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Jesse Cromwell sat at his desk in the Defense classroom, it was almost time for his son and James, Sirius and his younger selfs class to start. As his son entered the room, Jesse could smell Sirius in him as well as next to him. He couldn't believe it when he smelled Sirius over the flowers he used to smell on his sons body, the flowery smell which meant virginity and innocence. All of the sudden he felt the sudden erge to rip the boy who had made his son a man to shreds. He looked up and Harry gave his father a small smile from his seat at the front of the room by Sirius, Jesse could clearly see that they were holding hands under the table, and smiled silently. Harry's happiness was good enough, for now.


Sirius smiled as Harry reached for his hand under the table. He was is love. Yep, you heard correctly, Sirius Orion Black, Hogwarts bad- boy and supposedly man- whore was in love. With Harrison Cromwell, whos father just happened to be staring Sirius down.

'Bad Sirius.' Sirius thought. 'He's a werewolf he can probably feel emotions or some shiz… oh, god Harry, I love you. Great! Now I sound like some love struck teenage girl!'

"Sear, you okay," Harry asked. "It looks like your having some kind of internal fight with yourself, or you have an invisible mirror in front of you." Harry said as an after thought.

Sirius smiled. "No, I'm just thinking."

"Believe me," James started. "That's VERY hard for him."

Sirius glared as his soon to be ex- best friend.

Remus gave his boyfriend a loving look and as he 'bent over to get a quill from his bag' he kissed James' on the side of the mouth.

James moaned a bit and smiled at Remus, Sirius had never seen such pure love on James' face before.

Harry smiled at his two best friends and his boyfriend and re- grabbed Sirius' hand, not caring that everyone could see that Harrison Potter and Sirius Black were dating. If they hadn't gotten the memo when Sirius and Harry were snogging at the breakfast table, they would never get it.

Proffesser Cromwell cleared his throat, so the four boys went back to working on their class work.


"Mmmmm" Harry moaned as Sirius sucked on his neck.

The two boys were currently in a broom coverd on the fourth floor of Hogwarts.

"Oh, god, Sirius." Harry moaned again as Sirius sucked on a part right under Harry's ears.

"Harry…" Sirius sighed when Harry pushed Sirius roughly against the wall, right before Harry started sucking on Sirius' tounge.

Sirius pushed Harry against the wall and pulled off his already unbuttoned before un- zipping Harry's pants and pulling off both those and Harry's boxer shorts, when the door burst open.

Harry and Sirius pulled away from each other, putting on clothes as fast as possible and turned to see Jesse Cromwell, in other words… Harry's dad.

"ER… hi dad?" Harry said nervously.

Jesse closed his eyes and took a deep breath. "It's after hours Harry, Sirius. Get up to your dorms… we WILL discuss this tomorrow. You can count on it." Jesse glared at Sirius, while Harry took Sirius hand and ran.


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