Title: Conversation: Post-Its and Duct Tape

Author: Calenlass Greenleaf

Disclaimer: I don't own FFVII in any way.

Rating: PG or K+

Spoilers: FFVII & Compilation, in general. Set after AC/ACC.

Summary: 'You're like a Post-It, Cloud.' 'Well, if I'm a Post-It, then you're duct tape, Tifa.' Dialogue-heavy and Cloti implied.

Conversation: Post-Its and Duct Tape

Tifa sometimes wants to reach over and just give Cloud a good shake or too. He's stubborn, mulish, annoying, a pain, and…he was Cloud.

"You could've told me."


"Don't you think I could have helped you, Cloud?"


"You just think you need to do everything on your own, don't you?"


"All you had to do was call, and I would be there. I think—"

"I'm sorry."

Well, this was something new. She raises an eyebrow. He's never really apologized, only made excuses.

"I really am."

And she gives in. "I...know you are."

When he looks at her with those eyes, she can't stay made it him. She reaches for his hand and squeezes it.

"You know…you're like a Post-It, Cloud," she muses aloud.


"A Post-It. A piece of paper that's slightly stick on one side." She traces the back of his hand absently. "Its creator made it by accident, but it's such a useful little thing. It sticks on, but it'll fall off when its time comes, and you have to either tape it or discard it."

"I hope you tape it, instead of discarding it."

It's only then that she realizes what she's been saying, and she blushes. "Uh…" She glances at him.

He returns her look. "Well, if I'm a Post-It, then you're duct tape, Tifa."

She gapes at him.

He shrugs. "You…hold us together when we fall apart. You keep me from falling." He offers a hesitant smile, the one that makes her heart flutter.

She pushes these feelings away. "Baka," she accuses, borrowing the Wutainese word for "idiot."


"I'll be your duct tape, regardless."

"And I'll be a…Post-It."

Unable to help herself, she giggles. "And we'll stick together, all right?"

"Mm…" He rubs her fingertips. "I'll try."


A/N: The idea just popped in my mind. And I have a strange mind. :) And it's true that Post-Its were invented by accident. *grin*

A/N #2: My next FFVII romance fic is a Yuffentine. Because it's my second OTP.