Prologue : Regeneration of the Last (Crimson Interlude)

Who loudly knocked on the door? Was it him? Yes. It's Him. He wanted to give you a sign. He's riding on the wind, for his entire dream has come true. The beautiful line of the dusk in front of him was sign. That's it. He's surrounded by happiness. He had broken the law. The law that a common human cannot just play with.

Suddenly, like a crimson breeze passing by, everything turned into red.

There was flesh everywhere and he can barely can breathe in relief. There were shady armored people covered in blood. They wielded swords and spears and surrounded him right on the corner. His eyes glanced at these armored men. Will his life end at this moment?

No, he doesn't care about that anymore.

They had taken his life even before they killed him. They already taken what is most prescious to him, something much more important than his soul, body and life.

He looked around, biting his lips. Right on the dark corner, he smelled blood. They killed that person. They killed him.

"Do we have to finish him off?" a tall soldier said with a bass tone voice.

"No, don't" was the terse reply. They slowly withdrew their swords and spears.

"They said that they will interrogate him first. Besides, he might useful" Said another armored man. He seems to be the one who take the lead there.

"Oh, Boring" said the other soldier, though this one is a bit more buff. "Ah well, little goat. You're lucky that your head is not my sword's next target. Get up and follow us"

No answer.

"Hey trash, are you deaf??I said GET UP and COME WITH US. Look, we're already trying to be nice enough to a person with the likes of you" the leader seemed to get his temper up.

He scratched his knee as he made a deep, undefined breath.

"You killed him. You killed him" he murmured. He stared at them with no hint of fear. His eyes raging, holding back his emotions.

"What?" The Leader of the troop stepped back a bit, realizing that there's a tense aura coming to him. This might be dangerous.

"Ass-brains. There's no point even if you let me alive. You already killed me. Note that in your mind. Now if you want to give me a little consolation…" he took something from his pocket. It was a small grayish box with relives upon it. He showed it to them with a big, devilish, manic grin.

" all can die with me" he said shortly, followed by a maniacally laugh.

"Huh?! Wait a minute you—arrest him!" the leader noticed that he should anticipate the dangerous intention of that person in front him. He sensed a pretty bad hunch. All of his subordinates rose up their swords and spears and in a flash, they surrounded him and tried to lock his move. But unfortunately they weren't fast enough.

He opened the box. In no time, black dust spread in high velocity. It covered and stuffed the entire area. Soon, every person there was covered by the deadly dust die eventually in an unidentified scream of death.

Twilight crows fly above the old rough building. The sound waves of the screams reached its maximum amplitude, piercing the ear of any creature who heard it. The last scene of the dramatic event was a sleepy silence, as a lone, dark purplish butterfly rested its wing on the top of a rotting flower.