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Chapter 3: The despair of the Many

The sitting room beyond was vaguely recognisable from last night. Harry had received a portkey to the Count's castle for their February meeting and he could still see the six-pence hat that had served as the transport item lying abandoned by the baroque couch. The windows still showed it was day but it seemed to be waning. Harry wondered what time it was, but there were no clocks in the room and his wand had been taken from him before he arrived. Apparently the Headmaster was afraid that Harry would fight the vampire too much if he were allowed to retain his weapon of choice. Harry could feel his anger building but the arm that slipped around his waist hugging him to Raphael reminded him that revenge would be his.

"I thought vampires slept during the day?" Harry found his curiosity couldn't wait as they walked down the hallway beyond.

"You are correct. We prefer the night, but that doesn't mean we can't be up during the day. It's just harder to hide what we are in the revealing light of the sun"


"But shouldn't I be feeling the need to sleep?"

Raphael laughed gazing fondly down at his childe. He knew that these first weeks would most likely be filled with endless questions. But then again it was his job to teach his childe everything about being a vampire and surviving like on.

"You are still too attached to the sun. Your body is still transforming and is used to your mortal sleeping patterns. Soon enough you will feel like me the lethargy that comes with the sun's rays"

Harry hummed understandingly.

They walked down several halls passing mirrors, paintings, tapestries, vases, flowers and many other objects but no other people. They finally came to a pair of twisting stairs before Harry's curiosity peaked again.

"What about… um… food?"

Harry asked a bit embarrassed. He knew he would be drinking blood soon enough and though the thought hadn't been appealing last night today it wasn't all that unpleasant.

"When will I be hungry? How often will I need to feed? When will you take me hunting? What do you…"

He was interrupted by the warm rich laughter of his new father.

"Peace, my Cherub. I will answer all your questions."

Harry smiled as he was kissed on the forehead knowing his inquisitiveness wasn't bothering the Count.

"As a new childe you will receive most of your blood from me in the first week. It will strengthen the bond between us further and as you will discover a great source of comfort. I will take you feeding soon as your canines sharpen fully"

That made Harry aware that he did indeed have some sharper teeth. Running his tongue across them he hummed in wonder.

"Careful. Though a vampire's skin is hardened, our canines are nevertheless extremely sharp. You will most likely bite your tongue accidentally several times before you learn. As for hunting, there is a reason why my castle is hidden in these forests. There is plenty of wildlife surrounding us and for those of us that prefer mortals, the city of Munich is not far away and has Germany's third largest population letting us blend in easily. Also it's simple to cross over the border into the Czech Republic or Austria. "

"So we can drink animal blood?"

"Oh yes my Cherub. There is nothing wrong with animal blood. It can be thrilling to hunt down prey in the forests around here, as you soon will discover. But still there really is nothing more exhilarating then hunting down unsuspecting humans." The Count's voice was hushed as he if he was reliving a particularly exciting hunt.

Harry swallowed a bit nervously. He couldn't really picture himself jumping unsuspecting humans. After all it was only last night he was one himself.

"Um…. Do you always kill them?" Harry asked a bit timidly, not knowing if his question would offend his new Master or not.

He received a chuckle and a hug in reply.

"My sweet little one. Still so innocent, hmm? The answer is, no. We don't always kill the humans. If we take care of our diet and feed several times during the week we can easily manage with only a few mouthfuls, something the human body can easily accommodate. You will most likely meet some of the human pets my courtiers like to keep. Even so you will find many of the courtiers prefer killing their prey. I know it may seem a little cold and ruthless, but you need to realise my childe that vampires are on the top of the food chain. Mortals are food."

After the rather impassioned speech they were left in silence as the walked towards a pair of large ornate doors. Harry was pondering. It felt weird thinking like that and Harry couldn't help liken it to pureblood supremacists back in England. They too thought they were so much better then Muggles. Biting his lip carefully Harry glanced up at the Count. Raphael didn't seem like a man of much prejudice, and Harry knew he was very old and had seen more then he could even imagine. Vampires were superior though… They were faster, smarter, had better senses and fed on blood. It was perhaps natural. As humans kept and killed pigs and cows for their food vampires fed on humans. Then again cows and pigs weren't that aware as humans were of themselves. But what about dogs? They were smart, loyal and definitely had feelings And Harry knew that in some places in Asia dog could just as easily be on the Menu. Was it really the same?

Unfortunately Harry didn't have more time to think on this, as the huge doors in front of him seem to open magically on their approach. The hall beyond was huge, and not that different from the Great Hall back at Hogwarts.

The stone floor was covered in several oriental carpets and different shades of red. There were sofas, chairs and tables in various sizes and styles placed all around the room but leaving an area in the middle cleared for walking. The front of the room was raised a bit up from the floor and there were several high-backed sofas stuffed with pillows placed around the biggest and most elaborate one in the centre. There were also two enormous ornate fireplaces on either side of the room still unlit. The light currently came from the three large stain-glass windows behind the platform. In the dying light of day Harry could just make out the scenes from several blood battles it seemed. There were also three large golden chandeliers in the ceiling but they too weren't lighted yet.

As they walked up the carpets in the centre of the room towards the raised platform Harry became keenly aware of the whispers from the various occupants of the sofas around the room. There weren't that many people here it seemed but from the small glances Harry dared to take he could see a good mix between men and woman, all pale beautiful vampires and all in various styles of clothing. Everything from baroque clothing in the same style Raphael was wearing to leather pants as one male with nipple rings seemed to be wearing.

As they approached the front a man who had been sitting on one of the couches to the left hunched over a writing desk and papers glanced up and seeing Raphael quickly got up and walked towards them.

"My Lord!" his tone of voice was awed but still riddled with questions. He was looking curiously and appraisingly towards Harry making him lower his gaze as he was put under such scrutiny.

