Chapter 36:

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As they silently returned to the shrine, Sesshomaru kept an arm around his mate's shoulders, his eyes drifting down to her frequently. Even though he was worried, he knew from her scent that she was simply fatigued. But that did not stop him from observing her as she leaned against him.

His beautiful mate.

He'd taken the bags she'd carried without question, sure that they were only exerting her more, and he was surprised when she did not argue. Over the past couple of weeks she had argued with him endlessly when he attempted to hover over her in such a way. Each time she would meet him head on until one of them conceded, but not this time. It only showed just how very weary she was.

When they reached the steps of the shrine he lifted her into his arms, grocery bags and all, and leapt to the top to land gracefully on his feet. Kagome didn't make a sound.

He set her down once more, due to the awkwardness of his cargo, and walked behind her as she trudged along - For the way that she was walking could not be described as anything else but trudging.

When they entered the house he watched as she toed her shoes off and wandered into the kitchen. She leaned heavily against the counter, her head leaning forward to rest on her folded arms as her eyes closed.

"Kagome? Are you alright?" Her mother stood from her chair at the table, her tea now forgotten. Her brows were furrowed in worry and the Inu lord could sympathize. No doubt this behavior from her normally exuberant daughter would be troubling.

Kagome said nothing coherent in reply, merely shrugging and mumbling as she turned and left the room to slowly ascend the stairs.

Mouth set in a grim line, the Inu gently set the bags next to the others and bowed his head slightly to the woman that came to stand before him.

"I apologize, but her energies are quite drained. She forgets herself in her weariness."

A small knowing smile lit her face at his words and set him slightly on edge. He now knew where his mate inherited such an expression from.

"She's just tired?"

He hesitated, unsure of speaking of the pup just yet.


When she did nothing but bore her gaze into him he began to feel a sense of nervousness.

Only a sense, of course. No being made him nervous and certainly not a powerless human woman.

Finally, she nodded and turned to the bags on the ground.

"I'll take care of these, you can go with Kagome if you like."

"I thank you." He turned and went to Kagome's room. Their room. When he opened the door he knew what he would find, and he did not think twice about joining his mate in slumber. He allowed his normal appearance to slip back into place as he moved forward.

She hummed lightly when he crawled into the bed beside her and turned into his welcoming embrace.

"Night, Sessh," she murmured, already half asleep.

"Goodnight, Kagome."

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The next two weeks went by slowly, but it was a relaxing slowness for the most part. Kagome used the time to rest, as her body demanded, and soak up all of the affection that her family held for one another. She even allowed her mate to dote on her as he was wont to do. She was never without the comforts that she required when under the care of her mate.

In return, She used the time to lavish affection on him, feeling uninhibited by the safety of her time. Each thing that he did for her was rewarded with a light kiss, a tender nuzzle, or a brush of her hand. Her soothing aura accompanied it and his own would sweep out like a blanket as if in reply.

He seemed to understand her unspoken reasoning of the safety of her time and acted in kind when they were alone; wrapping her in his arms at any given moment, bestowing kisses and tokens of affection upon her whenever he deemed it fitting. Which in truth was frequently.

This was one such moment as he reclined on the couch, on his side, with Kagome's back to his chest as she leaned into him, head resting on his bicep. The television was on, but neither of them were really watching it.

They were simply being, completely consumed in the feelings of being together so peacefully.

There had only been a few moments where Kagome would become stressed and it was all due to one human male, Hojo, that visited frequently.

He requested to see the Inu's mate every time that he visited, despite always being denied the privilege, and on more than one occasion he would try to slip into the house when he was not peering around in earnest for her.

Kagome insisted on remaining out of sight from the male, a heady nervousness filling her scent that made his claws twitch with the need to remove the problem.

He did not like this other male. He had been much too forward on their previous visit and now that they were officially mated it was even more unwelcome. The Inu in him clamored to address the issue in his own style.

By eliminating the offending male who wished to take his place.

Only being near his mate's soothing scent kept him from disemboweling the nuisance.

Arm slung across Kagome's hip Sesshomaru idly held her hand in his larger one, his thumb tracing patterns along her knuckles as he breathed deeply of her scent. Eyes half lidded, his nose tucked into her hair for a moment before resting his head back against the arm of the couch.

It was indeed lucky that her natural, calm scent was a relaxant for him. It calmed his beast quickly, and his own scent mixed with hers was a constant reminder that she was his and his alone.

