This story will be Naruto harem in time; however I'm not sure how large the harem will get nor who will be in it. The only people confirmed at the moment are Hinata and FemKyuubi; there will also be lemons later so consider yourself warned if you don't like that sort of thing

The room was lit by only a soft slither of silver moonlight streaming through the window, illuminating a messy blonde haired child who was sitting cross legged on his bed. A small sigh escaped Naruto's lips as he concentrated on his meditation, he had taken up these exercises to try and ward off the nightmares that usually plagued his sleep and much to his surprise it had worked... mostly. He still woke up in a cold sweat around twice a night on average, but the dreams were slowly getting less lucid. As his mind quieted down and his body relaxed Naruto began to hear the steady slow dripping of water, following the sound he soon entered the dank sewers of his mind scape. By now he was no stranger to this place nor the fox who was caged up here, he had been meditating before sleeping for two weeks or so now and he had found himself here more often than not. Admittedly he hadn't even found the fox until his third visit and even now the almost choking aura of evil that surrounded the Kyuubi sent a shiver up his spine but he wasn't afraid of the fox, in fact every time he had found himself in the sewer he had sought out the cage and tried to talk to his captive, after all he reasoned they might as well be friends since they were stuck together, usually the response he got was nothing more than angry growls and threats but he had got a few pieces of useful information out of the fox even if it had probably never intended them to be helpful.

He turned the corner smiling as the large bars of the gate that held the Kyuubi loomed before him. He walked forward a few steps before pausing, usually by now he could feel the fox's aura of malice but it seemed to be missing. He took a few steps closer to the bars his eyes searching for any sign of the fox and finding none, his brow wrinkled in concentration, normally the fox would be pressing itself against the bars in it's attempts to attack him or escape. He stood still for a few seconds concentrating as he attempted to find any signs of where the fox had gone, he heard what sounded like... sobbing? From beyond the bars which only served to confuse him more. Who, or what was sobbing? And what where they doing in the fox's seal?

He took a deep breath before calling out "Hello?!"

There was a pause before Naruto picked up a quiet reply of "Go away." amongst the now quieter sobs.

Naruto frowned slightly and walked right up to the bars before pausing yet again although he knew the fox couldn't kill him, this had been one of the pieces of information Kyuubi had accidently let slip, he was still a little wary about stepping into it's domain. His curiosity however soon overcame his reservation about continuing and he slipped between the bars concentrating and conjuring a faintly glowing orb to illuminate his path, yet another piece of information the Kyuubi had let slip was that he could create whatever he wanted in this place, it was his brain after all, he headed deeper into the almost cloying darkness of the seal following the sound of crying.

Naruto soon found the source of the crying curled up on the floor in a foetal position her arms wrapped firmly around her legs as her body heaved with her sobs, a veil of deep red hair covered her face although Naruto could see tears glimmering in the light of the little orb her had created. She wasn't much older than Naruto himself maybe 17 or 18 and was wearing a dark red, almost black, dress that hugged her curves. Naruto frowned slightly, feeling a strange fluttering sensation in his stomach and a gentle warmth that seemed to radiate from his chest, and squatted down so his head was level with hers, he hated seeing anyone sad but for some reason every tear that fell from her cheeks seemed like a dagger to his heart, "Hello." he said his concern for the woman in front of him evident in his voice.

"I'm sorry" was the chocked reply from the girl as she went into a renewed bout of sobbing

"Sorry?" Naruto echoed "Sorry for what?"

"Everything." she replied raising her head to meet his her hair parting and letting Naruto see her face.

Naruto gasped as his gaze immediately locked onto her eyes, his heart skipping a beat, they were red with black slitted pupils! "You're the fox!" he spluttered, noticing the tails that waved behind her for the first time; he had assumed there wavering forms were merely a trick of the light. Kyuubi forced back a blush that threatened to overtake her face as she gazed into his soulful blue eyes, his memories simply couldn't do those eyes justice, truthfully she felt a deep compassion for the boy and had however briefly contemplated making him her mate, after all he had all the qualities she desired; he was kind and gentle yet he had this aura of strength and determination about him that belied his youth, he possessed a mischievous streak that almost rivalled her own, and she knew with the utmost certainty that he would gladly sacrifice his very soul if it meant his partner would be happy. She had however refused to dwell on those thoughts, no point getting her hopes up, he may be willing to forgive almost anything but there was no way he would be able to forgive her for what she had done to his village and the suffering she had caused.

