New Guardian, New Life

By: Sheltie

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Chapter 1

Harry laid on his bed going over and over what had happened in the Department of Mysteries. He felt a tear fall as his mind went back to see Sirius fall through the veil. But what really made him want to cry was the fact that he almost lost his best friend. He could still feel the panic, the mind-numbing sensation that his friend was possibly dead. He still saw her still body in his dreams. But his thoughts were interrupted by a knock. Harry didn't bother since it was from the front door and probably a neighbor or something.

"Mr. Dursley?" a stern voice asked.

"And who are you?" Vernon asked warily.

"I am Amelia Bones, head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, and I'm here to take Harry Potter" Amelia Bones said in official tone.

Harry sat up as he heard the person say their name and wondered why the director of Magical Law Enforcement was here. He didn't perform any underage magic, so why was she here?

"I will not have a freak in my house!" Vernon shouted.

"I will be out of your hair once I have Harry" Madam Bones said in a stern tone that meant there was no negotiation at all.

Harry rushed downstairs to see madam Bones standing in front of Vernon not budging at all.

"Madam Bones" Harry called.

"Ah Mr. Potter, it's nice to see you again, will you please gather your things I'm going to taking you away from this place" madam Bones said smiling.

Harry nodded and rushed upstairs packed all his stuff and wondered why he never saw madam Bones at the Order meetings, but didn't think she was an imposter or anything. He could feel that this was the real her for some reason. Once he was all set he ran back downstairs where madam Bones was waiting and his uncle was seething.

"Harry will not be returning to this place ever again" madam Bones said and she took Harry's hand and led him away.

Once they were outside Harry's curiosity couldn't be contained.

"Madam Bones are we going to headquarters?" Harry asked.

Madam Bones looked confused and she stopped.

"Harry, do you not know anything about Sirius's will?" she asked.

Harry shook his head.

"After your godfather's death I was made you magical guardian as to his will" madam Bones said.

Harry nodded though he was still confused.

Madam Bones pulled Harry tight to her after she shrunk his trunk and with a 'Pop' they were gone.

/Scene Break/

Albus Dumbledore was sitting in his office think about what he had to do for the coming year. He had to create a wedge between Harry and Miss Granger, they were getting too close to one another and he had other plans for them. But his thoughts were halted by the sound of his silver magical instruments going haywire. Luckily he was able to repair them after Harry's magic destroyed them. He got up and saw that the wards around Privet Drive have fallen. He called his deputy and asked her to come with him to Privet Drive immediately.

When the two arrived they found the house in good shape, but when asked where Harry was the Dursleys said some strange looking witch took him and good riddance to bad rubbish. What they didn't know was that madam Bones put a complex memory charm on them that even Legilimency couldn't break. Dumbledore and McGonagall left with Dumbledore confused and McGonagall furious at the headmaster for leaving Harry with them.

/Scene Break/

Hermione Granger was sitting at home in her room reading. She was still recovering from her injuries when a knock on her door interrupted her.

"Come in" she called.

"Hermione dear, a friend of yours is here to see you" her mother said.

Hermione rushed to get up ignoring her pain in hopes that it was Harry. When she got downstairs she was disappointed when she saw it wasn't Harry, but a girl her age with blond hair done up in pigtails, Susan Bones.

"Susan, what are you doing here?" Hermione asked as she reached for her wand.

Susan looked and smiled, "hello Hermione, I'm here to get your family to a secure location."

Hermione blinked.

"What are you talking about Susan?" the brainy Gryffindor asked confused.

"My auntie, you know, Amelia Bones, discovered that she was made the legal magical guardian of Harry and when she found that out she went to get him, but I told her that if he were to stay with us he'd want his best friend with him" Susan said.

Hermione worked everything that Susan had told her in her head, but couldn't help to ask one question.

"Why me?" she asked.

Susan laughed.

"Really Hermione, for the brightest witch of our age you can be quite dim" the Hufflepuff said smiling.

Hermione frowned she didn't like when someone insulted her intelligence.

