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More about Sasuke and his sexual preferences


Hmph. Naruto smirked. He's hurt on the inside yet he doesn't show it.

Naruto was right. Even if others could not see Uchiha Sasuke's real self, he could. After all, both of the boys were similar people, except that Sasuke is cool and impassive on the outside while Naruto is cheerful and bubbly.

Uzumaki Naruto had just formed another new resolve. He was going to find out more about Uchiha Sasuke and change him.

ALL RIGHT! THAT RUDE BASTARD IS GOING TO BE MY FRIEND NO MATTER WHAT! The inner Naruto enthusiastically punched his fist into the air.


Naruto was at his table, packing his bag. SHIT. Tomorrow's school. I DO NOT want to go school!

He looked at his bed side orange clock. It was 12 midnight.

Grunting, he jumped onto his bed, leaving his half-packed bag on the table. Just as he was about to snore, he noticed an unmistakably familiar dark figure standing beside his cupboard.

Uchiha Sasuke.

Naruto stared into the other red eyes and shivered. "What—what are you doing here? You—you are Uchiha Sasuke, ri—right?" Naruto stammered.

The raven smirked before closing in on Naruto. He could swear that he saw him licking his lips.

"Um—Uchiha-san. What—What are you doing? How do you know I live here? How did you come in? I swore that old man locked the door." Naruto thought a moment before continueing. "Okay, maybe he forgot to do so because he's old… But still I'm pretty sure I locked my own bedroom door! So how did you come in!?" Naruto scratched and shook his head, flustered.

"Shut up, you really talk a lot." Sasuke whispered.

"Eh, but—"

"Uzumaki Naruto, stand up" Sasuke motioned him to stand in front of him.

Naruto did not know why, but he was enchanted to his voice. His body moved on its own and did what the raven wanted. As he stood, the raven suddenly knelt and began to pull down his pants.


Then, Naruto saw the red eye which shut him up. It was the same eye which contained the hatred that Naruto once saw before. But where did he see it? That, Naruto had no idea. He just remembered.

Naruto gulped as sasuke pressed his one of his hands onto the obvious bulge in Naruto's boxers hard, earning a yelp from him. Sasuke's face continued to be as impassive as always.

Goodness me! Oh my god. Oh my fucking god. Naruto swore mentally when Sasuke tugged his boxers and his already hard penis sprang free.

Just as Naruto feared (or maybe wanted), Sasuke brought his tongue to Naruto's penis and gave a slight lick.

Naruto moaned and covered his face with both of his hands.

"Sa—Sasuke…" Sasuke smirked at Naruto's shyness.

Sasuke continued licking, from its base to its tip, covering everything with his saliva. He tasted the liquid flowing out from the tiny hole and sucked on it.

Naruto could not take it anymore. "Ha. Ah. Sa—Sasuke! More! More!" He screamed in ecstasy.


Sasuke slowly slipped Naruto's throbbing cock into his mouth, trying to take everything in.. Wow. I didn't know his mouth was that big. Naruto thought as his hard cock felt its surroundings.

Naruto felt his penis being shoved into Sasuke's throat several times and Naruto held onto his hair. He just wanted to thrust into the throat of his. But he did not. He knew it would only suffocate him.

After a few more shovings, Naruto felt it coming and could not hold back anymore.

"Sasuke! Stop! I—I. Holy Crow!" Naruto tried to push Sasuke away.

Sasuke held his mouth in place and Naruto blushed. He wants it?

Then Naruto released everything.



"Uzumaki Naruto!" the beautiful teacher slammed on his table.

Naruto practically jumped out of his seat and fell back in it.

"Sen—sensei, um. Um. Hi…" Naruto smiled sheepishly. He was dreaming all along and he felt extremely embarrassed about it.

"You have finally woken up from your nap, Uzumaki Naruto. I have been calling you for a very long time and you can't seem to hear me. And… You seemed to be screaming Sasuke's name…" Kurenai said.

