Rowan Hood of the Rowan Wood, Daughter of Robin Hood and Celandine the Healer

A small girl with soft brown hair

Her mother lovely with skin so fair

Her father a man called Robin Hood

Her name Rowan of the rowan wood

It used to be Rosemary, a wonderful herb

Until her life Lord Orric disturbed

And with grief her life was wrought

The king murdered her mother and she was distraught

Her heroic father she never met

But, about him, she could never forget

She went searching and found Robin Hood

And assumed her role as princess of the wood

Then, Lionel, one of her friends

Has to save her life, before it ends

Lionel has always been large and scared

He always complained and always cared

At last he prevailed and saved the maiden

And with gratitude, Rowan was laden

Ettarde, the princess, ran away from home

And Sherwood happened to be the woods she'd roam

Her father had just promised her hand

In marriage and she won't follow command

King Solon, her father, attempted to take

Her back and make her pay for the mistake

Rook wants to avenge his father's death

And vowed to do it with every breath

That ever enters his strong, muscled chest

And, as you possibly guessed,

Robin Hood captured the murderer's son

And Rook thinks the boy's life should be done

Later, Rowan seeks to avenge

Her mothers death and wants revenge

She learns the four names and wants to make them pay

So she has to go to far, far away

Far, far away to her mothers land

Even though she can barely stand

Rowan Hood was all but crippled

And when she runs, all her pain triples

She has the blood right to kill the four men,

But things played out strangely, and then

Two of them killed each other and one

Became a good man and for that won,

His life, when the others lost theirs,

The last was killed by the man who cares

For his daughter so well he will kill any man

Who tries to harm Rowan Hood of the rowan wood.