"Come on get packed we have to go now" Susan said urgently.

"But my parents" Hermione said.

"My aunt send them an owl earlier so they are all ready we're just waiting for you" Susan said quickly.

Hermione nodded and rushed to her room pack what she could and in no time was back down in her living room with her parents set and ready.

"Here, this is a portkey it will take us to Bones manor" Susan said taking out an old worn out inner tube.

They all grabbed on and with a feel of having a hook in their navel they were gone.

/Scene Break/

Susan and the Grangers landed with a thump.

"Hermione" someone called as she was pulled from the pile.

She felt a pair of arms around her and she felt safe. She looked up to see Harry staring down at her smiling. She smiled back. She didn't know what was going on, but as long as Harry was here with her she knew she could make it through.

"Mr. and Mrs. Granger" Harry said greeting her parents.

"It's nice to meet you, Harry" Mrs. Granger said smiling taking the boy's hand.

Mr. Granger did the same and shook Harry's hand.

"Harry, will you tell me what's going on?" Hermione asked.

"That's what I want to know, Susan do you think you and your aunt can tell us now, we're all here now" Harry said turning to the buxom blond.

Susan nodded and led the group to the sitting room where her aunt was waiting.

"Mr. and Mrs. Granger it's a pleasure to meet you" madam Bones said getting up.

"It's nice to meet you, but what's going on?" Mr. Granger said as he shook her hand.

"Please sit."

They did and madam Bones began.

"I got a letter from Gringotts telling me that was now legal magical guardian of Harry. Now I didn't even know that I was named, but I felt very honored," madam Bones said.

"What did the letter say exactly?" Hermione asked.

Madam Bones handed over the letter.

Dear Madam Bones

We of Gringotts have the liberty to tell you that you've been made the magical guardian of Harry James Potter in accordance to Sirius Orion Black's Will. If you wish to not be Mr. Potter guardian please sent a letter back. If you are willing to take guardianship than please inform Mr and Mrs. Granger that they've made Mr. Potter guardians in the Muggle world and have them sign the forms enclosed.


Account Manager


"When did Sirius have time to make a will?" Harry asked after he read the letter.

Madam Bones shrugged in reply.

"So what do we have to do?" Mrs. Granger asked.

"Well, here are the forms you need to sign to make you guardians to Harry in the Muggle world, if you want" madam Bones said handing the Grangers the papers.

The two Grangers read it through and nodded then signed after it was signed it glowed and disappeared.

"The forms have been filed with Gringotts, the Ministry, and your government" madam Bones said as an explanation.

"What about the magical guardian thing?" Harry asked curiously.

"Well, since you are over fourteen our laws state that you are able to choose your magical guardian and if you want me all you have to say is yes that you accept me as your guardian and then it will be final" Madam Bones said.

Harry accepted and he and madam Bones glowed for a moment making it final and unbreakable.

"Okay, now that is settled then, can you please tell me why my parents and I are here?" Hermione asked feeling that she was patient enough.

"It's quite simply really, from what Susan has told me, is that you are Harry's most trusted friend and companion and my main focus is Harry's wellbeing and Susan told me that if you weren't safe then he'd worry about you until he knew you were, so I made sure that you were by inviting you to stay here" madam Bones said.

"This is all good and all, but why?" Mr. Granger asked very confused.

Harry looked at Hermione and knew she hasn't be truthful to her parents and decided it was time.

"I can tell you why Mr. Granger, but I must warn you that my story will not be pleasant and you might not your daughter around me afterwards" Harry said cautiously.

"Please tells us Harry, then we'll decided later" Mrs. Granger prompted.

Harry told them about his childhood, which was made up of beating, slave work, and being berate on a daily basis. This left the adults teary eyed and wanting to go Dursley hunting. Susan was crying and Hermione, who was sitting by Harry, was holding onto him tightly. He then told them about his years at Hogwarts leaving nothing out, except what he thought wasn't important. Hermione helped tell this as she was part of most of it. He ended by telling them the prophecy.