And she would forever be so.

He gazed at her with a possessive grin, golden eyes keen.

Kagome's own azure eyes were closed in relaxation, lulled ears listening to the faint thumping of his heart, feeling the steadiness of it at her back. She took a deep, steady breath and relaxed further when his masculine scent filled her senses. She took such comfort from his scent. It made her feel safe. Secure.

Knowing that they were alone in the house for a time, her mother having gone shopping, her brother at school and her grandfather busy with his artifacts outside, Kagome tilted her head back and to the side, eyes opening to look to her mate with a happy warmth.

His own half-lidded eyes glimmered contentedly and slowly he lowered his face to hers and pressed his lips to her temple. Both closed their eyes at the contact and he continued a trail of warm, open-mouthed kisses down her face until he was nestled at the crook of her neck.

Slowly, deliberately, he nipped at the juncture and rumbled deep in his chest when she responded with a light, happy sigh.

As he teased the flesh at her throat with his mouth, his hand released her own to tickle the skin of her thigh. She'd taken to wearing what she called 'dresses' and he found that he approved. They allowed for great improvisation.

She giggled at his whispering touches, batting his hand away lightly.

Despite her objections he continued to rub patterns into her flesh, fingertips barely skimming the surface, and he grinned into her neck when she squirmed against him.

Such squirming only incited his attentions further.

In an attempt to trap him against the couch, she grabbed his hand by the wrist and slung her leg back and over his own. She pressed back into him with a giggle, and he allowed her to think that she was effectively caging him. He nearly laughed aloud at her attempts.

She should have known the compromising position she put herself in by spreading her long, lean legs in such a way.

When she was content that he would cease his teasing she released his wrist and he rested his hand against her belly innocently as he nipped at her ear.

He knew how wonderfully she reacted to such.

When her eyes slid closed in distraction once more, her own hand drifting up into his hair to rest at the nape of his neck, holding him close, he began to slowly trail his hand southward, a languid eagerness lacing his actions.

And then the front door opened with a loud bang and both he and Kagome jumped, eyes opening wide and hands and limbs leaving their locations for more innocent ones.

Her grandfather ambled in with an armful of items, not even seemingly noticing them until he was beside the couch.

His gaze drifted down to them with furrowed brows, a suspicious light in his eyes.

He glanced to the TV. and then back to them, and only when he was content that they were behaving did he turn to continue on his way into the house.

A deep blush burned Kagome's cheeks but when she knew her grandfather was out of earshot she burst into light laughter and the Inu joined in with a deep, rumbling chuckle, wrapping his arm about her and pulling her close.

They relaxed into comfortable companionship once more, the daylight filtering in through the windows as if reflecting their moods.

It was not long after that that her mother returned with her purchases, a happy smile alighting her pleasant face. She greeted the two cuddling with a cheery 'Hello!' before going up to her room with her bags and disappearing from sight as the old man had.

And then soon enough Souta was home as well, plopping down on the floor in front of the couch and leaning back against it to watch TV with them.

"How's it going guys?"

He glanced back at them with a wide smile.

"Good. It was a nice day today. How was school?" answered Kagome.

"It was okay," he mumbled nonchalantly, and he continued explaining his day as the miko and Inu listened.

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The next day Kagome insisted on going out. She called it a 'date' and insisted that it was necessary for a working relationship to go out and do something that they would enjoy together.

He made several suggestions of what they could do that they would both enjoy.

Blushing madly, she refused and began listing her 'less hentai, and more modern' ideas.

They all included going out into public and despite how it irked the youkai he could not deny her what she wished.

She'd claimed that she felt shut in and he understood the feeling well. For how many times while sitting behind his desk had he longed to be out in his lands, free to wander? Too many to count.

And so he agreed with her first suggestion, knowing that it would please her.

This was how he found himself being coerced into 'shopping'.

He did not care for the activity but understood its necessity. And it seemed to please his mate greatly.

Of course, he kept his keen senses alert at all times for anything that might harm his pupped mate and an arm about her waist to show the other males that she was his. If she noticed she did not say, and it pleased him that she seemed to be more accepting of his desire to monitor her and the pup. This included carrying everything that she purchased. He would not allow her to become fatigued from carrying them herself, especially not after the last time that they ventured out to shop.

