New Guardian, New Life

By: Sheltie

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Chapter 28-Epilogue

After the final battle at Hogwarts came another fierce battle, this time it was with the media. Harry, Hermione, and his friends were bombarded with multiple questions some were the same ones just asked in a different way. Thankfully Amelia was there to help them out. Harry and Hermione returned to their quarters after the press conference and Hermione rewarded Harry for a great victory. The couple wasn't seen for many days and when they were seen they both had very goofy grins on their faces.

Neville and Susan reunited after Susan was finished with her last patient. Susan was very happy to see her boyfriend alive and she kissed him with much vigor that it ended up as the front-page photo creating the magical version of another memorable photo.

The story of Luna and Daphne was easy to tell. The two girls told their close friends about what happened and what led up to it. Fawkes was on the back of Luna's chair the whole time as Luna told her tale. Harry and Hermione were shocked that Luna would undertake such a daunting task of freeing Fawkes all on her own, but was happy that she had asked for help when she needed. Though they made the young blond promise never do such a thing again.

Fawkes after being freed waited for his new master, Luna, to awake and even helped Luna and Daphne out by giving them both a bit of his magic. This doesn't mean that the two girls would have powers of a phoenix though. But during the battle Fawkes sensed that Harry would need a lot of support so he woke Luna and Daphne from their slumber. It was kind of funny when Pomfrey went to check on them and found their beds empty.

Draco sank into a depression because he killed his father during the battle. Ginny was the only one to get through to the now head of the Malfoys. Draco reluctantly took the title though he didn't feel like boasting about like his old self would. It was at a cost.

Days after the final battle and things soon got back to normal. There was a memorial service for those who died in the battle and Hogwarts itself created a monument in memory of those who perished. On the stone slab was each name of those who died for freedom. Speeches were given, but Harry refused to go up and give one. All he wanted was to be alone with his friends and family. With the backing of Minister Bones Harry got his wish and the press left him alone. But sadly a certain beetle didn't take the hint and tried to get a scoop. She is now apart of Luna's very small entomology collection.

The year passed and Harry and Hermione enjoyed their first full summer as a married couple. It was late July when they got news that Hermione was pregnant. Harry literally fainted when he heard the news.

During the summer Draco and Ginny became a betrothed couple. When news hit that a Malfoy and a Weasley were betrothed it sent shockwaves through the whole wizarding world. It showed that there was changing coming and it would be drastic. Draco went to Ginny's father and formally asked the Weasley Patriarch and Arthur didn't hesitate for a second when he came to the decision. He saw that his only daughter was in love and for all the right reasons. Ginny was over the moon and when Draco presented her with her pick of the Malfoy betrothal rings the little redhead was fused to Draco's mouth for several seconds before a ring was picked.

Also during the summer Neville, Susan, and Hannah had a long talk about what to do about their situation. In the end Neville couldn't see himself loving anyone else other than Susan. He apologized to Hannah and the young Hufflepuff accepted, but only if she were the godmother of the couple's first child. Neville and Susan agreed and the three became close friends.

Luna and Daphne were seen together a lot and that led Daphne's girlfriend Tracey to break up with her. It was late August when Luna and Daphne announced to their friends that they were a couple. This shocked all of them, but Harry just smiled and said that he now didn't have to worry about boys anymore and welcomed Daphne wholeheartedly. Hermione did the same as she was the same mind with Harry.

Remus and Tonks got married during the summer and Remus decided to leave his post as DADA professor to work in the Ministry's new department that he was department head, which helped locate werewolves and help them find work. Tonks stayed on as an auror and was promoted due to Shacklebolt taking the position of head of the DMLE.

Hogwarts that year was astounding. Harry and Hermione were Head Boy and Girl due that no one else wanted the positions. McGonagall was the headmistress as Dumbledore was put on trial during the summer and was found guilty on many counts and now resides in a special cell in Azkaban. He was allowed to write his memoirs to catalog all that he's done. It was agreed upon that though the old man had become a menace that people should learn what he did while he was on the light side before he twisted it for his own.

The Longbottoms, Frank and Alice were now the DADA professors at Hogwarts though there was no threat anymore that didn't mean that this class should slack off. First years were put through a grueling time to help prepare them for anything. History of Magic was revamped and Binns was exorcised. The new professor helped update the students on all events and didn't shy away from anything that put the Ministry in a bad light. Muggle Studies also got a new professor, a muggle-born, who helped update the whole class syllabus. Soon students were learning how to blend in better in the muggle world.

The New Year brought the birth of the Potter's children. They were twins, a boy and a girl. They named the boy Sirius Daniel Potter and the girl was named Lily Emma Potter. Sirius had his father's eyes, which were said to have already charmed every nurse in St. Mungo's and Lily also had her father's eyes. Harry knew that he'd have to threaten a lot of boys when the time came that his daughter was old enough to date. Luna was named as Sirius's godmother while Daphne was Lily's. Neville was Sirius's godfather and Draco was Lily's godfather.

The rest of the school year past and soon it was summer. Harry and Hermione took their N.E.W.T.'s and had excellent scores, of course Hermione blew everyone away. During the graduation ceremony Hermione gave a lovely speech about a bright future that was ahead, but cautioned everyone that evil has not been defeated entirely. Harry was once again asked to give a speech, but declined again. He just didn't like giving speeches.

That summer Neville and Susan got married. Susan had Hannah as her maid of honor and Hermione and Luna were the bride's maids. Neville had Harry as his best man and Draco was a groomsman. The ceremony was titled one of the loveliest ever and was on the front page of every paper and magazine. Though that mostly due to the fact that this would be the first pictures of the brand new Potters. Harry and Hermione did their best to keep their kids out of the spotlight, but since Sirius was the ring bear and Lily the flower girl that was not meant to be.

Harry took to be a stay at home dad and watched the kids as Hermione worked her way up the Ministry. She made it clear to all those working there that she wanted to move up the ladder the regular way and not be treated special in any way. That however didn't stop with her getting some special perks once and a while though she didn't complain about them too often.

Neville opened his own greenhouse that sold tons of special plants. Susan was the business side of it and she haggled with the potion makers and such since she knew her husband could be a pushover sometimes.

Luna and Ginny's final year of Hogwarts was quite ordinary, which was just fine with them. Luna was named Head Girl that year and Ginny was a prefect. Both enjoyed the perks and Luna had Daphne in her suite many times over the year. No one said anything negative about Luna and Daphne's relationship since they knew if they did then they'd get a visit from Harry Potter. Luna gave a speech at graduation that echoed Hermione's speech a year earlier. That summer there were two weddings.

The first was Draco and Ginny's. This was headline news as a Weasley and Malfoy marrying was big news. Draco had Harry as best man and Neville as a groomsman. Ginny had Hermione as her matron of honor and Susan and Luna as bride's maids. The wedding was the biggest of the summer and was talked about for many days afterwards.

The second wedding wasn't as big, but still was quite special. Luna and Daphne decided to tie the knot and with Harry's blessing they had a small ceremony with only their close friends and family. Harry walked Luna down the aisle.

When McGonagall announced her retirement she told the press that there was only one person she would be willing to be her successor. That was Harry. Harry was floored by all this, but took the mantle as headmaster, though with a bit of reluctance. He hired Neville to be the new Herbology teacher, Hannah became the new Muggle Studies teacher and head of Hufflepuff house. Hermione was making a run for Minister and Lily and Sirius Potter were getting ready to start their first year at Hogwarts.

Harry Potter sat in the headmaster's chair with his wife Minister Potter sitting next to him waiting for the new generation to enter.


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