Here's To Things Gone Wrong

Summary: Two weeks after victory, Misaki is told that she can't get the proper date with Oujirou. Who wants to date their future niece? Years later, what makes Oujirou decide to change his mind?

This is my view on what happens after and how everything comes into play. Plus, we all need a few more Angelic Layer stories, no? :] (Especially O/M) By the way, this means that I don't own any of the characters! I also am not Kill Paradise, so I don't own the song, either.


Beautiful Colors

So what would it be like if everything came true
Imagine when I see you, imagine what I'd do
I'd gaze up at the stars and never move my eyes
Take me to a place high up in the skies


Three months ago, Misaki felt like she was on top of the world. The one person missing from her life finally made her presence known as one of her idols—something she hadn't planned on happening, but it was a very welcome placement. She became close friends with a pop star, some of the most amazing Deuses in Angelic Layer, met the maker himself, saw her two best friends finally become a couple, and the boy who she thought would only look at her like a child had confessed that he could love her. It all seemed to be working out splendidly.

Kaede and Sai held a surprise party for her and Hikaru the following weekend in which anyone and everyone important to her came. The food thankfully wasn't prepared by her aunt, Shoko, but instead brought by some of Ichiro Mihara's employees, of which the group had declared delicious.

Everyone was getting along great, sitting around, laughing. Oujirou would occasionally glance in her direction causing her to blush a myriad of red, attracting another reaction from Oujirou, his infamous half-smirk. Misaki literally felt her heart might pound so loudly, she'd have to apologize.

Hatoko Kobayashi, her five year old best friend, never missed a beat. She silently smiled through all of it, pleasantly observing the entire ordeal. Her other best friend, Tamayo Kizaki, wasn't always so quiet about it. "Misakichi! If I didn't know any better, I'd ask if you had a fever! Or at least one for Oujirou."

"Tamayo!" Misaki ducked her head down but dared a glance at the boy in question. Fortunately, he was across the room talking to his brother at that moment, and didn't seem to hear the boisterous girl. "You are so open about it all! How did you tell Kotaro about how you felt? I don't think I can do it, Tamayo."

Hatoko took this as her cue to leave. She may be mature for her age, but she still didn't really care to hear about her brother's romantic life. Not unless she was teasing him about it. She sauntered across the threshold to overhear the other conversations. Let's see, Ringo was going on about her single with her brother, Kotaro. Not really in the mood. Kaede and Sai had a promising conversation about techniques and who to look forward to at the next Kanto games, but Hatoko decided to be especially nosy today. Next on the list was Shuuko Suzuhara, the Deus to the recently renounced second best angel. She was having a stimulating conversation about how her multiple sclerosis was no longer going to hinder her any further. Her and Icchan were testing new equipment that would allow her to walk, much like the angels on the Layer, except without the goggles and well, without the layer. Hatoko was so happy for Misaki. It must have been hard to have gone without such an important figure in your life for seven years, and then to get her back with the biggest struggle out of the way. Not only that, but they had the biggest part of their separate lives in common—Angelic Layer. They could easily repair the relationship they had, and they had many mutual friends that could help them if there was any need to. But she somehow doubted that they needed any aid, the ladies seemed to be clicking as if seven years had instead been seven days. Hatoko could see in Shuuko's eyes that she still regretted not seeing Misaki grow up, but was still going to make the best of what she had now. She could also see the adoring looks that were thrown between Shuuko and the scientist.

It was clear to anyone there that Icchan cared about the woman greatly. He still fussed about when she felt weak, would 'punish' Ogata for not forcing her to take frequent and substantial breaks. In fact, she'd overheard that the food was prepared by Ogata himself for not making sure that Shuuko's food was the ideal temperature, so Icchan had made him create the meal for 15+ people by himself in only a nights' time. Hatoko didn't even want to know what would have happened if he didn't pull it off. In fact, she shuddered just thinking about it. But looking over at Ichiro Mihara now, he seemed to be in a serious conversation with his younger step-brother. Well this definitely looked promising.

Hatoko took her doll and grabbed a brush and sat within hearing distance, but far enough away to not deter the gentlemen from any conversation. She stroked the brush against her Suzuka in a loving fashion, yet her mind was a few feet farther away, listening intently.

"I really wish you would have told me this sooner, Oujirou. How am I supposed to propose to Shuuko after she gets settled in with her new life, if you're going to start dating her daughter? That's practically some form of incest." Hatoko glanced in the direction of the males. Oujirou had no definable expression, as usual. Icchan, however, started flailing his arms all over the place to express his incredulity. Before she could get caught, Hatoko bent back over to freshen up Suzuka.

"Please, brother, I did not wish to discuss this here. This isn't the place, or time. And it isn't incest seeing as we were not born from the same parents." Icchan just stared a few moments at the teen. He sighed in an overly exasperated way.

"Seriously, Oujirou, sometimes I cannot tell when you're being snarky or if you're serious. But as long as you have no qualms dating your niece, then I won't pester you any further." At this, Icchan stood up. "If you'll excuse me, I'm going to congratulate our champion."

After feeling the weight of the man passing her by next to her, Hatoko looked at Oujirou to try and judge his expression another time. His face seemed passive, but his eyes showed signs of distant thoughts. Of an internal battle beginning to wage. But as soon as Hatoko looked closer, all signs of discomfort or ill-thoughts went away, and she could guess why. Misaki was protesting at Icchan for making Ogata drink a Pepsi by a straw through his nose for forgetting the gift Icchan had gotten for her. The girl felt so bad and her blue eyes were sparkling with passion. Hatoko couldn't possibly blame the boy for falling for such a girl.


A week later, Oujirou asked Misaki to meet him in front of the Piffle Princess. He of course arrived early enough to see her hopeful face as she approached him, eager to finally have their date. He hated this moment, probably more than any other moment in his life.

