hodgins had scoffed and told the women that it would take a private detective forever to check out 31 women. Brennan had politely responded that it was a good thing that they hadn't hired one private detective to check out all the woman. They had hired one private detective per woman, a total of thirty-one in all, it was more efficient that way. Booth and Hodgins were flabbergasted. Brennan and Angela told them to butt out and they did.

The private detectives followed each woman for a full month before Angela and Brennan were satisfied that they had enough data. They easily discarded 12 women and then started scheduling dates for Chris. The man never knew what hit him. He went on date after date and was required to check in with the girls after each one so they could gather more data to further determine the couple's compatibility. Booth and Hodgins felt sorry for Chris. Not sorry enough to interfere and risk the wrath of Brennan and Angela but sorry nonetheless. After several months of this (eight to be precise), Chris had begun to look for his own dates out of sheer self preservation. Luckily, within the month, he met a very nice woman at the bar he liked to go to occasionally and they hit it off. Her name was Julie Sharp and she was very into Chris until she saw Angela and Brennan at his apartment one day. Then she ran for her life. She remembered these two crazy women and wanted nothing to do with anyone associated with them.

It took Chris two months to convince Julie that Brennan and Angela weren't mentally unstable and get her to go out with him again. He had kept the three women apart for several months until he was sure that he and Julie were going to work out, and then introduced them to his fiancé. To his and Julie's surprise, they were very happy for them. All they wanted was for him to be happy. They did hire a private detective to follow Julie but since he didn't find anything and they didn't get caught, they thought it best not to share this little tidbit. Chris and Julie had been married for almost eighteen months and were thrilled to be double grandparents at one time.

Brennan pulled her adoring gaze from her daughter as the door to their room opened and visitors started filing in. Booth, Hodgins, Chris, Julie, Sweets, Carolyn Julian. She looked over at Angela and they shared one of their silent messages. For two little girls that had lost almost everyone and everything that was important to them, they had a lot of special people in their lives and a lot of love in their hearts. They had chosen their own fates and no matter what happened from here, they would be ok because they had each other and this wonderful family.