The Sky is my Home

"Today's, chasing me around

I go, crazy when you're

Outside of my world."

("40 Kinds of Sadness" by Ryan Cabrera)

It's probably a cliché for me to say this, but when Rachel isn't with me and when I'm not in the sky, riding the thermals, my life holds little meaning. Oh. And add to that list, the missions my friends and I go on in our attempt to save the human race from the Yeerk invasion.

Without those things, all I am is a boy trapped inside the body of a hawk. Not that I'm complaining. I would rather be a hawk than the lanky teenager with shaggy hair, average looks and nowhere to belong.

As I am now, I live in the sky. It is my home and I am free to roam wherever I please.

Even so, when I'm alone and fed and with nothing to keep my mind occupied, my thoughts get the better of me.

I am more complete now that I have the war against the Yeerks to focus on. I am more complete with my friends and with Rachel in my life.

Still, there is a part of me that yearns for something more, something that is just out of the grasp of my talons. And the worst thing is, i don't yet know what that something is.

To throw another cliché into the mix, maybe if I wait and see, time will tell. Actually, that was two clichés. Maybe time is all it will take for me to get some answers. I can hope.