Facing Temptation Head On

She can see them out in the control room joking around, talking and having fun and it is all she can do to not discard the stack of paperwork before her and join them. John is leaning casually over one of the consoles, Rodney by his side and Ronon is flexing his muscles while they look on. All three of them are grinning like idiots.

She is grateful for yet another time in her life that she has remarkable self control. If she didn't, she'd be over there with them already. If she didn't, she'd be sharing at Ronon from up close rather than from all the way back in her office.

She sighs and ignores the flutter in her stomach as Ronon glances her way.

He turns and says something to the other two who nod and exchange meaningful looks before straightening up and walking off. Before she can wonder what he said Ronon makes his way towards her.

Oh god.

She swallows and tries to clear the image of him showing off his well toned muscles from her mind.

No luck.

Oh god, oh god, oh gods!

She ducks her head down and pretends to be absorbed in her paperwork, which is quite difficult considering that she can't remember what exactly it's about. Her face feels hot.

"Dr Weir?"

She swallows again and slowly raises her eyes to look at him. She forces a smile onto her face. "Ronon," she replies.

He returns the smile and it's an awkward one and she realises that he is just as nervous as he is.

"Want some company?"

"What?" It's the last question she'd have expected from him. He wants to keep her company? Really?

The smile she offers is far from forced. She nods at the chair across from her. "Sure," she tells him. "That would be nice."

It isn't until ten minutes later that she realises her mistake. She'll not be getting any more work done until Ronon has left.

She finds she doesn't care.