100 word Drabble.


Write a fan fiction where the heroine/hero (depending on if you're a guy or girl) where they have an odd quirk that you have too.

I choose you Ahiru


Whenever the little duck got nervous she seemed to be more clumsier then usual.

Words would fly awkwardly from her mouth, even more so when around Mytho or myself.

Ahiru couldn't help, it was just who she was.

Her awkward moves and nervous quirks made Ahiru, well, Ahiru

A klutzy little duck, with more heart in her tiny body, then I had the courage to wield my blade.

And truth be told.

I wouldn't have her any other way.

She is my quirky little princess

And as her knight,

I have sworn to protect her,

Even if it's from her own clumsy self.


There 3 words over but I like it hehe

If you can't guess who's talking…then you shall be smacked with this marshmallow *SMACK*

Lol it's Fakir silly goose

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And yeah…I'm a Klutz