Up until now, all the teachers Naruto met were all weirdoes except for Kurenai Yuhi.

Kurenai Yuhi was indeed a gorgeous woman. She had flowing black hair and her features were nice, including her big eyes. She also had a good figure, right now, she wearing a tight dress would have caused many men to have their eyes bulged out. But she could be prettier is she didn't put on so much makeup.

Naruto blushed. He tried to shake off the dream from his head. "Um. Sensei—"

The teacher sighed, interrupting Naruto and pointed at his chair. "Go wash yourself up."

Naruto looked down and gasped. OH MY GOD. He felt himself flushed. He, Uzumaki Naruto, was masturbating in his English class. He had not noticed it before as he was too deep in thoughts but now, he did. It smelled of sex. And his teacher, a female, knew about it. This was absolutely embarrassing for him.

"Na—Naruto-kun…" Naruto looked to his side to see Hinata covering her face out of embarrassment.

Apart from Hinata, Shikamaru and Kiba were in the class also. Shikamaru had an amused look on his face while Kiba looked shocked.

Naruto quickly grabbed his sling bag to hide his mess while he ran out of the classroom to go to the toilet, not noticing that at the corner of the classroom, a raven staring blankly after him.


He heard much laughter from the classroom.

"He was screaming that Uchiha's name, wasn't he?"

"Sensei! Why didn't you scold him?"

"I bet he's thinking of having sex with Uchiha Sasuke."

Hearing all that, Naruto wanted to bury his head in a hole.

As Naruto reached the toilet, he went to the showering area to get himself cleaned up.

During this period of time, his thoughts were jumbled up, all confused.

Why did he dream of Uchiha Sasuke? Why did he dream of him doing that—that thing with him? He doesn't even know that Uchiha person that well. So why! And he's not gay! Damn it! (Well, that's what he still believes.)

When he was done washing up, he went to the sink to wash his hands one more time. When Naruto looked in the mirror, he groaned as he stared at himself and covered his head in his hands.

"Fuck. I'm not gay." He whispered.


"I don't watch porn." Naruto said for a dozen times. Of course, he did, but that was an accident… maybe.

"Oh yes! You do fucking watch porn!" Kiba hit Naruto's head with a newspaper.

"Ouch!" Naruto rubbed his head. "It doesn't mean I watch porn that I masturbate in class!"

"Liar. Liar. Liar." Kiba hit Naruto's head with the newspaper each time he said 'liar' once.

"OUCH! KIBA!" Naruto shouted fiercely.

"And what's up with you! Screaming Sasuke's name so many times." Kiba hit Naruto's head again.


Just when Kiba was about to say something, he was hit hard on the head. He let out a 'OUCH' like Naruto.

The person who hit Kiba on his head was Sakura.

"Inuzuka Kiba! Will you just keep your mouth shut for once? Look!"

Sakura pointed to where Ino and Hinata were. Hinata was sobbing and Ino was comforting her. Hinata looked at Naruto once more before sobbing even louder.

"What—" Kiba tried to speak but was again hit on the head by Sakura.

"Why is Hinata crying?" Naruto asked right after Kiba was beaten.

There was a total silence. Even Hinata stopped crying. Then Ino and Chouji shook their head. Even Shikamaru and Shino sighed. The two emotionless people had just sighed. Then the silence was broken again with Hinata's sobbing, except that it was now much softer as she was trying not to cry.

Sakura sighed and walked to Naruto. "You are really a dense person." She just patted his shoulder and shook her head. Then she walked away with the other two girls.

Naruto was left there, blinking. Obviously, he did not understand what Sakura was trying to tell him.

Shino walked away also. Shikamaru shook his head once more and he seemed to mutter something like 'obviously you're gay' under his breath before wishing him good luck and going away too.

"Damn it. She hit me but she didn't hit you. Not fair at all." Kiba muttered before walking away also.

Naruto was left all alone. Standing in the middle of the corridor looking like an idiot as several people stared at him.