He was already carrying two bags of items that they'd purchased from a bathing supplies store as well as a 'candy' shop. Items for their pack, she'd said.

Thankfully she'd chosen soaps that were of low impact scents. She even sought his approval on them, requesting that he tell her if any were too pungent or offending to his sensitive nose. This pleased him and so he did as requested.

The candy, he was told, was for the children. This he was unsure of, knowing now from experience how very energetic Rin and the kit became when under the influence of her sweet treats from the future. He dared not refuse it though, seeing that determined look in her eyes when she had grabbed several bars of chocolate. Those, he knew, were for her.

The next shop that they ventured into was one that had his eyes widening exponentially for a moment before they returned to neutral.

For it was an entire shop full of the underclothing that his mate called lingerie.

Blinking, he looked down to said female and found her watching him with that knowing look.

She grinned somewhat wickedly and he felt his belly coil hotly in response.

"You know that set that you like, the red lace?" He nodded dully. "This is where I got them. I think I need a new set." And with that she was leading him inside though it did not take much to get him to follow.

They left nearly an hour later with an anxious male and a grinning female.

His eyes would not leave the woman before him after that, his mind already placing her in the indecent and sinful and luscious garments that she'd purchased.

In his time they did not have such things. The enticement that went along with rutting was merely a peak of flesh here and there before the layers of clothing were all removed. But this, this was something else!

This was a willful teasing, a seduction meant to intrigue and entice and make the blood boil beneath the veins even more than it did! A complete bearing of flesh, but not, leaving very little to the imagination. And imagine he did.

He admittedly had been unsure, at first, of what to think of such modern things, having been used to traditional, modest clothing. Soon enough, though, he found himself drawn to it like a moth to flame. Ever since his first glimpse of modern lingerie he was intrigued and now that he understood it he was quickly falling to its trap. To her trap.

His mate really was such a vixen.

She knew that if she teased and taunted him enough that his beast would become apparent, and while nearly all ningen found this frightening, she seemed to find it alluring and did what she could to bring it out of him.

He thoroughly enjoyed such moments.

They were full of wild abandon and her throaty, lusty cries.

The poor, poor Inu. He never stood a chance.

His guttered thoughts were quickly stamped down when he saw the adoring look in his mate's eyes, fingers toying with the sleeve of her sweater as she peered into the glass window of a shop.

He went closer and peered in as well, curious as to her reaction and immediately understood.

This shop was filled entirely with clothing and items for pups.

Seeing the question in her eyes he took hold of her hand gently and led her inside.

Almost immediately, she began to coo as she looked at nearly every item that she saw. Her hands brushed along tiny articles of clothing in adoration and he found himself warming with her happiness.

It brought another realization for him. One that he should have known sooner but had not thought on, despite her being his mate.

She was his happiness.

What pleased her, pleased him.

Intent on continuing their joint happiness, he peered about with interest.

Every few minutes he would stop to solemnly ask her about a certain item regarding its use, and she would tell him with a small smile, azure eyes already thinking on when they would need them as well. It baffled him, all of the many items.

Her time really did have every luxury that there could possibly be in regards to young. It would seem that every issue was addressed and the Inu began to wonder how the humans of her time would live if they went without what they were accustomed to. No doubt few would be able to handle the challenge.

His mate was one of the few.

While she did indeed enjoy those luxuries when she could she did not panic as soon as they were gone. She did not gripe or groan about them incessantly as he was sure most would. He was proud of her fortitude in that. She was strong.

"Sesshomaru, look at this!"

She held aloft a small garment and he saw why she did. It was of a soft white fabric and indigo crescent moons dotted the fabric sporadically. He smiled faintly at the connection.

"I'm buying it!" she announced happily as she tucked it against her side and continued browsing. "It's for nine months so we should get a lot of use out of it. If I got a smaller one the baby would grow out of it too fast," she explained with a warm smile.

He agreed with her sentiments, knowing that the pup would grow quickly.

They meandered through the store and Kagome picked up several other small items: a small hat with fabric ears attached that Kagome insisted would be cute, "Like puppy ears!", a soft pale green blanket, and a pair of little 'booties' for the pup's feet.

"We shouldn't get too much just yet," she said in a way that sounded more for herself than him, "I just can't help getting a couple of things. They're all so cute!"

He could not deny the cherubic quality of most of the items.

When they finally left the shop she was practically euphoric, glowing in her eagerness.