"Ah, Constantine, just the nephew I was looking for. Let me introduce you to someone very special. Harry meet my nephew Constantine von Geldenburg. Constantine meet Harry Potter, my new childe and companion."

The whispers increased exponentially at the announcement as Raphael's voice easily carried around the hall. Harry suddenly found the carpet very interesting; as he felt extremely exposed especially in the see through shirt he was wearing. He supposed he should have felt a slight chill in the drafty castle but right now he only felt naked.

He suddenly found himself hugged from behind as Raphael's arms came round him. Harry sighed into the embrace feeling infinitely safer now.

"No need to be embarrassed my little one. Constantine is the Majordomo in my court and is responsible for the day-to-day business. He can answer most of the your questions as well my Cherub."

Harry felt his tense muscles loosen almost immediately at his father's presence and finally got the guts to study the vampire in front of him. Raphael's nephew seemed to be the same height and build as his new lover. The family resemblance continued in the man's honey and red eyes but he unlike Raphael had dark brown hair and a much rounder face. He still looked aristocratic but perhaps not as intimidating as the Count. His was dressed in a similar fashion as Raphael. But were the Count's frock was deep blood velvet riddled with pearls and gold thread, the Majordomo's frock while still beautiful was a much more conservative dark blue, clearly showing his lower station. Harry smiled a bit nervously up at him and got a friendly toothy smile in return.

"Hello, shy little Consort, I understand it is for you that all this fretting is about"

Harry frowned a bit wondering what the man meant but Raphael seemed to know what was going on.

"Ah! Has that annoying old man given you trouble, nephew?"

He received a chuckle in reply, which made Harry's worry lessen a bit. After all it couldn't be too horrible if the man was laughing about Albus Dumbledore the Leader of the Light? He was pushed forward a bit and found himself walking with the two vampire's towards the raised area. Raphael seated himself in the plush couch in the middle, which seemed overflowing with silk pillows in all shape and sizes and before Harry could ask where or what he should be doing he was unceremoniously dragged onto Raphael's lap. The movement was gentle but that didn't stop the plug in Harry's behind making its presence agonizingly known and he couldn't help but moan and squirm deliciously in his father's lap.

A chuckle made Harry aware he had closed his eyes in bliss.

"What a delicious moan my little Cherub"

If his heart could beat Harry swore he would be tomato red at the moment. He was leaning with his left side towards Raphael with both his legs tossed over the man's legs as the Count leant back into the couch. Constantine had currently pulled up a beautifully carved high-backed chair. His rich velvet clothes glittered a little in the afternoon light as he displaying the teasing grin on his lips that made Harry close his eyes in embarrassment.

"No need to be shy, my little one. I told you vampires are very sexual beings and it pleases me so to hear and feel you."

If Harry wasn't already dead he knew he would perish from mortification. The Hall had gone silent when the Count and his Majordomo had begun conversing and the Count's voice easily carried around in large room meaning Harry's moan of pleasure had as well. Biting his lip he glanced up at his father, feeling somehow ashamed and in need of reassurance. Raphael did not fail and his easily wrapped his arms tightly around Harry before delivering one of those toe curling kisses he adored.

Several minutes later Harry rested his head on Raphael's shoulder before sighing in happiness.

"My Lord is right, little consort. You should never be ashamed over your body and I must admit that it is a great pleasure both to see and hear you as well. You have chosen very well my Lord. The little consort is a true beauty."

Raphael chuckled again agreeing with his nephew. Harry managed to peek out from his long hair and glance at Constantine.

"Thank you" he almost whispered. Still slightly embarrassed that all the other occupants in the Hall had heard their conversation.

"It is true, little one. You moans are truly lovely to hear. Tell me, I would think My Lord would have tired you out this morning?" The teasing glint was back in the honey/red eyes and he could feel Raphael's chest shake as he laughed.

"No… well yes, but… I…" Harry hid his head again in the shoulder and felt one of the Count large hands come up and gently stroke up and down his shoulder.

"Ah, still so shy my little Cherub. And as for you Constantine, I will have you know that my Harry was indeed a virgin until last night. And the reason that his moans are so delicious this morning is because he was aching so much for me that I would not have gotten out of bed had I not found something to satisfy him until our next joining." Harry tried to pretend he didn't hear that but the Count's voice was so smug, satisfied and proud when informing his nephew about their bedroom activities that Harry could feel some of his own reservations fall away. He felt somehow warmed at his lover's arrogant tone and knew that he too was on some deep level very proud that he had been able to give his virginity to his new father.

"You mean he has…"

"Oh yes he has a lovely black plug stretching and filling him up till I can be inside him again."

"My my! Truly a fine consort then, if he already aches for you"

The vampire laughed while Constantine once more congratulated his Lord on such a find. And truly if Raphael thought about it really was amazing. Glancing down at the head of heavenly black curls still hiding in his shoulder Raphael knew pure bliss. His little one was still slightly wriggling on his lap most likely trying to alleviate himself in any manner and judging by the bulge in his little once tight jeans it seemed that his childe's embarrassment over his own body's needs were quickly disappearing.

The moment of levity however quickly disappeared at Constantine's next question.

"What will we do about that wizard?" the vampire spat out the word 'wizard' in the same manner Snape used to spit out Harry's last name and it finally made Harry lift his head from his father's shoulder and focus back. Despite being mortified that the entire Hall knew he was aching so for his lover that he needed a plug revenge against Dumbledore and his cohorts was still much more important.