Uchiha Sasuke was taking a stroll around the school's compound. Each time someone saw him, they would try to avoid him. Just now, a girl stupidly bumped into him and quickly scrambled away, leaving her broken glasses on the floor.

Sasuke looked at the clouds in the sky, and they somehow looked like Itachi.

"Itachi…" Sasuke muttered.

Then he thought of the blond that was in his English class. So his name's Uzumaki Naruto. He found out the blonde's name as Kurenai kept calling him to wake up. But Sasuke was shocked by another fact.


"Sasuke!" The Uchiha heard the blonde boy screamed.

Sasuke's eyes widened.

He knew everybody preferred not to talk about him. For him to know his name, he must have inquired others about him. Sasuke smirked. That guy was interested in him.

"Uzumaki Naruto!" Kurenai screamed in the Uzumaki's ear.

"Uzumaki... Oh I see..." Sasuke muttered under his breath.


What an interesting guy. Sasuke thought. I had never seen someone masturbate in class before. That was my first time. And who knows, he may be dreaming of having sex with me. Hmph.

Sasuke smirked as he headed to his literature class.


Uchiha Sasuke as usual, kept his hands in his pockets, a favourite posture of his, and walked in the classroom. He could not help but notice a certain blond sitting at the back.

It was not that Sasuke really wanted to look out for Naruto. Who told him to have such bright yellow hair? Maybe he really dyed his hair just to attract people's attention. Though that was not true, but well, it did managed to catch a large number of people attention. Including Uchiha Sasuke's.

Sasuke noticed that the blond was blushing and staring at him intensely. What does he want? Sasuke frowned.

To avoid problems, Sasuke decided to sit further away from him and he chose the other corner of the classroom, though there was someone sitting beside him. Usually he would choose a more secluded place. But, something told him that it's best to avoid the blond as far away as possible.

Then what Naruto did really surprised the always-impassive Sasuke.

Naruto got up from his seat and asked the boy sitting beside Sasuke if he could change his place with him. After the boy agreed and got up, he plopped down his body on his seat beside Sasuke.

What the hell is this guy planning? Sasuke was bewildered. He had certainly not understood this guy's actions.

But as Sasuke stared at Naruto, he realized that the blond was actually gorgeous. It is because Sasuke had been busy 'smirking' and 'hn-ing'. Well yes, apparently, Uchiha Sasuke likes to make his smirk look good and thus, he put in a bit too much effort. He failed to actually really take a good look at this guy.

Naruto had tanned skin and it was quite obvious that he did exercise regularly. His hands were muscular and smooth. His hair, though messy, had a comfortable feel to it. He had three lines on each side of his face and they looked like scars. But to Sasuke, with them, Naruto looked more beautiful.

When Naruto turned to face Sasuke, he quickly forced himself to look away and stared at the whiteboard. He certainly did not want Naruto to know that he had been staring at him.

"Erm, if I'm right, your name's Uchiha Sasuke. Am I right?" Naruto leaned towards him.

Sasuke continued looking at the whiteboard for a few seconds and seemed to ponder over something. Then, he turned and stared at Naruto for a long while and causing the yellow-haired boy to gulp. "You… sure are an annoying person. And stop coming so near me, you seriously stink."

Naruto slammed his ass back onto the chair, shocked. He looked like he was just slapped across hard on the face. He was pretty sure that he had washed himself up thoroughly. He should smell nice and clean now.

Then he swore he saw Uchiha Sasuke chuckled. It was only for a second, but he caught that.

Fuck. That guy just chuckled. He said it on purpose. He thinks it sill stop me from trying to be his friend. No way is that going to happen.

Sasuke at that time was thinking a whole load of things. He better stop trying to do something funny after this. Sasuke was also laughing at himself. He could not believe he acted so childishly just now. He actually said a fake remark to just get Naruto off his back. He could just ignore him. That's the reason why he chuckled.