This made him even more content with the path their lives had taken. It was all so right.

As soon as they'd paid for their purchases Kagome dragged him out of the store insisting on ice cream. While he did not remember what this 'ice cream' was, he understood that she would want what she wanted and to argue with a pupped female on such would be foolhardy and dangerous to his well-being and sex life. So he followed along silently, ignoring the humans around him that murmured as they passed.

He found very quickly that he did not particularly care for this 'ice cream' as it was much too sweet for his tastes. Only the 'dark chocolate' flavor that his mate had picked for him was tolerable as it was less so.

He felt strangely undignified though as his tongue darted out to lazily lick up the melting concoction.

Frowning lightly, he staunchly ignored the passersbys that were staring at him. A group of young females broke out into a fit of annoying giggles as they meandered past them and he nearly growled aloud at them.

He sent a light glare at his mate as she happily sat beside him on the bench, completely oblivious to her mate's plight.

He nearly told her of his irritation but held back as he watched her.

The sight was somewhat taunting and his golden eyes narrowed in on how languidly she was consuming the treat. Her pink tongue licked up the pale cream with a lazy swipe and he once more found his thoughts dragging in the gutters. When she managed to get some of it on her cheek he saw the opportunity for what it was and grinned.

Hand reaching up, he grabbed her chin lightly and turned her to face him. She stared almost angrily for a split second but then her expression blanked as his swept his sinful tongue along her cheek, savoring the sweetness on his taste-buds combined with the scent that was purely Kagome.

She mewed lightly and he dove in for a rough kiss, dominating her lips in a way that the small woman was now very familiar with. She responded in kind, completely losing track of her surroundings and the ice cream now slowly dripping down towards her hand, losing herself in his kiss.

The fact that they were in a public place was beyond them both at this point.

Sesshomaru could feel a familiar presence coming though and growled lowly as he continued to bruise his mate's lips with fervor. She responded to the sound, free hand threading into his hair and he rumbled again with want. But even he had a bit of decorum. He began to pull away, grinning when Kagome whined in protest, pressing herself quickly to his lips once more.

His eyes slid open languidly to land on the male standing a few feet away and he gently placed his hand on his female's shoulder, pulling away completely.

"We have company, mate," he murmured lowly, for her ears only.

"Oh!" she turned quickly, and suddenly became aware of how it probably looked to others. For there she was, in public, practically in his lap as they wantonly devoured each other.

Her cheeks burned with embarrassment when she saw just who it was that had found them.


The male was glaring hatefully at the Inu, no doubt having passed off Kagome as the innocent bystander in his mind.

Of course he couldn't possibly know that she was just as sex driven as her mate.

Said Inu was grinning rather maliciously in turn, his free arm falling to wrap around his mate's waist possessively as he held her in his lap. She'd tried to pull away for the sake of modesty but he wouldn't allow it. This male needed to know exactly who she was mated to.

Kagome could think of nothing to say then, for anything like 'Hi, how are you?' would sound incredibly misplaced from where she was currently seated.

It was almost laughable.


"I see you are still seeing this-this- animal," he sneered.

"We're married, actually," Kagome interjected quickly, hoping to nip the conversation in the proverbial bud.

He seemed to choke on his anger at her words, his face actually turning an alarming shade of red as his hands fisted at his sides.

"Is that so?" His voice was rather tight, sounding forced as he spoke through his teeth.

"Yes," rumbled the Inu.

Oh how he wished to destroy the cretin. He knew though that Kagome would be quite angry with him if he went on a murderous rampage in the modern era, so he reigned it all in and chose to deal with the imbecile verbally.

"Where are your rings? I do not see any." At the paling of Kagome's features he smirked triumphantly. "Is he really so worthless that he cannot even afford to give his wife a ring?"

Worried that her mate would be bated into harming the boy, Kagome quickly spoke up, her voice turning shrill in her panic.

"It's not like that at all! Really, we just- I just-"

"The rings are being commissioned," interjected Sesshomaru smoothly, eyes looking upwards as his face remained as icy as ever. "by the finest jeweler in the country no less." His eyes met Hojo's and he grinned internally when the boy flinched at his gaze. "I expect they should be finished quite soon. The jeweler in question does, after all, work under my command."

Kagome gaped like a fish, looking between both males blankly.