"Don't worry about them. This will be over by evening and then hopefully those despicable creatures will never darken our forest again"

The words were filled with such malice that it seemed even Constantine was taken aback as his golden eyes widened and the hush that filled the Hall was tense in fright. Even Harry had frozen his slight wiggling at the hatred from his lover and he suddenly felt a tiny hint of pity for the Order that would have to face the Counts wrath. Raphael's eyes were glowing and they seemed to be sucking in the very light from the room. Harry actually swore he could see the shadows moving around the Hall. The Count's sharp canines were also bared in a feral grimace showing everybody just how angry he was.

"My Lord" the Majordomo's voice was much more quiet and respectful and Harry realised that this was the tone used between a Vampire Lord and his underling.

"May I ask what they have done that has displeased you so? After all I believe that your goal for many years has been meeting with the young Harry Potter and it seems he is now fully yours."

Harry felt the arms around him tighten and snuggled into the embrace knowing instinctively that his father's wrath was not focused on him.

"Those despicable beings sold their hero into my arms. The Headmaster told me he would willingly come to me. Instead I opened my door last night to find a disillusioned, frightened and virginal youth that had been ordered to pleasure me in what ever way I would desire. They all betrayed my Cherub and for a war he has no interest in fighting. They will pay"

The last past was practically growled out into the room and Harry was pretty sure that the temperature in the Hall had dropped several degrees.

Harry tried to calm his father as the arms around him were actually shaking in rage. Twisting his head he opened his mouth and ever so gently scraped his newly sharpened teeth over the vampire's vulnerable neck. What instinct drove him to do this Harry knew not but it seemed to work instantly as the tension flowed out from the vampire under him and his lips were soon once more seized in a fierce kiss to which he instantly submitted.

Several minutes of intense kissing Harry was also lying back in the pillows of the couch beside his father but still had his feet thrown across the man's lap and his right arm wrapped around his chest. He was still blissed out from the amazing kiss and was a little proud that his very presence seemed to calm the Count as the muscles under his fingertips loosened.

"Ah, little Consort! You will be very much loved if it all it takes to cool out Lord's temper is a kiss from your sweet lips!"

Harry opened his eyes again to find Constantine grinning at the pair of them. Harry couldn't help but smirk a bit at this causing the other vampire to start chuckling.


Harry couldn't help but smiled amusedly at the undignified and pouting sound from the Count.

"Alas, perhaps it was for the best. My temper is known to be volatile even in the best of occasions but in this matter I would wish to be sharp and not clouded by anger. After all 'revenge is a dish best served cold' and this Dumbledore will experience it at it's fullest. Tell me nephew, is the wizard alone or has he brought most of that wretched Order as well"

The mood sobered quickly and Constantine's face became business-like once more.

"He has indeed brought half of the school it seems. Beside himself it seems he's brought two school teachers, a black pale one that I could have sworn was one of our kin despite his foul smell, and old witch that smelt suspiciously like cats. Two dozen red-heads it seems, another witch and wizard and… and a…", he trailed off seemingly not wanting to utter the last.

"And…-!" Raphael started impatiently as it was clear that his Majordomo was having difficulty finishing.

"A… a werewolf, my Lord"

The reaction to the last statement boggled Harry's mind. His Master hissed in anger baring his teeth for the Court as furious whispers started in the Hall. It seemed like everybody in the room was extremely angry at Lupin's presence and even Constantine's mouth was pressed into a thin line clearly showing his displeasure.


Harry dared to ask wondering why Lupin being a werewolf was so terrible. Despite not being bothered or frightened about the man's furry problem he still really didn't like the professor considering the man had never bothered to contact Harry all the years he had lived alone and abused with the Dursleys.

"Don't worry, Cherub. I will not let anything happen to you. Dumbledore is stepping on my last reserves of patience. Not only did he force both my Court and I up at this ungodly hour to 'deliver' you back to them, but he also is so insufferable that he brings a werewolf into my domain. That insult will NOT stand.

"I don't…"

"You will, my precious. The second you smell that filth your instincts will warn you of the danger. Werewolf bites and claws are among the few things in the world that can cause damage to a vampire. And to bring one unannounced into a Vampiric Court is extremely insulting."

"Now" Raphael asked once more turning to a still agitated Constantine. "How long have they been here?"

"Since a quarter to twelve, My Lord. His demands and threats have increased during the day. His last comment was that if we didn't hand Harry Potter over he would reveal our location to both the Dark Lord and the Ministry of Great Britain. Apparently, he believes that the British Ministry will actually take some sort of action against us if we insist in 'kidnapping' their hero…" the vampire shook his head in mock despair.

"Is he really that gullible? That misinformed?"

His Master noticed Harry's curiosity at the remark as he turned to hug warmly him before explaining with mirth in his voice.

"I think that the good Headmaster has forgotten that Great Britain really isn't the power in Europe it once was. Maybe he has even forgotten that this is Germany and that the German Ministerium will NEVER abide British arrogance. You see, my Love, while the British Wizarding World remains isolated on their little island believing still in their perceived superiority the rest of Wizarding Europe has moved ahead. I even believe that if the British MoM were to launch an actual attacks against my castle that even the French Ministry would come to our aid."

"Most assuredly, my Lord"

Harry's green/red eyes showed his surprise at that. Because he was Muggle raised he had always thought that the Wizarding World was a bit behind in times. Many customs and tools long ago abandoned by the mundane world opting for newer and more effective methods and inventions where still in use by Wizards. Harry had never thought that the stagnation was only isolated to the British Isles. He had so much to learn and see!

Another kiss was dropped to his forehead before Raphael once more turned to his Majordomo.

"And the others? Is Carmilla still in the castle? Heinrich? Johann?"

"Yes, my Lord. The presence of the wizards raised them all early this morning. I believe most were just off hunti..-" Constantine's speech was cut off as the a smaller side-door to the Hall opened.

