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Suddenly Alice's glazed over in a way I knew all too well. "Alice! What is it?! What do you see?!" She screamed, "Bella!! NO, EDWARD STOP!" I turned to the others, "Carlisle, we need to go!" Carlisle turned to the wolves and told them to run, that we would take care of Bella, the Volturi didn't honor treaties with wolves.

Alice was the only one who knew where to go, so we followed her lead. As we bolted through the forest I could smell something too familiar. Burning vampire. Edward had to be safe! I only hoped Bella was too! As we came to the edge of the tree line I could see Bella standing on the other side of a pyre. All I could feel from her was shock. It was so strong that it brought me to my knees. I didn't realize I was projecting the shock to the others till I heard Esme cry out.

"NO! It can't be!" I turned to look where her eyes were focused. I saw an arm that was charred at the shoulder, and realized on the wrist, was Edward's cuff with the Cullens' crest on it. I turned to Alice, the look on her face told me we were too late! Everyone was stilled frozen in shock.

Rose held on to Emmet, who was sobbing uncontrollably. Carisle had his arms around Esme. There was nothing we could do....

"We were too late! Stupid wolves! I didn't see it!" I turned to hold Alice and she suddenly went ridged. She was in a vision. "The Volturi will be here in 2 minutes and 15 seconds we need to protect Bella!" I stood and turned to where Bella was kneeling. The shock was gone, all that was left was determination, sorrow, and a small spark of happiness.

I understood the sorrow, but the other two feelings confused me. She looked at me and smiled. "The Volturi are coming for us, Bella. You need to come stand by us!" I took one step towards her to get around the flames.

"STOP!" I turned to Alice, her face contorted in horror. We looked to her, and she whispered, "Don't take another step, she'll jump..." Jump?! What was she talking about?! I turned back to Bella, she was much closer to the fire now, too close that even if i wanted to my vampire speed couldn't catch her.

"Bella, please come over to us. We can keep you safe!" Alice held me in place, But Bella was so close to the fire now, I could see her skin getting redder from the heat. "45 seconds! Please Bella don't do this!" If she could cry Alice would be drowning in her own tears.