For the 'first/last' prompt on my trope bingo card.

The first time he kissed Robin, it felt like something out of a fairy tale.

It had been warm, the summer sky as blue as in a picture book, and his heart had pounded in his chest, his breath coming in short, frantic bursts as they chastely pressed their lips together.

He had been waiting forever, or so it had seemed, and now that it was actually happening Vlad was certain that nothing, not the names they called him at school, nor the constant worrying about what the future might hold, could spoil it.

Robin had been embarrassed afterwards, cheeks burning and gaze shy, even as he awkwardly linked their fingers. Vlad had beamed, unable not to, content to simply sit silently in the other boy's company.

"So," Robin had finally asked him on his doorstep, striving for nonchalant but succeeding only at nervous, "does this mean we're together, then?"

Vlad had leaned in close, kissed him again in answer, and spent the night grinning dopily at his ceiling, head full of the way Robin's face had lit up as he answered,


The last time he kissed Robin, it felt like something out of a nightmare.

It had been cold, the sky grey and overcast, and had it been able to his heart would have been pounding. He could sense Robin's pulse, fluttering too rapidly beneath delicate skin, and he could smell the heady mix of his fear and adrenaline, see the sheen of sweat across his clammy forehead.

"It doesn't have to be like this," he said, tone deceptively calm, and Robin only sneered at him, hate twisting his handsome features, and tightened the grip on the stake he was holding still further.

This wasn't the reunion Vlad had once so longingly pictured, nor the second chance he had once so fervently dreamed of.

"You're a monster, Vlad," Robin told him, eyes glinting with the kind of madness that came with witnessing too much violence, and with losing too many of those closest to you. Vlad understood it only too well. "You never meant anything to me."

His words were a lie - they had to be - and too easily Vlad switched their position, so that Robin was the one pressed back against the wall, and he was the one in control of the situation.

The kiss was neither chaste nor sweet. Their teeth clashed together and Robin bit down hard at his lip, the blood smearing across his chin and awakening urges so dark and unspeakable Vlad was sure his teenage self wouldn't even have been able to imagine them.

"Go on then," Robin challenged, disgust writ as clear in his voice as in his expression. "We both know it's what you've always wanted."

The rest was a blur. The metallic taste of blood, and the anguished cries that slowly, so very slowly, gave way to silence.

Robin fell to the floor, lifeless, when it was over, and sightless eyes stared up into his own, accusing.

There was nothing he could do to make it better, nothing he could say, but still he repeated the words over and over, wishing he could rid himself once and for all of memories of blue sky and shy smiles.

"I'm sorry, Robin. I'm so sorry."