"And that's why Voldemort is after me and will continue to be after me" Harry said finishing and feeling drained.

No one spoke as they assimilated what they've been told, until madam Bones broke the silence.

"Let's retire to bed and in the morning we'll be more refreshed and then we'll tackle these issues."

The others agreed and were shown to their rooms.

/Scene Break/

It was about eleven in the morning when they got together in the sitting room to discuss what they had heard last night.

"Mr. and Mrs. Granger, I will understand if you want to have nothing to do with me and not let me see Hermione anymore, but I plead with you to leave England, because it won't be safe for you here" Harry said.

"Harry, I'm not leaving you and I don't care what my parents say. I've stuck by you ever since you saved me from that troll and I'm not going to abandon you now" Hermione said firmly.

Mr. and Mrs. Granger saw the look in their daughter's eye and knew there was no way to change her mind.

"Harry, as much as we'd love to take Hermione away from you and all this, I don't think it will happen" Mr. Granger said sighing.

Mrs. Granger nodded sadly.

"Harry, I thought about all you said last night and I'm not pleased that Dumbledore knew and didn't do anything to train you, so I'm taking upon myself to train you and Hermione if you will let me" madam Bones said.

"Any help is appreciated, thank you" Harry said smiling slightly.

"Auntie, I want to train also" Susan said firmly.

Madam Bones looked shocked, but nodded. She knew that Susan would be a lot safer with training than without.

"Dumbledore will not be happy and will try to find me, so what are we going to do?" Harry asked.

A sudden burst of flame startled everyone with four of them drawing their wands.

"Fawkes, what are you doing here?" Harry asked curiously.

"Careful Harry, that's Dumbledore's phoenix he might try to take without your consent" madam Bones warned.

Harry though looked the phoenix in the eye and knew that wasn't the case, he was here to help.

"He's here on his own accord Madam Bones" Harry said with certainty as he walked up to the majestic bird.

Fawkes stared right at Harry and he stared right back and a wave of memories and thoughts crashed into his mind. When he looked away he was very angry.

"That manipulative old fool" Harry growled.

"What is it Harry?" Hermione asked moving to stand beside Harry.

"He was going to dose us with love potion with yours keyed on to Ron and mine keyed on to Ginny" Harry said calming a bit, but still very angry.

"Why would he do that?" Hermione asked in shock.

"Because he doesn't like how close we are to one another, he wants me to be with a pureblood witch and you're in the way of that" Harry said clenching his fist.

Hermione was appalled, sure she had a little crush on Ron, but that had passed and her full focus was now on Harry and only on Harry.

"I can't believe he would do such a thing" Hermione said still in disbelief.

"Can someone fill us in, please?" Mrs. Granger said confused.

"Mr. and Mrs. Granger, love potions only give you the impression that you're in love with someone, not the real thing. They are banned because they can be very lethal and in some cases deadly," madam Bones said in a stern tone.

"That old coot was going to drug my daughter" Mr. Granger roared.

"He can try, but I promise you, sir that I will do everything in my power to protect Hermione with my life" Harry said with conviction.

The two adult Grangers saw what their daughter always saw. A young man with a strong moral fiber who is willing to sacrifice himself just to save their daughter.

"Thank you Fawkes" Harry said turning back to the phoenix.

Fawkes trilled and disappeared in a flash of flame.

"I don't understand, why'd Dumbledore's familiar would give you a warning?" madam Bones asked confused as why Dumbledore's familiar would be helping Harry.

"Fawkes was never Dumbledore's in the beginning, you never really own a phoenix. He just came around when Dumbledore needed help with Grindelwald and decided to stay with him after. But became upset with the headmaster when he started to play games with people's lives. So he his now going to help me as he knows what I have to do" Harry explained.

"How's he going to help?" Susan asked curiously.

Harry smiled.

"He's going to be our spy and pass on any information that will helps us."

Madam Bones nodded.

"That sounds great since we've never had one before since the old coot is very secretive. Too secretive."

"Agreed, but who do we take out first Dumbledore or You-Know-Who?" Susan asked.