"I see," Hojo muttered darkly. He stepped closer and his eyes took on a suspicious light. "You're Yakuza, aren't you. I suppose you think you have the world under your thumb and you can order everyone about as you wish."

Sesshomaru was unfamiliar with the term 'Yakuza' but the rest was quite right so he merely sneered at the boy with a raised lip.

Strangely enough the statement brought a laugh from Kagome, but she buried it against his shoulder. The boy did not notice, but Sesshomaru did.

"I see how it is, Kagome. Well, just know that when -and I mean when- this all turns into a disaster, know that you can rely on me."

She curled into Sesshomaru's chest with a smile, resting her cheek against him as he gently stroked her back with his free hand.

"Thank you, but my husband is the most reliable man that I know. He will take care of me better than anyone else ever could."

The man merely stared at them both for a moment before turning and leaving angrily, shoes hitting the tiles loudly.

Once he was out of sight Kagome sighed, the hand holding her ice cream keeping it far away as it dripped all over her hand. That idiot Hojo hadn't even noticed or cared that her poor ice cream was ruined and leaving its death all over her hand. It was a miracle that she didn't spill any on herself or Sesshomaru, but she was being careful with it.

She stood slowly, mindful of the dripping, and went to the nearest trash can a few feet away. Tossing it into the bin she sighed once more and turned to see Sesshomaru coming up behind her to toss his as well.

She held her hand before her as if it were a leper and pouted up at him.

He snorted at her demeanor, but his eyes remained warm. Having retrieved their bags he directed her to what Kagome called public bathrooms and chose a 'family' one so that they would not have to deal with others and he could accompany her.

Closing the door behind them and locking it, he set the bags on the ground and followed her as she moved to the sink.

She was rinsing her hands under the warm water when he came up behind her and wrapped his arms about her frame to wash his hands as well. She giggled at the way that he did this, not surprised in the least. But it reminded her of a certain American film, with a scene involving clay…

When their hands were sufficiently cleaned he used his larger form to push her to the paper towels and grinned when she grumbled about dominating Inus.

Being in a small confined room with her made him wish to show her just how dominating he could be in the wickedest of ways, but he held back.

Even he was not depraved enough to rut in such a…filthy room.

After their hands were clean and dry they decided to leave the mall and head home, having had enough of society for one day.

Sesshomaru couldn't agree more.

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Kagome, naturally, could not stop thinking about what Sesshomaru had said at the mall, about commissioning rings. It picked at her brain incessantly but she didn't want to ask him about it incase he was merely saying it to irritate the boy.

But she really did wish to know.

As she prepared dinner, her mother busy with the laundry, she continuously peeked over at said Inu and wondered at his neutral expressions as he read the paper before him.

She did this for several minutes before her distraction got the best of her and she sliced her finger with the small knife.

He was beside her in seconds, clawed hands removing the knife from her hold and taking up her injured hand as she hissed at the stinging.

He placed the cut and bleeding digit in his mouth as he scolded her with his pink rimmed eyes.

"Sorry," she murmured guiltily. She knew how protective he was of her now that she was pupped and needlessly worrying him was almost cruel. Not that she could help her natural clumsiness.

As his tongue caressed the wound she shivered, eyes drifting to half-mast for a moment, but she ignored it. Now was not the time.

"Hn." He released her hand from his mouth but still held it as he looked to her appraisingly. "What were you thinking of?" he finally asked.

"What do you mean?"

"You were distracted."

"Well, I suppose I was a little-"

"You were."

She huffed lightly, embarrassed.

"Alright, I was distracted."

"What by?"

"Nothing important."

"You lie. Do not think to deceive me for you know better than any that it is not possible." He was scolding her again and she was beginning to feel petulant.

"I know that, but it's not a big deal!" she whined, tugging uselessly on her hand for him to release it. He held fast, tugging her forward instead to hold her to his chest as he rumbled to calm her quickly frazzling nerves.

"Kagome." His alluring voice was low, rumbling, and he knew how quickly she fell to such things. "Tell me."

She muttered into his haori and he had to duck his head closer to hear her, surprisingly. She was speaking rather quickly.

"Repeat that?"

"I was just wondering about the rings," she murmured miserably. She still huddled into his larger frame but he pulled away, hands on her shoulders so that he could see her face.

She looked very forlorn and it bothered him.

"The rings?"