Kyuubi nodded "Yes" she said her voice barely audible

Naruto shook his head in confusion, the fox was a girl?! Why was she apologizing? Why did she seem so sad all of a sudden? Why wasn't she threatening him like usual? What were these weird feelings running through his mind? And why did seeing her sad hurt him so much? It was all far too much to take in "You're a girl?" he asked dumbly his mouth seeming to work without any input from his mind.

Kyuubi blinked in surprise, she had expected a few thing but that question wasn't one of them, "Yes I am" she confirmed the faintest hint of humour tingeing her otherwise sombre tone.

Naruto shook his head clearing the other thoughts aside "So why are you crying?" if he knew maybe he could cheer her up!

Kyuubi hung her head again "I've caused so much suffering" she said faintly "To the village but mostly to you... I'm so sorry Naruto-sama."

Naruto's mouth opened and closed soundlessly, he had totally no idea how to respond to what Kyuubi had just told him, for once the loudest ninja in Konoha was lost for words. He briefly wondered if this was some trick on the fox's part to gain control or hurt him but his instincts where telling him to trust her and he always listened to his instincts after all if you grew up with almost everyone hating you then you got good at guessing peoples intentions. "Why'd you do it?" he finally asked after a heavy pause.

Kyuubi lifted her head to look at Naruto again; she found no hate in his eyes nor any fear just curiosity and kindness "That's just it, I don't really know" she said "I was summoned to this realm by another human" there was a pause as she searched for a name "Madara Uchiha I believe he was called, then he looked me in the eyes and all I can remember from then on is red. Only recently has the veil started to lift but even now it still tries to encroach on my mind. I only know what I've done to you and Konoha through your memories." she sniffed her tears stopped for now "I know what I've done is inexcusable and I won't bother asking for forgiveness" she lowered her gaze to the floor "I'll except any punishment you deem fit."

Naruto smiled "You're right" he agreed "I can't forgive you" Kyuubi's head sunk lower and she gave a soft sob "Because there's nothing to forgive."

Kyuubi's head snapped up her face the picture of surprise "What?" she stuttered her eyes gazing into his and once again finding no trace of malice

Naruto just gave one of his famous grins "You weren't in control of yourself when you attacked and you definitely aren't the cause of what happened in my life" his voice darkened slightly, his eyes flashing with suppressed sadness for a second, as he talked about himself but quickly perked back up as he continued "So there's nothing to forgive Kyuubi-chan."

"Kyuubi-chan?" Kyuubi repeated incredulously staring at Naruto her tears restarting as relief and happiness flooded her mind, even after all she'd done he considered her a friend? It was way more than she had even hoped possible. He had forgiven her! Maybe there was some hope after all, maybe just maybe she could becomes mates with Naruto a small blush appeared on her cheeks at the thought.

Naruto panicked as he saw her tears flowing again "Are you crying because I called you Kyuubi-chan?!" he said frantically "I'm sorry I won't do it again! What should I call you!"

Kyuubi shook her head a small giggle escaping her lips as the tears continued to fall "No, no, it's fine you can call me Kyuubi-chan if you want"

"The why are you crying? Whatever I did I promise I won't do it again just please stop crying!" Naruto continued frantically; he absolutely hated being the one to make people cry even more so since he had designated Kyuubi-chan as one of his precious people.

Kyuubi smiled "Baka! I'm crying because I'm happy!"

Naruto blinked in surprise and paused "You can do that?" Kyuubi gave him another big smile and nodded causing Naruto's face to light up as he smiled right back "That's weird." he said bluntly.

Kyuubi giggled gently "I'm a giant demon fox, very little about me isn't weird." she pointed out with a slight smirk.

Naruto nodded "Hmmm true." he conceded a large yawn interrupting him before he could say anything else and causing him to give an embarrassed chuckle "I guess I should go to sleep soon, otherwise I'll be late for school tomorrow." Kyuubi's face flashed with disappointment for only a second before she caught herself but nevertheless Naruto noticed his grin fading "I'm sorry." he almost whispered feeling he had somehow let her down.

Kyuubi shook her head "It's no problem, I just wanted to talk for a little while longer." she gave him her best grin.

Naruto nodded in understanding and fell silent for a second "I'll talk to you first thing in the morning then." he declared pausing for another second before leaning over and giving Kyuubi and peck on the cheek his face slightly flashed "Night Kyuubi-chan!" he declared waving at her and leaving a red faced and spluttering fox in his wake as he faded from his mindscape.

Naruto stretched as he opened his eyes, a silly grin plastered on his face, leaping to his feet he quickly shed his clothes and pulled on some pyjama's before throwing himself back onto the bed; he was out almost as soon as his head hit the pillow the grin never leaving his face.