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I'm not much good at making everything fit in a timescale, so don't expect this to be bound by a calendar. Also, any suggestions for a better title would be appreciate. ^^

"Wake up, Kagamin~," a familiar voice said, snapping Kagami out of her sleep as it had so often over the past month. A sigh escaped the tsundere's lips when she realised it was nothing more than the end of her dream, rather than Konata's voice. When was the last time Konata had actually woken her? Wasn't it when she'd had a cold? That was weeks ago, now, and the girl wished that it could happen more – she had eventually, after weeks of thought, especially during her brief illness, decided that she loved the blue-haired otaku. Not that anyone was going to be told…

Kagami's alarm-clock showed that she'd woken up early, as usually happened when her dreams turned to her friend, and there wasn't enough time to go back to sleep. All there was to do was properly get up and prepare for school. Sighing once again, the purple-haired youth set about the task with little enthusiasm.


Kagami didn't receive a chance to speak to Konata until lunch, the shorter girl having spent most of the night gaming and having arrived late to school as a result. The combined efforts of Miyuki, Tsukasa and Kagami couldn't get Konata to speak as she had a short time before, the cerulean-haired one having been oddly quiet and preoccupied recently, unknowingly causing Kagami to worry that something was wrong or that the one she loved might have fallen in love with someone else. Outwardly, however, Kagami acted as if nothing was different, not wanting to give anyone a clue to her feelings for her friend, not even her twin.

"You seem worried, Kagamin! Thinking of someone you like?" Konata exclaimed, much to everyone's surprise, Miyuki and Tsukasa having started a conversation about which flowers should be taken when visiting the sick and Kagami having returned to worrying.

"Sh-shut up!" Kagami roared, unable to stop a blush spreading across her face but secretly pleased to be teased and to see Konata's signature grin again.

"Kagami's in love! She didn't deny it! The otaku teased, earning a loud denial before the tsundere changed topic. Konata acted like her normal self for the rest of the day, save for when she thought no-one was looking. Then she let the façade drop, allowing an uncharacteristic exhausted, apprehensive look to settle on her features. Kagami caught sight of the expression several times, unable to resist sneaking surreptitious glances at the smaller girl.


"It's nice to see Kona-chan back to normal, isn't it?" Tsukasa happily commented that night, surprising her twin, since Kagami had been absorbed in her homework.

"Yes it is… did you notice how she seemed tired when she thought no-one was looking?" The tsundere asked, quickly realising she had just admitted to looking at Konata frequently enough to notice an expression the blue-haired girl had been trying to hide.

"No, I didn't. Onee-chan is really observant to notice that." Tsukasa complimented, the unintentional hidden meaning going right over her head. "But now you mention it, it does seem strange that she went from quiet to talkative so quickly."

"Maybe she's ill. I hope not." Kagami suggested. I really hope she isn't, I'll have to check tomorrow. I don't want to needlessly worry…

"I hope she isn't as well." Tsukasa said, finishing the conversation off when she yawned and said goodnight to the longer-haired sibling, leaving Kagami to finish her homework.

I really hope she's not hiding something from us… Kagami thought before slipping into a troubled sleep, dreams of Konata dying or hating her filling the night.

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