Just very short. Hope you like it anyway.

Something is wrong

I noticed her being late for work last Friday. Which is wired, because she is never late. And this Monday she looked sick, her hair wasn't as perfect as always, and make-up was missing. And… she wore the same cloth as on Friday. And on Tuesday it was the same again. Something was definitely wrong. I really started to worry, because from day to day she looked more worn out. On Friday I finally asked her.

"Eames what's the matter with you?"

I can see she is tired.

"I… I have a problem at home, big problem." She commits.

"Can I help you somehow?"

To my surprise she nods, and we leave together. When we arrive at her house everything seems fine. She opens the door and walk's in. She stops before her bedroom and bathroom door points to them.

"It's there."

I'm not sure what is in there but I look around. Everything seems to be normal and then I see it. On the wall between the doors is a giant spider. Almost as big as my hand, and my hands are.. ok back to the spider.

"Look's like somebody has found a new home." I smiled.

"It could have it, I would move, but I need my cloth out of my bedroom and my make-up from the bathroom." She tells me.

"Where id you go to the restroom?" I wonder while taking out a handkerchief to remove the spider.

"Guest WC." She tells me and watches how I take the spider and squeeze it. Then I throw the cadaver in her WC and flush it down. She looks so relieved when I come back.

"Thank you so much."

That's so typical for Eames. She would wrestle a bear but is afraid of a spider.