In walked what Harry believed had to be more of Raphael's family. There were seven more vampire's approaching the platform. The five men were also dressed in baroque inspired clothes, though still not as ornate or expensive as Raphael's. The two beautiful vampire woman, one with the same red/brown hair as the Count, the other shocking blond wore both rich flamboyant baroque brocade dresses with seemingly miles of lace. They were all beautiful and Harry could feel their power and strength washing through the Hall at their entrance.

"Ah! There you all are! I see the prospect of entertainment has awoken you early?"

Two of the vampires at the back chuckled in response.

"Yes, come here. I will introduce you all to my lovely little Cherub and love. Cherub these are the von Geldenburgs that still live permanently in the castle."

The blond haired woman and a very skinny dark-haired male vampire wearing a chocolate brown frock approached first and were introduced as Heinrich, Raphael's first cousin, and his wife Beatrice. The skinny vampire's icy façade seem to melt when looking at Harry and both were surprisingly pleasant with Beatrice actually cooing a bit at Harry. The pair settled into one of the other couches behind the central one. The next three male vampires where introduced. One as Johann, Raphael's younger brother and his consort Etienne, who even Harry could see before he revealed his accented English was definitely French. The third was a seemingly single and very handsome redhead named Bran and was also one of Raphael's cousins. The red/brown haired woman that Harry had guessed to be Carmilla turned out to be Raphael's sister and she much like Beatrice spent a moment cooing over Harry's looks before gazing sternly at her brother and more or less ordering Raphael to take Harry to the tailor later in the evening. Harry was more then a little amused that the rather diminutive woman made even Raphael swallow a bit nervously. Her husband wore a slightly different styled blue frock that went well with his sun-kissed blond hair and blue eyes and turned out to be a Swedish vampire named Espen. When they too had seated themselves in one of the couches around Harry finally felt his nerves building in the subdued chattering that ha started.

He would soon be facing all of his previous family and they would no doubt see his turning as a betrayal. But as soon as that thought formed Harry almost sneered angrily, he was after all not the one who betrayed first. He had no guilt.

"Fear not, my love. You will not be taken from me this day. That I promise" Harry smiled genuinely trusting his sire and leant up towards Raphael pouting his lips clearly waiting for another kiss which he was quickly granted.

"The curtain is about to rise. Now Harry, there are a couple of rules that I need you to follow, understood?"

Harry nodded rather obediently curious why Raphael would suddenly start to exercise his power as Harry's sire.

"The first is that you will NOT leave this couch. You will stay firmly seated here until I tell otherwise understood? I will not have them portkeying you away if I am out of reach."

Harry nodded and kissed his father in promise. He could most certainly understand that and had no desire to be kidnapped back to those hypocritical people.

"Second, feel free to insult or curse them as much as you want, but try not to interrupt me. Alright?"

Harry though puzzled quickly agreed. He had almost believed that Raphael would want him to keep his mouth shut but this worked out rather nicely. He really was burning to deliver some scathing comments to those backstabbers.


"Now, Constantine! You may retrieve our 'guests'."

The vampire bowed gracefully with a small smirk playing on his lips before pushing the chair out of sight and heading towards the opposite door of where Raphael's extended family entered. The Hall to Harry's surprise had filled up with many more vampires then earlier. And as the light of day steadily faded from the large stain-glass windows behind them both of the massive open fireplaces in the Hall suddenly burst to life startling Harry quite a bit. The chandeliers hanging overhead also suddenly started to glow as the tiny flames of hundreds of candles began burning with the help of magic. The light in the Hall was adequate in the early evening but the fire cast a dangerous glow onto the skin of all the Vampires present making their demonic nature show clearly in their faces.


It was less then three deep French kisses later that the huge double doors at the end of the Hall, which Harry and Raphael had arrived through earlier, opened to reveal Constantine leading a group of people that Harry really had no desire to ever see again. Albus Dumbledore's fuchsia robes with wands shooting yellow stars stood glaringly out, but the man's jovial smiling face didn't fool Harry for a second. His improved eyesight could easily make out the anger and impatience in those icy blue orbs. McGonagall and Snape were flanking the Headmaster as he trotted almost gaily down the carpet behind Constantine. On the left were some of the Weasleys including bushy Besserwisser Hermione whilst Remus and Sirius walked on the right. As they started to pass the couches and chairs with the seated vampires they were assaulted by hissed insults and angry growls all of them directed towards the werewolf. To Harry's surprise Sirius, his own godfather, suddenly wrapped an arm around Lupin's waist glaring at the growling vampire before pulling Lupin towards the centre of the group shielding him from the court. Harry controlled his face as he felt another stab of betrayal stab through him. Was that the reason Sirius never bothered to spend any time with Harry? Was he too busy with his intimate relationship with Lupin to bother with his own godson? Harry almost felt like bashing his head to a wall for his own stupidity. He should have seen this coming.

McGonagall and Snape both showed their distaste at their surroundings while Ron, Ginny and Hermione was looking admiringly at the handsome visage of Raphael, seemingly not noticing Harry yet. Harry wanted to bare his own fangs at the three. Raphael was his! Mr. and Mrs. Weasley were also looking around in clear distaste and ignorance. Bill was the only other Weasley present and he was looking more then a little nervous and seemed to be fingering his wand eyes darting around the Hall towards the angry vampires.

After leading them up to the stand in the cleared area in front of the raised platform Constantine walked up and stood slightly to the right of Raphael and Harry's couch on the first step.

"My Lord, may I present the Order of the Phoenix led by Headmaster Dumbledore."

Harry thought the action was rather unnecessary, as the Count knew full well who Albus was, but he had an idea that this was some sort of power play to show the wizards who exactly was in charge.

It didn't seem to faze Dumbledore as he smiled rather condescendingly before once more ignoring the protocol of waiting to be acknowledged by the Count and started talking.