"I think that you should get used to saying his name first" Harry said.

Susan gulped.

Harry moved towards Susan and put a hand on the busty blonde's shoulder.

"There's nothing to fear in a name Susan, and that's all it is just a name" Harry said gently.

Susan nodded and took a deep breath.


Harry smiled.

"There you go, it gets easier after awhile" Harry said smiling at the blonde.

Susan nodded.

"Now to answer your question, I think Voldemort should be the main priority since he is a psychopath and if we remove Dumbledore before Voldemort than a lot of people will move into Voldemort's side" Harry said.

"I agree with you Harry. Voldemort should be top priority," madam Bones said nodding.

/Scene Break/

Dumbledore paced back and forth wondering what to do next. He couldn't find Harry and now the Granger girl is missing also. He had a feeling that they were together, which made him tremble in fear a bit. If you combine his power and her smarts than you find a team that would be unstoppable. He couldn't let that happen, Harry had to be pliable so he could direct him.

Fawkes watched all this with intrigue as he could sense the old man's fear of the two teens that could be the greatest force the wizarding world has seen. Fawkes scanned everything in the office and found a few things that could be useful to his new master.

/Scene Break/

Meanwhile at the Burrow Molly Weasley was preparing a batch of love potions to be used and talking to herself. Little did she know that someone was listening in.

"Very soon Ginny will have what she wants and Harry will be away from that Mudblood bitch" Molly said smiling.

Molly didn't care for the Granger girl, she was just in the way of her daughter's affection to the green-eyed wizard and that wasn't going to do. It helped that her youngest son had a little thing for Granger girl, but even if he didn't it wouldn't matter at all just as long as that Mudblood was out of the way.

The person listening in felt horrible and knew they had to warn Harry and Hermione, but didn't know how. They knew that Harry was unreachable and probably had his mail read before even getting to him if that. And for Hermione, well she didn't even have a clue yet. So the person quietly snuck back upstairs a bit then decided to come down acting like they heard nothing.

"Hello Ginny dear" Molly greeted.

"Hi mum, I was wondering if I could visit Fred and George?" Ginny asked.

"Of course you can" Molly said.

Ginny nodded and headed to the fireplace.

Phase one complete.

/Scene Break/

Ginny rolled out of the fireplace of her brother's flat to greeted by their girlfriends.

"Ginny, what brings you here?" Angelina Johnson asked.

"Is Fred and George here?" Ginny asked.

"Yeah, they're down in the shop" Alicia Spinnet answered.

Ginny nodded and head downstairs to the shop area. When she got there she found the organized chaos that were her brothers.

"Gin-Gin, what brings you here?" Fred asked smiling as he was pouring a potion in to a vial.

"I have some serious news that you guys need to hear" Ginny said in a tone that meant this wasn't a social call.

The twins noticed their sister's behavior and knew that this wasn't a time to joke around.

"What is it Gin, did something happen at home?" George asked worriedly.

"Kinda, but this has to more with Harry and Hermione" Ginny said lowering her voice so they won't be overheard.

She told them what she heard their mother rant and her plans. Fred and George didn't like this at all. They liked Harry and Hermione. They thought of them as their own siblings and since Harry gave them the money to start their business they felt more protective over the green eyed boy.

"Ginny, how sure are you of this?" Fred asked seriously.

"Very, I saw her brewing the potions in the kitchen" Ginny said.

"We've got to warn Harry and Hermione" George said.

"But how? Harry probably has his mail monitored" Ginny said.

Fred and George began to pace in thought of what to do when a familiar snowy owl that they knew appeared.


The owl hoot in response.

"It looks like she knew we needed to get a letter to Harry, my dear brother" Fred said grinning.

"I believe you're right, brother of mine" George concurred grinning also.

So the three Weasleys wrote a letter to Harry telling him to stay away from the Burrow and the reason why and to contact them if he needed anything and they promised to find a way to tell Hermione. Once they were done and tied the letter to Hedwig, the snowy owl left. Leaving the three redheads to wait for a response.

End of chapter 1

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