Beneath The Surface

My name is Tobias. You would think that I'm an ordinary guy – I like hanging out with friends, listening to music and playing computer games, that sort of thing – but I'm not. I have a secret. It's not like any other secret you may have heard. I'm not having an affair with my teacher. I'm not hiding a crush that I have on a fellow student.

The fact is it's not anything like that. My teachers barely notice me. I've always been the shy guy who keeps to himself and does his work. I don't draw attention to myself. It comes as a surprise when someone actually remembers my name. As for crushes, there's a girl I like but I'm fairly certain she knows I like her so it isn't a secret.

No, my secret is much more out there. No one but a few friends knows who I really am or what I really am.

At school they all think I'm some kind of nerd, but they're all wrong. Sure I like to read and write but that's just a small part of me. If they knew the truth, if they knew the real me beneath the facade, their opinions of me would be very, very different. Unfortunately that would also put me and my friends in a lot of danger so they remain oblivious for now. Only my few friends can ever know the truth.

I can't say exactly what my secret is but I will say this. It's important. It may save the world. There are forces, so to speak, in the way as is usual for this sort of thing. I won't let them stop me. Us. The battle is on all around us and my friends and I are fighting it. Interpret that as you will.

My name is Tobias and I am as far from ordinary as you can get. Don't tell anyone though. It's better this way. Beneath the surface.