"Ah! Lord Raphael! Slept a little late have we today? Perfectly understandable under the circumstances"

Harry almost wanted to gag at that knowing a twinkle in the Headmaster's eye. The man seemed to be completely impervious to all the hostile glances he was receiving for his actions. Though both Snape and McGonagall to Harry's amusement actually seemed to have taken a step back and away from the seemingly foolish Headmaster that dared to provoke a court full of pureblooded vampires.

"Though the wait was a bit long I am glad that our agreement was so fruitful" Harry's tensing muscles made Raphael start to soothingly rub his thigh that was still thrown over the man's lap.

"Now that we and Harry have delivered on our end of the bargain we will eagerly be awaiting your warriors in our fight against the oncoming darkness"

Harry almost wanted to shake his head at the man. Was he really so delusional? How had he never noticed? Fight against darkness! The vampires were dark how was that supposed to help garner support in this court?

However Harry's thoughts were disrupted when the chest beneath his arm started to shake and he realised with a bit of a shock that Raphael was laughing. And not the teasing full-belly laugh from earlier but a deep and dark chuckle that seemed to caress the very stones and walls in the room. It almost sounded like stones grating against each other. It was more then a little frightening and it sent a stab of imagined chill down Harry's spine as the Hall seemed to darken in response.

As the laugh and echo died the room was completely still with the exception of the breathing and sweating from the mortals. It was then that Harry finally caught a whiff of the scent from Lupin. Harry stiffened as he fought against his instincts. The smell was putrid and seemed to call on his very nature to fight against the perceived threat. It was so overwhelming that Harry thought that even if Remus Lupin had been his best friend he would no longer be able to stay in the man's company. He finally understood why Raphael and the Court had reacted so strongly against the werewolf's presence. He wanted desperately to remove the threat to his sire.

"Foolish mortals"

The words were almost in parseltongue and bathed in menace. Harry saw the members of the Order stiffen at the tone and even Albus seem to become a bit apprehensive.

"There is no bargain."

It seemed that a six-hour wait was the tipping point for the Headmaster as the man lost all his usual patience and subtlety.

"Now see here! We had an agreement! If you got Potter for one night then we would receive thirty of your best trained warriors to help the fight against Tom Riddle!"

Harry had never seen the Headmaster so agitated. Long gone was the grandfatherly façade and in place seemed a bitter, angry wrinkly old man with delusions of grandeur. Harry also noticed the man's use of his last name. In all the years Harry had known the Headmaster he had always been 'Harry' or 'my boy'. But instead of wallowing in the feeling of betrayal Harry chose instead to relish the look of anger on the goat's face. Without seemingly to even be conscious of the movement Harry rocked his hips ever so slightly, wriggling a bit in the soft cushions. A hint of pleasure travelled up his spine that made the annoyed look on the Headmaster's face all the sweeter. Funny how the tables had suddenly turned on the old man.

"We had an Unbreakable Vow!"

That caught Harry's attention. Raphael had mentioned that he'd had to give three Unbreakable Vows before Dumbledore relinquished Harry to him. But his father had been so assured that despite these vows there really was no way he would ever let Harry go.

"Yes we did, didn't we? Three in fact"

It was said so casually that even Dumbledore suddenly looked unsure. Did it have something to do with the fact the Count was a vampire? Maybe he thought he could somehow escape the effects? Or the consequences for trying to break such a vow?

"We did! Therefore I demand the return of Harry Potter to his friends and family and the aid of your warriors for the final battle against the Dark Wizards!"

Harry had to stifle a giggle. The old man sounded so conceited and pompous that for a fleeting second Harry almost believed that it was Draco Malfoy in polyjuice disguise.

The Count chuckled again. Though not quite as sinister as the previous one this laugh was tinged with subtle seduction and hedonism. Harry shivered again and started to press his hips a bit more firmly to the couch unheeding of his growing arousal and the people in the Hall.

"I'm afraid your sadly mistaken Headmaster. Harry Potter belongs to me. And he will NOT be returning home. He is home."


Harry almost laughed and moaned at the cacophony of noise that filled the Hall after that statement. Mrs. Weasley and Sirius had easily shouted the loudest but Harry could easily filter out both Hermione and Lupin's voices pleading Raphael to allow Harry to return safely home to people who cared about him. As his father gave him a one-armed hug and a quick kiss to the lips Harry suddenly found himself the focus of the wizards' eyes. It was almost as if the Count had managed to glamour the wizards to forget he was there even.

"My God! Harry!" That was Sirius. "You're a vampire!" His godfather's features and grey eyes were awash with feelings of angry, fear, betrayal, sadness, determination and despair. It was so delicious to look at! It was exactly how he had felt when Sirius had practically ordered him to whore himself out for the Light and Albus. Harry pressed his ass harder into the sofa before wiggling his bum a bit. The plug in his arse rubbed deliciously against that bundle of nerves and that coupled with the dejected visage of his Godfather made Harry moan in sadistic bliss before biting his lips harshly almost piercing his bottom lip.

The fact that he'd made a noise and was biting his lip made all the Order take notice of the pearly fangs that were just coming out over his lip proving Sirius' claim.

Raphael also laughed in mirth at the ignorance of wizard but had also noticed a bit earlier his sweet little Cherub's movements and seemingly turn-on. It was breathtaking to watch as his little one moaned in rapture trying to pleasure himself. He himself was growing hard smelling the arousal rising from his little Cherub. Oh he would take him hard and completely later tonight. He could barely wait.

Harry so wanted to reach back and twist the plug a bit but some part of him didn't want to expose so much in front of this pack of mortals and backstabbers. Still even the air itself was flavoured with righteous anger and betrayal! Delicious!

"This can not be! You have broken the Unbreakable Vows!"

