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Chapter 1: Waiting for Lily

"She is coming, isn't she?"

"Yes Draco. I'm pretty sure she's coming, she said she would."

"But what if she isn't? What if her aunt said that she couldn't come?"

Lucius Malfoy stepped of the tent as that moment, intent on speaking with Minister Cornelius Fudge, when he noticed his son, Draco Malfoy, and one of Draco's closest friends, Blaise Zabini. Blaise looked exasperated with Draco, who seemed to be rather irritated himself. "Is something wrong?"

Blaise sighed. "Draco thinks that Lily isn't coming."

"Actually, there were some things Petunia had to take care of before she let Lily leave. She'll be coming in about half an hour, so you two needn't worry. Sirius recently informed me that, since she'll be staying with us—"


"—after the Cup and until the start of school, she's been packing. Now if you two will excuse me."

Lucius strode off and Draco growled. "What the bloody hell is she packing? Everything and the kitchen sink? We have a sink here! She doesn't need to take it with her—unlike the Weasel. I'm sure his parents make him, since the rest of the Weasleys don't want to get contaminated with his idiocy."

Blaise shrugged as he watched a fuming Ron Weasley pass by with the twins, who were waving at the two Slytherins and grinning madly. The twins seemed to enjoy the teasing to which Ron was being subjected, but their acknowledging the Slytherins meant that there was a meeting for the sparse members of the Association of the Lost. The boy stood up, shaking his head. "Ask her that when she gets here."

"Hn. Come on Blaise. We don't want to keep A.L. waiting, do we?"

Blaise shrugged once more. "That really depends on your mood, doesn't it?"

"Shut up."

The pair went wandering around the field and, in a matter of minutes, found the some of AL members that were at the Cup—Cedric, Terry, Pansy, Crabbe and Goyle. Cedric seemed to be looked around for someone and his eyes locked on the pair almost immediately. "Lily's not here yet?"

Blaise shook his head. "Not yet."

"Oh." Cedric frowned to himself before walking away, not noticing the glare he was getting from Draco, nor the dark look Blaise had shot in his direction.

"How are the tin cans doing?" Blaise asked, intent on distracting Draco from staring holes into the back of Diggory's head.

Pansy sighed. "Okay. Voldemort's holed up in some house and he supposedly has a servant of his at Hogwarts—and it's definitely not Pettigrew."

Terry frowned at that. "Isn't Pettigrew dead?"

Pansy shook her head at the Ravenclaw boy. "No. Pettigrew's alive. At least, if Lily's dreams are anything to go by. Thanks for sending her letters our way, Blaise. But we can't be sure about what she saw. Dreams can just be dreams, you know."

The dark haired boy nodded, ignoring the stare he was getting from Draco. Before he could say anything, however, the Weasley twins appeared behind Pansy. "If we may—"

"—Make a suggestion?"

"Uh, sure…"

"We all know that all—"

"—The people currently at Hogwarts—"

"—Whom we know, despise Voldemort."

"So we should probably—"

"—Check out the new teachers—"

"—And those we don't know."

"Not everything—"

"—Is as it seems, you know."

"We need to look past—"

"—Outward appearances—"

"—And get a little more personal."

Crabbe and Goyle stared at the twins. The two bulky boys had never gotten used to their way of speaking. Blaise looked thoughtful, however. "We need to hold a full meeting as soon as possible. Send owls out to all the members, including those that graduated. It'll be held the first Hogsmeade weekend back. Now, come on Draco. Lily should be at the tent by now."

"Right…" The pair made their way back to the Malfoys' tent when Draco finally voiced something that had been weighing on his mind for a while now. "Why didn't she write to us?"

"Who knows?"

"But…this is Lily. Lily was the one who nearly killed me the summer before first year—"

"Technically, sending you a howler would not killing you."

Draco snorted as he stormed into the tent. "Whatever. Anyway, she was really angry at us when we didn't write to her, so where does she get off not writing back to us?"

"Because she couldn't."

Draco rounded on Blaise. "And what makes you say that?"

Blaise blinked. "I didn't say anything."

Draco scowled, obviously not believing him. "Then who—?!" Blaise cut him off, pointing over at a couch that faced away from them. A person, a child of their age sat there, with crimson hair cut short. The locks on the person's right were longest, brushing to just below the chin while—from what the boys could tell—the back and left sides were shorter, cut up to the ear.

Blaise and Draco advanced a few steps before Draco's usual arrogant Malfoy nature kicked in. "Who are you to presume to enter a Malfoy's tent? I do not believe anyone invi—"


The sharp interruption was from his father, who stood with Sirius Black. The pair had been conversing—on what, who knows?—and Lucius looked fairly annoyed with his son's actions.

"Yes father?"

"I do believe that you invited the young lady here."

Draco sputtered at that but was cut off, this time by the intruder. "You, you did." The voice had a drawl similar to Draco's manner of speaking. The intruder stood and walked over to the two boys. By now they could tell it was a girl, who was but an inch or so shorter than Draco. One of the longer locks of her hair was dyed black and her right arm was in a sling. She grinned at the boy, bright blue eyes laughing. " 'Allo Blaise. Draco."

Blink once, twice, thrice.


Lily nodded brightly. "Yep. Sorry I couldn't owl you guys. I was really busy this summer."

"What happened to your arm? What is that thing on your arm?!'

Lily blinked rapidly, trying to figure out what thing Draco was talking about, before looking down and grinning. "Oh, this? I had a wee accident and broke my arm."

Sirius snorted at that. "Falling down a flight of steps in the Muggle Underground, breaking your arm and ending up in a Muggle hospital with a cast on is not a 'wee accident'."

Lily blushed as Blaise gaped at her. "You fell down a flight of stairs? How?"

Draco, however, snickered. "You're such a klutz… Ow! Lily, why did you kick me?!"

Lily smirked. "Because my arm's still recovering, stupid."


"What? I'm not about to risk injuring my arm any more than I have to on your thick skull."

Lily watched Draco indulge in mocking Weasley, frowning. "Blaise?"


"What exactly happened at the end of last year?"

Blaise kept his expression as neutral as possible. "What do you mean?"

Lily frowned and turned to her friend. "Draco's letters. Why was he asking about liking other boys? Who confessed to him?"

Blaise glanced at Draco, who was completely engrossed in making Weasley into a bigger fool than he already was, before shrugging. "I have no idea. But Draco is at that age, you know."

"That age?"

Blaise grinned. "Yeah, that age. You know it, don't you? With Cedric. He was asking about you."

The Gryffindor blinked rapidly as the meaning of the words sunk in and her cheeks heated up though she wasn't blushing. "What? N-no! It's not like that! We're just friends."



Blaise nodded at her words but Lily felt like there was something off. She wasn't sure what it could be though. It was just…the grin didn't seem real and she felt like he didn't believe her anymore… She sighed and looked down. Maybe she should have tried one of those quick quotes quills like Sirius had suggested?


"Hm?" Blue eyes blinked up at Blaise and tilted her head. "What is it?"

Blaise sighed and shook his head before reaching out and tugging at her short hair. "Why'd you cut it?"

Lily shrugged. "I wanted a change."

"Well, it's not much of a change. You don't look as short as you really are, even if you haven't grown."

This time Lily's cheeks really did turn a rosy red and she tried hitting Blaise with the arm that was in the cast. "S-shut up! That's not funny Blaise!"