"The ones you told Hojo you had commissioned." He could tell by the way that she was ducking her head and refusing to meet his gaze that she was embarrassed by her inquiry but he could not see why that would be. She had every right to ask, after all.

"I see."

She peeked up at him from beneath her lashes and he could see the insecurity there.

Rumbling again, he brushed his thumb along her clothed shoulder in a soothing manner.

"I had indeed commissioned them. I did not think to tell you, and I apologize."

"You did?" she seemed surprised and he lifted a brow in question.

"I would not have said so had it not been true. Totosai is forging them."

She smiled then and he felt a little lighter.

"Why wouldn't you think to tell me? It's kind of important."

"I suppose it is because I had other thoughts on my mind." His hand came to rest on her belly with his words and she giggled lightly.

"Oh alright, I guess I can't fault that then."


She leaned forward and wrapped her arms around his neck, pressing a light kiss to his lips before resting her cheek against his collarbone.

"Thank you," she murmured warmly. "It means a lot to me."


She released him after a tight squeeze and continued dinner as he returned to his reading, her thoughts on more pleasant things.

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That night, as Sesshomaru lay next to his mate he focused his attentions to the pup growing inside of her, having lifted her 'shirt' gently to gaze at what he could, and was more than pleased with what he found.

The pup was growing quickly, and strongly as he'd told her. And to make matters more interesting it would seem that they were pulling from both his and Kagome's energies for strength. From what he could tell, that more than likely would mean that their child would be immune to miko energies. If this was not true the energies would be in conflict, and would have already killed the pup. Instead, the pup's aura was gentle and soothing.

This more than pleased him; this delighted him. And it amazed him.

He found a wonderment filling him as he looked to the barely noticeable bulge of her middle. His hand rubbed light circles into the taut flesh as he sent tendrils of his aura to comfort them. When the pup responded, his eyes glanced up to his mate.

Kagome took no notice as she slept, only smiling lightly in her resting.

The child's answer in kind was a light pulse of their aura, barely noticeable, and he marveled at it. So strong, so soon.

It wasn't a guarantee but he had a strong feeling that the child would make a leap in growth that very night, as it had just when they'd first found out, and he wondered at his mate's reaction. He knew that it was all very strange for her and he did not hold it against her, because she was trying to be welcoming to it.

It comforted him to think that she was already a good mother figure to their adopted children.

Just as he was thinking on the growth of their child Kagome's face broke into a deep frown as she slept, and she gasped lightly. He watched as her lashes fluttered before slowly opening with a pained wince. She curled in on herself a little as she turned to him.


When she winced again and wrapped her arms around her middle, he wrapped an arm around her and pulled her into him, thrumming deeply to comfort her.

"It will pass."

"What's going on?" her strained voice drifted to his ears and she hissed in pain. "Kami it hurts!"

He knew this. He could feel her pain through their connection.

Despite knowing what was happening his instincts drove him to panic. He fought it down, his nose burying in her hair to calm himself and reassure himself that she was fine. A youkai female would not be effected so and would take it in stride, but Kagome was ningen and pain was much more acute for her kind. He could not change that. All that he could do was hold her and comfort her.

"What's happening?" she asked again as a sharp pain racked her body.

"The pup has reached a growth spurt. It will be painful, but it will not last long."

"So the baby's okay?"

"Hn. The pup is fine. If anything, the quickness of its growth signifies it's strength."

Kagome sighed deeply before another spasm rocked her body and she curled further into herself.

"Ah-ah!" her breaths came out in pained gasps as she tried to speak. "H-how many times-" she paused and then began again. "How many times is this going to happen?"

He ran a hand over her back as he nuzzled her cheek.

"There are roughly five more moons before the child should be healthy enough and of the correct growth to come. In that time the child will more than likely have three more growth spurts."

"Th-three more times?!" Her hands grasped the front of his clothing as she looked up at him in slight panic. When another pain came she bit into his shirt to keep from crying out as her body stretched to accommodate the pup and he said nothing but sent his reassurances to her through their bond.

After a few moments she calmed, save for a light panting, and he could tell that the pains were over.

"After this they should be of shorter duration. It is the first true growth that is the more difficult one."

"Thank kami," she murmured as she lay back in exhaustion, resting her head in the nook of his shoulder and chest, his arm wrapped about her.

She leaned her cheek into him as she breathed deeply for a few moments, her hand coming to rest on her stomach.