It seemed that Albus Dumbledore was seconds away from a temper tantrum. He no longer looked like the esteemed Leader of the Light. His magic was angry and seemed to swell around him. The stars on his ridiculous robes were for once still as his beard seemed to frizz as the static from his magic electrified his hair. His icy blue gaze was filled with fury as he glared heatedly at the Count. It was so exciting but Harry had no fear of the old man. He knew his father could literally wipe the floor with the Headmaster.

"I did not break the Vows"

The Count stated with a grin adoring his handsome face.

"Then you did something to avoid them"

It was Severus Snape who spoke. He had not joined in the shouting match as Harry's vampirism was revealed but had gazed stoically at Harry and now looking at the Count.

Raphael didn't answer but tipped his head in acknowledgment towards the dark haired wizard who didn't seem quite as foolish as the rest of these wand waving simpletons.

"Albus! How were the Vows worded?" McGonagall spoke quickly and actually grabbing the Headmaster sleeve the bring attention to herself.

The old man cleared his throat and broke the staring match he had had with the Count

"The first was simply that in exchange for one night with Harry Potter on the 23rd of February that the Count would provide thirty of his best warriors to help in the fight against Voldemort within a year of the date of the exchange."

Harry stifled another giggle. Even he could see the obvious loophole in that and considering the widening and disbelief showing in Snape's eyes he had seen that as well.

"Yes, and I will indeed provide thirty of my best warriors, but not to you." Harry smiled in pleasure as he gazed admiringly up at his father. The man was smirking and his honey/red eyes were laughing.

"What do you mean? I am Albus Dumbledore! Leader of the Light! I am the enemy of Voldemort and I am the only one who can stop his regime of darkness!"

Harry's own green eyes widened in disbelief. The man was truly insane. Albus truly believed the for some reason he was the only thing standing in the way of Voldemort's final victory. And considering the looks on both Snape, McGonagall and the Weasleys' faces they weren't too happy with having their own considerable efforts in the Second War brushed so lightly aside.

"The only one…?" Raphael's tone was mocking and it seemed that Albus picked up on that because he suddenly looked as contrite as Harry guessed he could.

"On the contrary. I believe it is my little Cherub who is the one that stands in the way of Voldemort. And it is to him that I will grant my warriors. He is afterall still a part of the Order and it is with him I and my Court will stand against this Dark Lord of yours."

Harry couldn't help his mouth from falling open… He was supposed to direct the Counts shadow warriors? Looking at the Raphael and seeing the teasing hint and reassurance in his eyes made Harry smile as well. It really was a nice way of avoiding Dumbledore's control as Harry was indeed a part of the Order, or at least had been when the contract had been made. It made Harry believe that Riddle would actually be defeated.

"What about the Second and Third Albus! Surely there is something there! We need Harry Potter!" Harry turned hate-filled eyes towards Mrs. Weasley. Of course they needed Harry Potter… or more likely his vault key! Or maybe it was Ginny Weasley with dreams of becoming the next Mrs. Potter that needed him. Merlin, how he hated them all.

"The Second vow concerned the safety of Harry Potter. That Harry would arrive at seven o'clock on the evening of the 23rd of February of this year and would be enjoyed in whatever manner the Count saw fit, bar death, permanent mental or physically injuries that would interfere with the War. Until noon the following day."

"And the Third, Albus" McGonagall urged him.

"That Harry Potter would be released to us and be able to leave the castle without harm to his person or the people retrieving him after noon on 24th February"

"Did you specifically say that Potter would leave at noon of 24th of February or did you say that he 'would be able' to leave without harm. Did you specify that the Order retrieved him or that he himself was free to go?" Snape's face was menacing and he the tone he was using reminded Harry of countless hours spent in the Potions Class Room.


Harry couldn't help himself anymore the confused and stuttering old fool the Headmaster had been reduced to turned Harry on like nothing else. It was so delicious to see them hurt. To see these people pay for the years and years of torment, abuse and callous disregard he had suffered at their hands. Leaning a bit more towards his father Harry slowly and casually removed his right arm from its resting place across Raphael's stomach before letting it fall on his hip. Pretending to shift a bit he let the hand fall onto the pillow behind him. He shifted his legs off Raphael's lap and instead curled them to the right whilst leaning his left side a bit more into Raphael. While inconspicuous enough it let Harry reach his bum easily.

And as Albus Dumbledore's face revealed the answers to Snape's question Harry let his hand rubs teasingly against the end of the plug in his arse. His breath hitched especially when Raphael's long arm came around his back and casually replaced his own hand on the plug. Harry leant a bit further into the man and gripped his shirt tightly biting his lip as Raphael continued the ministrations. Merlin!

"But what about the fact that Harry is a vampire! That broke the second vow! It specifically said that you couldn't kill him and all you leeches are dead!" The comment came surprisingly from Ron Weasley who's mental facilities seemed to be working overtime though the last comment about vampire being leeches wasn't really all that appreciate as the boy realised when a couple of the vampires sitting in the closest sofa stood up to stare menacingly at the boy.

Raphael merely laughed again, though much more lightly then previous. These mortals were really pathetic. He could understand why his little one was so turned on. It was beautiful to see them flounder about and slowly understand just what they had lost. Though right now he was cursing the fact that his little Cherub hadn't worn looser trousers. He just couldn't wriggle his hand down the waistband of the boy's tight jeans.

"Many a time you would be correct boy. However you wizards still don't know enough about vampires to understand. We-"

The annoying screeching of Hermione rudely cut off Raphael. The shocked intake of breath from the Hall at the sheer balls of the Besserwisser who cut off a Vampire Lord seemed to be completely ignored as she started to spew her verbal diarrhea.