"Misaki, I think we need to find a more private place to talk. If you'd like to eat or something first, I could easily oblige." He didn't want to do this. He was going to grab at any reason to prolong this just a few minutes more.

"Oh, I'm fine. I didn't want to be a bother, so I already had something for lunch with my mother. She's going to start teaching me how to cook more recipes, isn't that great Oujirou?"

Her blue eyes were so innocent to him. After becoming the 'Prince of the Layer,' so many girls had flung themselves shamelessly at him. Sure, quite a number had been attractive enough, and a good percent of those were smart and interesting. Yet something always seemed to be missing. All they had wanted to get to know him for was because of his skills on the layer. With Misaki, it was different. She admired him for what he could do with Wizard, but she was a natural on her own, she didn't need to try and discover his secrets. She wanted to merely learn to get to know him for her own sake. "Yeah, that's great Misaki. I'm sure I'll get to try them out some day."

"In that case, I'll be sure to have to do the best I can do. I'd really be disappointed in myself if you didn't like something." Her beaming smile lit up her entire face.

"Misaki, I need to talk to you about something. And I really hope you understand."

Her brows fused together in a look of confusion. He grabbed her hand and could practically feel the heat rush to her face, yet he could tell by the way she looked at him that she trusted him more than anything. This was not going to be a good day.

"Misaki, I know I told you that I could be falling for you as you defeated me. The truth is, I think of you like a sister." He paused for a second as he saw her eager face morph into one of apprehension of what else there was to come. "Only cause I have to." She seemed to be so off trying to catch up, that she missed that last part. A fact that Oujirou silently rejoiced and cursed.

"I don't understand, Oujirou. I'm sorry, because I know you wanted me to. But I just don't." Misaki's voice sounded so far away that Oujirou wanted to just break down and tell her the truth. But it had to be this way. His brother worked so hard for seven years and was finally just now having any type of break through with his intentional application. All the while, Oujirou had held in his crush with that same woman. Surely he could do the same with her daughter. He was still growing up and one of the most sought after men of his region, there were others out there. Misaki didn't have to be his only one. He doubted he could meet her rival, but there was always that possibility. Icchan though, he had met his one, and it would be selfish to not allow him to have it. So he sucked it up and finished trying to explain.

"Misaki, I want to be your friend. Your mother and my brother are going to become extremely close and I will be around you for a very long time, but I don't think that you and I could take this any farther." He swore he could hear a slight sniffle. "Are.. Are you okay?"

Misaki nodded her head swiftly. "I'm fine, Oujirou, really. I just remembered Hatoko wanted to show me more of her research. I hope I can duel against you and Wizard again soon?"

Oujirou cursed his luck. The first time he felt for a girl that was around his age, and she had to be the one that he couldn't have. Every member of their soon-to-be family had some type of reputation to it, and if news leaked that he was romantic with his niece, it would be suicide. He had thought of changing his name so as not to be associated as a part of the family, but he could never do that to his parents or his brother. So he just had to… deal.

Oujirou followed Misaki with his eyes until the crowd tore his vision away from her. He decided the best way to release some stress right now was to battle things out with Wizard at his side.


Misaki ran and ran. She didn't even think about where to go until she realized she was near where Kotaro and Hatoko live. Nothing sounded better than having a shoulder to cry on right now, so she decided to go ahead and visit.

She nervously knocked on the door, not sure of what to say. She felt it rather rude to just stop by without giving any warning, but as soon as Hatoko opened the door, she threw her arms around the small girl and started to cry, finally allowing her hot tears to pour forth.

Hatoko stood immobilized for a few seconds. It wasn't every day that a visitor started to cry before even saying hello. She pulled away from the crying Misaki long enough to grab her hand and lead her to the couch. After sitting her down, she asked, "Misaki, what's wrong? Is there something wrong with your mother?"

Misaki almost smiled. "Oh Hatoko, I don't even know what to say, I feel so ashamed. My mother is fine, thank you. No, instead, well, I don't really know what's wrong. One minute I thought he liked me, the next…" Misaki hiccupped and more tears began to fall. But that was all the information that Hatoko needed to hear. She could connect the dots from her overheard conversations with the development today. She wanted to say something so badly, but there really was nothing to say. The circumstances were just against her.

Kotaro came out to see the noise. Before he could even ask about what happened, Hatoko put a finger to her lips, motioning him to not ask. She hugged Misaki so that she could not see her face and mouthed that she'd talk to him later. She thought it best that Misaki not see anyone else right now, or she'd try and act her cheerful self again. Misaki was always doing nice things like that, hiding how she felt so as not to disappoint anyone else, most of the reason why anyone that came in contact with her was instantly pulled in to her natural charm. Right now though, she needed to let her true feelings out and not let anything distract her.


Misaki sighed. That all started three months ago. She had yet to see Oujirou in person. She suspected that he hadn't come in town in case he might run in to her, and she was fine with that so far. She did miss him, but she wasn't sure what she would do if she ran in to him right yet.

Her mother was getting fitted today for her new prosthetic legs that she and Icchan had designed, and Misaki couldn't be more ecstatic. She felt like something had been missing since that day she turned away, but she had so much to look forward to that she wouldn't let it bring her down. She was training every day with Hatoko for the new season of Angelic Layer. Rumors were going about that Kaede had a new move that could knock an angel out within seconds, and Misaki wanted to make sure that she could hold up. Kotaro and Tamayo found out quickly not to mention Oujirou, Misaki suspected Hatoko had a play in that, and for that she was grateful. They still haven't asked any questions about what happened, not that she could answer them anyway. Regardless, the two helped her in her training and they were happy together.

And tonight, Icchan was supposed to host a celebratory dinner, one that promised to be interesting.