Her eyes opened slowly and she looked down to the now impossible-to-hide belly. In awe, she rubbed her hands over the still tender flesh, wincing lightly at the dull pain that still remained.

"This is insane."

"It is miraculous," he corrected. "The birth of young is not common among my kind."

She looked up to him then.

"It isn't?"

"No. It is a rarity, and our line is fading."

"What?" Kagome made to sit up but he held her still, knowing that her body would still be sore.

"Inuyasha and I are some of the last of the silver Inu."

Kagome looked down to the pup and concern marred her features.

"So I'm only helping to water down the line." Her tone was self-accusing and a little bitter.

Sensing her distress, he tilted her chin upwards so that she would look him in the eye. This at least he could comfort her in.

"This is not true."

"But I'm ningen! They will be hanyou!"

"No, Kagome," he interrupted. "Our progeny will not be hanyou. I promise you this."

She looked to him with uncertainty but he quelled it with a look.

He could make such statements only because he had seen it himself. Had he not, he was certain that he would never have believed it himself. And in all honesty he would have surely hesitated in taking her as his mate.

Even if only for a little while; he was still drawn to her like no other and had to concede that he would have given in anyways.

But despite this, he knew that his sensible and logical side would have demanded a full blooded heir. It was something that he'd warred with himself at length before seeing them first hand. And seeing them had been the nail in the coffin.

Now he could confidently say that he had no qualms in having a ningen mate, none at all. The only thing that others could possibly have faulted her on was providing hanyou pups, and because he knew that that would not be a problem he felt entirely confident in his choice of mate.

"If you're sure," she murmured, eyes shining with hope and trust.

"I am." He leaned down to place a kiss to her lips.

She mewed in appreciation and gripped the front of his shirt once more as her other arm came up to wrap about his neck.

Mindful of the baby-bump, he grinned and pulled her close, intent on showing her just how proud of her he was. And he would spend all night doing so.

O.o.O.o.O.o.O.o.O.o.O.o.O.o.O.o.O.o.O.o.O.o.O.o.O. o.O.o.O.o.O.o.O.o.O.o.O.o.O.o.O

In the morning Kagome stood before her closet, clothed in nothing but her underwear, contemplating on what to wear.

Her bulging tummy was obvious now and nothing she picked seemed suitable to hide it. No matter what she chose it turned out to be too short and her growing belly could be seen from the bottom. And even if she chose a dress the fabric would fall around her belly in such a way as to make it impossible to hide.

She sighed, tossing aside yet another shirt that was too small now and much too short.

"I don't know why I bother," she murmured to the Inu reclining on the bedding behind her.


"All of my clothes are too small, even my bras are getting too small." She attempted to shift her breasts with her hands as if that would make them fit better in the tighter fabric and glared down at them in irritation.

The Inu groaned aloud at the sight.

Blushing a little, she glanced over at him.

"Have they gotten bigger as well? I think they have."

His grin made her heart pound.

"I will admit to noticing such this last eve. I did not think that it would be problematic, for you seemed quite enraptured with the attention that they received."

"Hentai," she mumbled as her cheeks warmed even further. "It wouldn't be problematic if I had clothing that they fit in!"

"There is a simple solution to this, Mate."


"Hn. Do not wear the thing at all. For then you will not be in discomfort-"

"-And you would be able to ogle my breasts freely! Don't think so."

"There is no need to restrain them-"

"Yes there is! I'd be bouncing all over the place!"


"You really are such a hentai!"

He smirked.

Her eyes narrowed.

"Well here's an idea then! I won't wear a bra-"

His smirk widened.

"-and then all of the other males would be able to see my bouncing boobs too!"

And then promptly fell from his face.

"I think I now see the benefits to such a contraption," he admitted slowly.

"Oh no, I think I agree with you now, bra-less it is."


"Nope, you were right. It's the easiest way for us all to be happy."

"Kagome, do not even think-" he sat up, leaning towards her.

"Oh but I'm thinking now about your logic and I agree, aren't you happy Sesshomaru?" She laughed as he grabbed her and pulled her down to the bedding, eyes closing tight as he tickled her sides while nipping her skin lightly in reprimand, resting quite comfortably between her thighs.

When she finally gave in he pulled back and leveled a warning glare at her, his hands both planted in the sheets on both sides of her head, caging her in.

She merely smiled coyly then, running a finger along the stripes on his cheek.

