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Part 5/5


Part V

Renesmee & Jacob


"Over there, Jacob!" I laughed, clinging to my human-form werewolf's dark hair as he trotted through the crowds, me perched high on his shoulders.

"Hang on tight, Nessie!" Jacob veered sharply to the right, easily weaving in and out through the crowd despite his height. I loved riding on his shoulders, since it made me feel like I could see the entire world. He was so tall, I almost could. He slowed when we reached the outskirts of the crowd, paused next to a small stand. "Want some cotton candy?" he asked me.

I leaned forward over his head to look into his large dark eyes. "What's cotton candy?" I wasn't sure I liked the sound of it. Now that I was a little older, I did enjoy certain human foods. I willingly tried everything Jacob gave me, since it was he who offered it to me. I couldn't refuse him anything. But this "cotton candy" -- I wasn't sure about it.

"It's good, Nessie. C'mon -- let's get you some." He joined a line, his large hands tapping gentle beats against my legs. I leaned my chin on the top of his head, inhaling his scent. He smelled different than the rest of my family, more musky than sweet. But I liked how he smelled, even though my mother, father, grandma, grandpa, aunts, and uncles sometimes jokingly said he smelled awful. And Jacob returned the favor, sometimes replying that they smelled bad, too. I couldn't smell anything wrong with any of them. Except, maybe, Jacob did smell a little better than anyone else, even my mother and father.

A few minutes later, I held something pink and fluffy in my hands. I stared at the stuff, sniffing warily. It smelled sweet, almost sickly so. It reminded me of something else Jacob had foisted upon me, something called peppermint. I hated it.

Jacob tipped his head back to look at me. "Go on," he encouraged me. "Try it." He took a big bite of his own, as if to prove it was good.

I sighed. Even though it didn't smell good, I'd try it for him. Lifting the sticky stuff to my face, I took a gingerly bite. I chewed thoughtfully, though the consistency of the confection wouldn't allow me to do so for long. I rolled it over my tongue a few times, tasting it again and again. I swallowed, waiting for a moment for the aftertaste to hit.

Sweet -- delicious -- gooey! I smacked my lips. "This is good!" I told him around another mouthful.

Jacob laughed. "Told you," he said smugly, polishing off his own.

I inhaled the rest of mine, handing him the cone before I licked my fingers to get as much of the yummy goodness as I could. More! my stomach demanded. I rested my hand against his neck, showing him a picture of the cotton candy.

"More?" Jacob asked.

"Yes!" I said.

He laughed. "Okay, Ness -- but don't blame me if you get sick to your stomach, okay?" Jacob turned on his heel and headed back for the vendor.

I snorted. Being half-vampire, I didn't think I had anything to worry about. And, on the way off chance I did get sick, it would be worth it to eat more of that gooey, yummy cotton candy. Besides, I had Grandpa Carlisle to make me feel better if I got sick.

Fortified with more pink cotton candy, Jacob carried me to a bench on top of a little knoll. I sat on his lap as we ate, watching the hustle of the crowd below me. I scanned the people, picking out familiar faces. There was Momma and Daddy, on a roller coaster. On the Ferris wheel, Aunt Alice and Uncle Jasper were sitting all snuggled together. Aunt Rose and Uncle Emmett were strolling through the carts, staring at each other more than the wares. Grandma Esme and Grandpa Carlisle were on the carousel, holding hands as the ride went around and around.

"I'm glad Momma thought to bring us all here," I said. I snuggled back into Jacob's chest, licking my fingers again. I wanted more, but I was content to sit still for the moment with him. "I'm having a lot of fun. Are you?"

One of his big arms wrapped around me, hugging me gently to him. "Yeah, Ness, I am." He kissed the top of my head.

Laughing, I batted him away. "Your lips are sticky!" I smacked his cheek with a kiss, giggling again at the expression on his face.

He wiped off my kiss. "So're yours, munchkin!" He tickled me, and I obligingly squirmed and laughed.

What more could I ask for? My parents were happy, my grandparents were happy, my aunts and uncles were happy, and I had Jacob to be happy with.

My life was perfect, just the way it was.

-The End-


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