But apparently, the fact that he thought that Naruto would get permanently get out of his sight would be proven wrong.

After a minute or so, Sasuke could feel Naruto's eyes left him and he heaved a sigh of relief.

If Sasuke was honest, he would tell himself that he's gay and that's he's denying the existence of cute guys like Naruto himself. Of course, Sasuke wasn't not entirely honest with himself. After all, he did actually realize that he was gay.


When Sasuke was nine years old, he was just like any other ordinary kid, attending school, hiding the fact that he had a bloodline limit.

That was when he met Haruno Sakura of class 9/1, the same class as him. His father had told him about this female, mentioning that he should make friends with her as she was one of the few special people like him.

Sasuke agreed and he thought that he should approach that female and start a conversation with her. But apparently, Haruno Sakura was a little bit too friendly.

Before Sasuke could even think of how to start talking to her, she already came over and started to flirt with him. That was too fast. (Well, yes. Uchihas can think fast. So what Sasuke meant here is that Sakura's actions are even faster than his.)

She voluntarily sat beside Sasuke on the same chair, (and yes, I said on the same chair.) occupying the little space.

She moved her thigh against Uchiha Sasuke's thigh and tried to rub her butt against his.

Sasuke was utterly disgusted with her actions. He practically tried to shove her away but a group of girls later noticed his presence and came crowding over him too, pushing back the falling-Sakura into his body.

From then on, he hated females. Even when his mother tried to come near him, he would run away from her, like she was some three-eye monster.


Of course, that was not enough to prove that Sasuke was a gay. There was one more incident that led him to realize what his sexual preference was.


When Uchiha Sasuke was twelve years old, he did something really really really wrong. He walked into his brother's room, only to see him fucking himself.

It was just like any other morning. Sasuke was eating his breakfast and Itachi was taking a damn long time to wash up. Usually, he was not allowed to enter his brother's room. But that day, his father told him to get Itachi out from his room. Sasuke sighed and headed off to his brother's bedroom. That was mistake number one.

Sasuke had a very bad habit. He do not knock on other peoples' door. That was mistake number two.

When Sasuke stood in front of the door, he noticed the sign that his brother put on his doorknob 'DO NOT ENTER'. But he decided to ignore it. That was mistake number three.

Then Sasuke slammed open the door.

To his horror, he saw his brother doing something that he would never imagined him doing.

With a vibrator in his hand, Itachi was actually fucking himself. He moaned as he pushed the vibrator into his butt, oblivious to Sasuke's presence.

Sasuke's eyes trailed all over Itachi's body. From the hand to the vibrator. From the vibrator, to his butt. From his butt to his slippery cock.

Sasuke realized what he was doing and quickly closed the door quietly. He ran all the way to the bathroom and realized that he was drooling. He panted and his breath covered the mirror.

"Oh my fucking god." Sasuke said to his blurry image before slumping down, sitting on his hard ass.

As for why Itachi didn't lock his doors, no one knows.


Because of these two incidents, Sasuke found out two things. One, he hate girls. Two, he love boys.

Inner Sasuke was still laughing at himself until the principal, Tsunade-sannin, came into view. As she went in front of the classroom, she slammed her fist onto the table and broke it into two. The whole class fell silent and everybody scrambled back into their seats. God. She just broke the table into two.

Sasuke swore that he saw Naruto shivered.

Tsunade looked at Naruto for a second before continuing.

"Class, I believe that all of you are having literature now. Am I right?" He two magnificent mountains bounced as she heaved her chest upwards.

"Yes." Everybody sat up straight and nodded.

"Okay. I just received news that your literature teacher, Hayate, is on sick leave and will not be teaching you. So, instead of having literature now, you will be having special training. Now all of you please follow me and I will bring you to the area."

Everybody looked at each other and began to stand up and clear their literature stuffs.

Naruto looked at everyone blankly and he looked at the raven. Sasuke was packing his bag also.

Naruto then looked at the principal and shivered. What did she mean by special training?

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