"But Ron is right! Everybody knows that vampires are dead! That would break the Vow, Headmaster! It says clearly in Worple's book 'Blood Brothers: My life among Vamp-'"

"Be quiet"

The tone was so menacing that even Harry seized all movement. He could hear all their heartbeats increasing as the smell of fear began to permeate heavily in the room.

"You know nothing! Had you been less ignorant then you would have known that with pure-blooded vampires like us the turning process takes time. Though my Cherub's heart did indeed stop beating this morning that does not necessarily mean death. My little one was still technically alive this morning with blood still flowing, albeit sluggishly through his veins."

"But Harry doesn't need to stay here with you, you bastard! The vow still let's Harry leave here unharmed along with us!" Harry looked at his godfather. The man seemed almost unhinged. His hair liked Albus' was standing on end his he had a slightly insane sheen to his eyes that Harry didn't find all together comforting. Had Sirius ever received any psychological help after spending twelve years in Azkaban?

"Come on Harry! We won't judge you just because you've been turned against your will! We'll find a cure or something. Just come on home!" Sirius had turned pleading grey eyes towards him. Harry's breath hitched and as Raphael's hand went back to his chosen task of pleasuring him as he braced himself not wanting to miss a single thing.

Taking a breath in preparation to talk Harry smiled warmly towards his godfather almost sadistically luring the man into a false sense of triumph.

"I despise you" Harry words were quiet but didn't stop them from being heard in the entire Hall. Sirius's face crumbled and Harry almost laughed in glee.

"I loathe you all" Harry took time to glance at each and every one of them. He felt his anger spike when all he saw was confusion and no guilt whatsoever. They really didn't believe that they had done anything wrong.

Catching Sirius' gaze once more Harry tried to convey all his pent-up anger, frustration, betrayal and hate through his eyes.

"You whored me out to a vampire to win your war."

"But Harry-"

"I was a bloody virgin!!!"

Harry felt no shame in admitting that. In fact looking at Sirius and Remus he felt only vindicated as he slowly saw realisation creep in.

"You whored out your own godson to a complete stranger for allies!" Harry tried to reign in his anger. The hand that had started rubbing soothing circles on his back reminded Harry about the benefit of cold and calculated revenge.

"You abandoned your newly orphaned godson to a ten years of abuse choosing instead to pursue petty revenge then follow your duties as my Godfather. You truly deserved those twelve years in Azkaban."

Harry saw that last comment hit home and lazily inhaled the deep scent of rabid despair, hurt and loss that scented the air. Remus seemed to finally take courage despite being surrounded by his mortal enemies, but Harry cut him off before he could even begin.

"Don't you dare! I never knew of you until my third year at Hogwarts. I know you don't have much money but you couldn't even send me one single letter during my childhood. I knew nothing of my parents." As Lupin opened his mouth to protest, Harry savagely cut him off once more.

"Don't you dare give me that crap about being a werewolf. You may not have been allowed to be my guardian but the words on Privet Drive never hindered you from contacting me. You are a filthy coward Remus Lupin and I hope Fenrir Greyback finds you sooner rather then later."

"And you!" Harry turned his gaze to the Headmaster.

"You told lies to the Count about my licentiousness. You who sent me to live with abusive Muggles for ten year-"

"Now now, Harry. That's putting a bit strongly isn't it? I knew that they weren't the best of guardians, but I do believe that treated you decent-"

"I lived in a cupboard for ten years!!!" How dare he! Harry took a breath to regain his temper. How dare that man!

"My Hogwarts letter was addressed to 'Harry Potter, The Cupboard Under the Stairs!' I begged you every damn summer to get me away from there. I told you flat out that my uncle hit me and you replied that a smack here and there to an unruly child wasn't that bad. You who has stolen from me and lied to me my entire life. How dare you stand there trying to look contrite for your actions? They are unforgivable! I am not you weapon and I am not your pawn." Harry finished more quietly finally coming to a stop.

"Is this true Headmaster?" The silky voice of Snape rose in the silence after. Harry could see a cold and calculated gleam to the man's dark eyes.

"Of course it's not!! The stupid git is lying again as usual! He's always trying to get attention!" Harry almost sighed. Of course Ron wouldn't be able to keep his mouth shut. Harry had know for quite some time the jealousy that raged in Ron since the Triwizard Tournament had never fully abated. Especially since it came out that Harry had given the twins the Tournament winnings to start their joke shop.

"I hate all of you as well." Harry continued his cathartic verbal lashing towards the Weasleys. "Don't think I don't know about the money Mrs. Weasley."

Harry saw realisation dawn in Molly's eyes and dread settled about her. Even Bill seemed to redden in sudden shame. Mr. Weasley however looked more then a bit confused.

"Of course we took your money-!"

"Ronald, no-"

"We deserved that money! You've been nothing but trouble the entire school. Always stealing the spotlight away from the rest of us! And what do we get? Nothing!"

Harry could feel his Master's anger rise steadily as the redhead continued to spew out his filth.

"I also know about the hints of a Marriage Contract"

That silenced Ron effectively, but Ginny and Mrs. Weasley turned beetroot red.

"What marriage contract?", came simultaneously from Mr. Weasley, Bill and surprisingly Sirius. Harry was so sure that his godfather had agreed to the tentative negotiations.

"I would NEVER have married you Ginny. Redheads hit a little close to home and besides you just don't have the right parts"

As Ginny blushed furiously in embarrassment and anger Harry saw a small smirk twitch at the end of Snape's lips. A growl sounded by his ear before his head was turned forcefully and his lips plundered in a savage and brutal kiss. The hand was back pushing harshly at the plug and Harry moaned wantonly into his father's mouth.

"He's clearly forcing Harry! Headmaster we have to-"

His master ripped his lips away from Harry making him whimper with need.


