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Nancy looked at the book on her desk with utter disgust. Writing a diary entry was bad enough by itself, but writing a diary entry into a pink, fluffy book, that (as if that wasn't enough already) also had a shiny little lock even a five year old could open by using only his fingernails was.... unthinkable.

Kirsty had given it to her an hour ago with the words: „Here! Write into it, it'll hopefully clear your head!" Nancy narrowed her eyes. She was still mad at Kirsty even though she knew how incredibly childish that was. She opened the book and grabbed a pen „Might as well try, I guess..." She thought as she started writing.

„Dear Diary..." Nancy stared at the words. Where should she start? Maybe just with her everyday life? „Today sucked." She wrote. Then she crossed it out with as much energy as she could. That certainly wasn't a good way to start a diary. It should help her get over Freddy after all, sowhat would writing that do? So she wrote „I guess I should write about Freddy, right?" That sounded a lot better.

Satisfied, she continued writing „Well, I am in a little bit of a weird situation right now. Including Freddy and Kirsty and Hypnocil and hell, , it's a little complicated..." She closed her eyes and tried to remember just how it all started.

3rd of August, Monday, Nancys house

Nancy was waken up by the sun shining on her face. She didn't have a dream, but that was normal to her since she started taking Hypnocil.

Yawning she looked at the clock on the table beside her bed. It was 7.30. Nancy sighed and got up. She was wearing a white nightdress, which wasn't exactly new anymore. She just liked it somehow. By the time she had gotten ready for her day it was 8.30. She remembered checking her bag when her phone rang. It was a textmessage from a girl she had met during a stay in England.

„Hey Nancy, I arrived in town yesterday. Meet me at Starbucks near the Park at 9.00 ? K." Nancy could have slapped herself for forgetting about the visit. She almost tripped when she ran out of the house to call a taxi. She barely gained her balance though. The taxidriver must have thought she was running away from something, she literally jumped into the car and simply hissed: „Park. Starbucks. Now." But at least it made him hit the gas.

When she finally arrived at the Starbucks, it was already 8.57. That wouldn't have been a reason to be afraid of being to late in any other case, but in this one it was. At least to Nancy. The girl she wanted to meet here was the only one who would ever truly understand what she'd been through, she had survived something similiar after all. But aside from that, she was also her best friend, who she hadn't seen in a year.

Nancy looked around, searching for a familiar face.

„Nancy! Over here!" She looked in the direction the voice came from and smiled.

At the table over there, waving at her, sat Kirsty.

Present, Nancys house

Nancy opened her eyes again. „It all started when Kirsty came for a visit. We, well, I mostly, decided she'd be staying with me so she wouldn't have to pay for the went really well, we had a lot of fun together, like at that one time when we went to the mall and that guy came up and..... Well, that's another story, really." Nancy blushed and tried not to would propably have woken up Kirsty.

„ And then we went back to Springwood to visit Rods and Tinas and Glens graves. And moms of course." Suddenly she didn't want to laugh anymore. She felt more like crying remembering what happened to them.

„They looked beautiful. Dad really did a good job." Her father had taken care of the graves after she moved.

„We visited him afterwards. He and Kirsty really liked each other. He said, that if he had a second daughter, he'd want it to be Kirsty. She laughed, but I think she was really sad, because it made her remember her dad. She told me he was killed by her uncle and her stepmother. I guess that could even be worse than what happened to my mom."

She closed her eyes for a second, trying to push the pictures of burning footsteps aside.

„We both needed to be cheered up after that. So we went to a club that night. It was fun, at least until those two boys started a fight over something ridiculous right in front of us. We left after that. Staying in a Hotel for the night seemed like a good idea, so we did.

That's when we got into an argument. I had given Kirsty my Hypnocil when we went to the club and told her that if I fell asleep, the first thing she should do is give me one of those pills."

Nancys grip on her pen increased when she recalled their argument that night.

9th of August, sunday , Hotel in Springwood

Nancy yawned. She didn't know if she should be angry or amused.

„What some people do because of something like that... They ruined the whole evening." She said.

Kirsty was definitely more amused than angry. „Aw, come on Nancy. It was funny. Did you see how that frat boy looked at you when you told him to take a hike? Priceless!"

Nancy could have ranted about how people getting in a fight was not „priceless" and even less „funny". Especially when it was because of her.

But she was to exhausted. She just wanted to go to sleep right away.

„Whatever. Look, I'm pretty tired, so could you give me the Hypnocil?"

Kirsty grinned. „Sure, I know it's been an exhausting day. Wait, it should be here somewhere..."

She started rummaging about in her purse.

„Oh shit... I was sure I took them with me... Where could they have gone?"

Nancy came closer, hoping she was talking about her lipstick or something like that.

Something replacable. „What is it?" She asked, afraid of hearing the answer.

Kirsty looked at her with a worried look on her face.

„I... I'm terribly sorry Nanc, I'm sure I still had them in my handbag when we went to that club, but..."

She stopped talking and looked down.

„Don't tell me you lost my Hypnocil!" Nancy gulped and the look on her face changed from nervous to horrified.

„Uhm... I'm afraid I did..." Kirsty knew what that meant as well as Nancy did.

„What???" Nancy shouted that question.

„I suppose 'sorry' doesn't quite cut it?"

Present, Nancys House

Nancy felt her face go red with anger. „Stupid!" She thought „How stupid could one be to lose the Hypnocil?!" She knew she was being unfair, but it simply felt better to have someone to blame. She breathed in and out slowly, calming herself, before she continued writing.

„After that,I decided I just had to stay awake, because we were both exhausted and if at least Kirsty could get some sleep we could get out of town the next day. I promised to stay awake and wake her up if it looked like she was having a bad dream." She made a face. „Ha! As if that ever worked before! I should have known! Well, anyway, I sat down at the coach with a cup of coffee and watched a Horror movie. I figured that if that didn't keep me awake, nothing would. Double Ha! As if I never tried that before. But hey, I was desperate." Yes, she had really been desperate. Desperate enough to watch „Jason X" four times in a row. And, what a surprise, when she was watching Jason kill some random people in space for the fifth time, she fell asleep....

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