"Do you see now?" she murmured.

He glared, all frost gone from his eyes when looking upon his mate, but rumbled in agreement.

"Now let me up, you barbarian, I must dress."

She tilted her nose up cutely, her lips forming a small pout.

He nipped her ear before releasing her, leaning back once more and reclining against the sheets.

She stood from the bed and wandered over to her closet again, slowly picking through the clothing littering her floor. She frowned as she tossed aside one garment after the next.

She rubbed a hand on her belly as she did so, the actions subconscious. "Nothing can cover this." She laughed lightly, but her tenseness was evident.

She turned guilty eyes to her mate then, instantly contrite.

"Not that I'm ashamed, I just-"

"I understand. It is no matter."

They shared a look for a moment, one filled with love and understanding.

It drew Kagome back to him, to place a tender kiss to his lips from her higher vantage. He in turn leaned up into her lips, a clawed hand reaching up to cup her jaw gently.

"I love you," she murmured against his lips. His answering rumble was answer enough and she pulled away with a smile that reached her eyes.

Now determined, she turned to her closet once more, hands resting on her hips.

"Alright, let's see what we've got here."


When Mrs. Higurashi was making breakfast for her daughter and her son-in-law she was expecting them to come down shortly as she was accustomed. She was expecting to see the loving glow that encased them. She was even expecting to see the heated looks exchanged when they thought she wasn't looking.

What she was NOT expecting was to see how very pregnant her daughter was.

With a gasp, she turned to look fully at the couple.

Kagome stood before her rather proudly, if her expression was anything to go by, dressed in a simple t-shirt and yoga pants that more than showed the tell-tale bump of her belly.

Mind blank, she stared.

"Mama? We have something to tell you."

She stiffened and stood straighter.

"Yes. I should think you do."


Kagome nearly panicked at the tone her mother had. It was a tone that she'd rarely ever heard and it made her apprehensive.

They both stared at each other for a few moments, neither certain of where to even begin.

It would be the Inu that would break the silence.

"Kagome has been pupped."

His bluntness and the obviousness of his statement made both women blink.

"I can see that, Sesshomaru." Her lack of venom made Kagome relax slightly and she leaned back into the male behind her. "I am merely surprised. I was expecting to be told before finding out that you are so far along. And how did I not notice this before?" She gestured to Kagome's obvious bump.

"Well, see, that's just it mom, I'm really not that far along in human terms."

When her brow furrowed lightly in confusion, Kagome made to elaborate.

"You see, I've only known myself for about…four weeks? Five weeks?" She looked up to her mate to confirm. He merely nodded, choosing neither one nor the other. It truly did not matter, either way.

"And you see, because Sesshomaru is a demon any child from him will grow at a much quicker rate. It's kind of a survival, instinct thing." She rubbed a hand on her belly, a small sign of her anxiety. "You didn't notice because I wasn't this big yesterday," she murmured quietly. "The pup had a growth spurt last night."

"A growth spurt?"

"Hn. Our pup is indeed a strong one, and it's growth is swift. Even I was not expecting it so soon."

His hands both joined her one on her belly, resting gently against her taut flesh. He rumbled lightly in comfort to both she and the pup.

They watched as Kagome's mother sighed and went to sit at the kitchen table.

She sat back in her seat, eyes intently staring at where their pup currently resided.

Being married was one thing, after all, but having a baby already was something else entirely. She was just so young.

She looked up to the expecting parents and watched as they both seemed to simultaneously draw and give comfort to one another.

Kagome looked up to her mate, brows furrowed in her unease.

He swept that away with one look; one strong and confident look that spoke volumes of his trust that all would be well.

Something passed between them silently and Kagome once more appeared calmly serene. With a small smile, she turned back to where her mother watched.

"You will make wonderful parents," she murmured as if in thought. Seeing their interactions she could not help but admit that their love for each other would no doubt transfer to a deep love for their own child and she could not fault them for their unplanned pregnancy. How could she, when they were so very perfect for one another?

Kagome's eyes glimmered at her mother's quiet words, but she hesitated to approach the woman, instead leaning back against the broad expanse of her mate's chest.

"Thank you mama," she smiled.

O.o.O.o.O.o.O.o.O.o.O.o.O.o.O.o.O.o.O.o.O.o.O.o.O. o.O.o.O.o.O.o.O.o.O.o.O.o.O.o.O

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