"Harry was left to leave of his own free will. I cannot stop him or else the Vow would hold me. Face it; your Golden Boy is lost. He chose me. And mark my words Headmaster if you ever darken my doorstep again I will show you the true force of the Geldenburg Master Vampires and their shadow warriors. Now I suggest you crawl back into the cesspool you call Britain before I force you out!"

"You can't harm us! The vow states that we are free to leave unharmed."

"You are right headmaster. It is currently eight o'clock. And correct me if I'm wrong but I distinctly remember specifying that the clause of safety was only valid today on the 24th. If you wish to stay past midnight, Headmaster, then be my guest" Raphael slowly finished in a feral smile baring his glistening white canines.

The Headmaster's eyes locked with Harry and he saw the raging fury buried there. The man knew that he was no match for so many vampires. And while he may be able to take out both Harry and the Count he would not survive and if it was something Albus wanted to more then anything it was to survive the final confrontation with Voldemort and be remembered as the next Merlin and the saviour of the wizarding world.

The entire Hall seemed to hold his breath, waiting to see what the wizard would do. Constantine that had been standing perfectly still the entire time of the first step tensed his muscles and Harry knew that he would be able to pounce instantly on the wizards if were less than cooperative.

Finally the Headmaster sighed deeply and seemed to try and collect himself.

"Harry, my boy. I am deeply disappointed by your actions. I had hoped that you of all people would see the benefit of having the Vampires on our side-"

Harry had almost started to laugh. It seemed that Dumbledore's last ditch effort was to try and guilt trip Harry back to the Order but sadly the man had greatly overestimated his loyalty to both his friends and Hogwarts. Finally finding his rage and revenge almost concluded Harry lost complete interest in the pitiful mortal and instead turned his focus towards his lover. Stretching out his legs Harry elegantly climbed into the man's lap and wrapped his arms around his father's neck.

Smiling a bit embarrassedly at his sudden need for closeness Harry leaned in close and was rewarded immediately when those strong full lips covered his own. Harry was so sexually frustrated. He had been hard for most of the confrontation and had almost taken off his own trousers to pleasure himself but old decency had stopped him. But now his restraint was out the window. The humans in the room were completely uninteresting and he just wanted to feel his lover, his mate claiming him once more. Right now!

The two were so involved with their kissing that they didn't notice when Albus finally stopped his monologing realising that it wasn't helping. They didn't notice the hate-filled ugly glare covering his face as he fingered the wand he had removed form his beard. They didn't notice all the vampires in the Court standing up glaring menacingly at the humans. They didn't see Raphael's family stand collected behind them, eyes glowing eerily in the room hissing at the humans that would even think about harming their Master and his Consort. They didn't even notice Harry's former friends and family finally leaving with a specially prepared portkey.

Minutes later a nice chatter broke out throughout the hall as servants came with blood-filled goblets and other blood-made foods and sweets.

Harry tore his lips away moaning indecently as Raphael's hand had reached around his hip and grouped the plug harshly. Warm lips descended on his neck and Harry tilted his head to give the demon more room to play with Harry's all-too-willing body.

"My he is a fiery one isn't he Espen?" The tinkling laughter of a female voice broke through Harry's lust-hazed mind and seemed to wake Raphael as well. The man suddenly stood to his feet and Harry let out a squeak of surprise as he was forced to wrap his legs around his father's waist or risk crashing down the steps.

As the man turned towards his relatives Harry became aware that the man was growling, clearly displeased that they had been interrupted. Raphael's arms became like a vice around Harry and it was then he realised that despite his father's continued reassurances that he was safe from the wizards it wasn't until this moment that promise became fact. The man was probably aching as much for Harry as his was for his lover.

Harry tilted his head and once more began scarping his teeth and licking the man's throat causing the growls to subside some.


Harry closed his eyes in bliss. It was true.


"Nobody else has the right to even look at you"

Glaring unhappily at both his sister and nephew that were both still snickering at the display of dominance Raphael clutched his Cherub tighter to his chest before giving the boy his first experience in the vampiric equivalent of Apparition. The vampire and his mate burst into a dark mist before seemingly disappearing into the air.


As they materialised back in the Raphael's bedroom Harry had to close his eyes tightly in fear of vertigo. Though the method of travel wasn't as harsh as Apparition or as unsteady as a portkey the sheer disorientation with feeling your body literally come apart and spread was something Harry doubted he would get used to anytime soon.

The vertigo seemed to take on a whole new dimensions however as his lips were once more forcefully taken and a warm tongue pushed into his smaller mouth claiming it fiercely. The Count's hands were literally tearing Harry' clothes off but the boy couldn't seem to care less as the moans and whimpers rose in volume. Finally naked Harry found himself picked up and literally thrown onto the newly made silken bed.

Pushing himself up Harry leant on his elbows as he watched the Count remove in own clothing in a much more hurried fashion that the erotic display from last night. It didn't seem to matter to Harry's hormones though as more and more pale and perfect skin was revealed he found himself grinding it hips into the bed making him acutely aware of the ache in his bottom longing to be filled.

Finally the vampire was naked as well and Harry was pinned with a feral and seductive gaze as the demon stalked towards the bed before climbing onto it crawling slowly towards his willing prey.


Harry swallowed heavily before shyly whispering his reply.


He tilted his head submissively before daringly opening his legs to his father making sure the black toy was visible.

The dark growl the reverberated throughout the room send shivers down Harry's spine washing away his embarrament. As fingers grabbed the toy and teasingly applied a slight pressure Harry's eyes shot open as he mewled in need. His lover's gaze caught his own green red-ringed eyes and Harry had no trouble reading all the emotions rippling through them the most predominate being a deep seated love and need for him.

"Love you"

His father's hand was gently stroking his cheek and Harry couldn't help smile beautifully to his lover and echo the heart-felt sentiment. He was loved. He was home


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