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Summary: To most people, they were faded photographs in a wrinkled old album. To Alice and Jasper, they were captured images of stories and memories that would never fade or grow old. A series of connected JxA oneshots, pre-, during-, post-"Twilight."

Rating: K+

Warnings: None

Pairings: Alice/Jasper; mentions Bella/Edward, Carlisle/Esme, Rosalie/Emmett, Kate/Garrett, and Eleazar/Carmen

Spoilers: All four books are fair game

Part 1/?

Title: Snapshots

Author: fyd818

Author's Note: The general idea of this story, a series of events surrounding the images captured in photographs, came from my beta Mama Jo's story Christmas Snapshots, posted in the Stargate: Atlantis fandom. I already have several ideas for this story, but I'm open to any suggestions you might have, anything you might want to see, for future chapters. I like to think I'm fairly easy to get along with. LOL I would like to keep this story in the K+ range, though, please. But I will try to work in every idea I'm given, with full credit to whomever suggested it. In the meantime, thank you so much for reading, and I hope you enjoy this story! ~fyd



-Chapter 1-

~The Beginning~

Me and Jasper, April 3, 1953, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I opened the photo album gently, careful of the cracked cover and yellowed, worn old pages. It was old, worn down, having aged over the many years I'd had it. It had an ability I did not -- the ability to age, grow old, hold the signs of maturing. When I was feeling particularly nostalgic I envied it that ability -- which was silly, of course, being jealous of an inanimate object. But unlike its pages, I would never show my age, grow fragile, or eventually lose the ability to protect the priceless, precious memories held within me.

Smiling, I touched the picture on the very first page inside, re-reading the familiar words written in my own hand. Jasper and I had returned to where we'd met right after I'd gotten my first camera, determined to have some sort of record of the place even after it closed and was forgotten years later. Besides, I knew we would be getting a family at some point, and I wanted to be able to proudly show off the image of my husband and me in one of the most important places we'd ever visited.

I still remembered the day it had been taken like it was yesterday -- after all, years felt like seconds to a vampire, for we never forgot anything, no matter how long it had been.

I carefully cradled my camera in my arms like a baby, knowing it was just as fragile as a newborn. Jasper had kindly donated his coat to the cause, covering its delicate casing to protect it from the chilly rain falling from above. We were sticking to the sidewalks as much as we could, quickly walking out of the cover of one shop door's overhang to the next. And so it went down the line until we finally reached the door to the little café in which we'd met not so long before. Fortunately most of the humans were indoors, the cold rain having driven them inside for the heat and dryness.

The rain meant nothing to me, save the protection of my diamond-hard (and equally sparkly) skin from the sunlight hidden behind the clouds. Jasper was walking somewhat stiffly next to me, black eyes warily on the lookout for a stray human whose sent could so easily drive him to madness. My Visions had assured me we'd both be fine, but Jasper didn't know me that well, yet, even though he had been naturally accepting when I told him I could see the future before it happened. It would just take him a little while for him to implicitly trust my Visions -- I could See that, too.

When we reached the café, we both stood outside its glass door for a long moment, allowing our memories to sweep us back in time. I could see so clearly in my mind the look on his face when I'd held out my hand to him, said his name, and offered him a new life, away from the horrible one I'd caught glimpses of since my Awakening in a cold, dark forest. He had been slow to smile, and I hadn't seen him smile a lot since that day, but I knew my first memory of that curling of his lips would always be my best.

Jasper briefly squeezed my shoulder. "Do you want to go in?" he asked me. His voice was one of the first things I remembered after I Awakened as a vampire -- rich, deep, a bass rumbling that sounded like soothing music to my ears every time he spoke. The slightest hint of a Southern accent added an exotic element to every word he said.

"No," I said decidedly. Trouble could arise in the future, I'd Seen, if we ventured inside. "We'll stay outside, just get a picture of the exterior of the building, and us in front of it."

My true love looked around, his eyebrows raised curiously. "How?" he asked. "There's no one around to hold the camera and take the picture." He sounded almost relieved at that fact.

"Wait for it," I murmured. "Wait for it. . ."

Jasper had the courage to look surprised when a human appeared around the corner of the block, hands tucked in his pockets, head ducked. All we could see was the wide brim of his hat, but I knew he was friendly, and merely used the hat to shield his face from the rain.

"Excuse me, sir," I called softly when he approached. I waited until he joined us under the cover of the eave to speak again. "I was wondering if you could possibly take a picture of us, in front of this little café?" I slightly lifted my camera as Jasper snatched his jacket away.

"Of course!" he said. "Anything to help such a lovely long couple as yourselves." He took my camera from me, and I was pleased to see that he, too, handled the camera like it was a delicate infant. "Beautiful model," he said. "It's one of the newest ones, right?"

I leaned into Jasper's side, feeling that he wasn't breathing as he wrapped his arm around my shoulders. Firmly tucking my arm around his waist, under the cover of the jacket he'd quickly but back on, I rested my head against his chest and smiled at the helpful man who'd stopped in the rain to help a friendly young woman and her boyfriend in what most would think a silly activity in such weather. "Yes," I said. "Jasper and I have been saving up for a while to purchase that." I allowed my face to relax into an open, friendly expression as the man snapped the picture.

Quickly returning to the cover of the eave, he tucked the camera back into my arms. "A wise purchase," he said with a smile. "I hope that picture turns out all right. And good luck, both of you." With a tip of his hat and another friendly smile, he wandered off again.

Smiling smugly up at Jasper, I accepted the cover of his coat again to protect our camera as we continued our stroll through the rain. "See?" I said. "That went very well, all things considered."

Jasper drew in a long breath, his shoulders finally relaxing. "So it did," he agreed. "I apologize for ever doubting you." Only a hint of mischief colored his tone.

I stuck out my tongue at him and hugged my camera close. Only later, after I'd had the picture developed, did I find out that Jasper, despite the discomfort of being so close to a warm-blooded, lovely-smelling human, was smiling like he was the happiest man in the world.

Allowing the memory to fade out of my mind, I closed the cover of the photo album, a Vision telling me that Esme would soon come in search of me, wanting to hunt. I could always go back to the treasure trove of visual memories later, when we got back.

But as I went downstairs, my lips curled into a smile as I Saw that Jasper had other ideas for when I returned. Fortunately, I had the rest of forever in which to revisit my fondest memories. The opportunity to make new ones didn't visit very often at all.

~End Chapter 1~