Greetings. I am Mistress Winowyll.

Lord of the Land of Fire-kun and I have started a joint writing project that started off as an exchange between PM's. From those playful tauntings came this story in which he has already posted, but for which I am also sharing his glorious spotlight. We both have enjoyed all the responses so far and can't wait to see how this will end.

This tale will include my own OC Shade from my story A Dark Influence, a Naru/Hina story, and his OC Ria from his stories The Mighty Vampire Aono and some of his other stories.

It takes place around Lord of the Land of Fire's story "The Mighty Vampire Aono". This is by no means a spoiler for the end, but a sort of diversion for the fun of it. This story is also meant for a very Mature Audience! You have been warned.

So, without any further delay, enjoy our story!

Your Mistress.


The reception hall was packed. Everyone was dressed up in celebration of the happy union. The wedding had been truly spectacular; the flowers alone had cost 500,000 yen. Little sister's wedding dress was a designer original, one of a kind, and it had cost 12 million yen. The bride's father was flipping the bill and nothing was too good for his little girl.

Ria had taken her place as one of the brides maids besides both her younger sisters. She hadn't wanted to be there anymore than Tsukune and Moka had wanted her there. Truthfully she still wanted to murder them both after what they'd done to her. She was sure both of them would be happy to return the favor. Father though had insisted she be there to play the role of supportive sister.

So she had stood there with Kahlua and Kokoa and smiled pretending to be happy. All the while imagining Moka's head on a pike and Tsukune being slowly roasted over a bon fire.

The wedding had gone off without a hitch; Tsukune was now her brother in law. Not that the ceremony had any real weight with her or her father. For them the real ceremony had taken place months ago in castle Akashiya where they became mates and she was forced to truly acknowledge him her brother. He was now officially, and forever, off limits to her. If she did anything to him her father would be angry and would punish her. Not even her bottomless hunger for revenge equaled her fear of and desire for approval from her father.

So here she was off in that back of the vast reception hall drinking champagne as she watched and listened to the mindless herd of well wishers.

To a human eye there was nothing unusual about the people who were now enjoying themselves. To her though it was easy to tell who was and who wasn't human. Along with her father and sisters about a third of the guests were monsters in disguise. Succubi, snow women, witches, werewolves, cat women, sirens, and all other sorts of creatures mingled and talked freely with humans who had no idea they were in the company of genuine monsters.

It sickened her to be here, to have to treat these filthy humans with actual courtesy. What she longed to do was use some vampiric magic or the Lilith Mirror to reveal the truth to everyone. Now that would have been entertaining! But since it would also bring her father's wrath she put the thought out of her mind.

Standing there she noticed Tsukune's father looking at her. Smiling back she slowly licked her lips and placed one hand suggestively underneath her right breast. The man turned red and quickly looked away. She laughed softly, unlike Tsukune his father was a very weak willed man.

Looking about she saw a tall slender woman talking with Kurumu and her mother. Kurumu looked extremely embarrassed for some reason. The other woman caught her looking and sent a questioning glance her way. She had dark sunglasses and a burnt red dress with a bit of gold trim. It revealed breasts that were ample but not huge. The dress only went a third of the way down her thigh also displaying long and shapely legs. There was a black choker around her neck with a silver chain (very similar to Ria's or Moka's.) At the end of the chain was not a rosario but a small gold lock that nestled within the space between her breasts. The lock was deliberately left open. Men all around were staring hungrily at her, even ones with dates or possibly wives standing right there beside them.

The woman might have expected her to look away but Ria did no such thing. She continued to sip her champagne and look directly back at the strange and enticing female. As she watched Kurumu spoke to her frantically while pointing. When she was done explaining the stranger wore a captivating smile and began to sashay her way towards her.

By the time she reached the back where Ria was the patient vampire had caught her scent and knew what sort of monster she was. "A succubus, are you family to Kurumu and her mother?"

The woman gave a slight polite nod. "My name is Caro Shade, I am Ageha's neesan and Kurumu's aunt. I take it from my niece's warning that you are a vampire and Moka's sister?"

Ria bowed her head a few inches. "I am Sekitan Ria, Moka's older sister."

"You have a different last name," Shade noted.

"She and I are half sisters," Ria stated. "We share the same father but have different mothers."

Shade grinned mischievously. "But your last name is not Akashiya, if you have the same father shouldn't it be?"

Ria gave the woman an annoyed look. "That is not your concern." She wasn't about to waste her time explaining the reasons her father had married Moka's mother but not her own. "In any case her last name is not Akashiya anymore either."

The two of them were on the dance floor with all eyes on them. They did make a truly beautiful couple.

Shade was looking at them as well. "My little niece thought he was her destined one, she tried to make him hers and failed. Even her charm failed. For a succubus to lose out on a man she wants is quite a rarity. He's rather interesting, don't you think?" Her lips twitched and her tongue flicked out for just an instant.

"Forget it succubus, you would never have a chance with him," Ria said with certainty and sipped her champagne. She was watching the happy couple dancing. Because there were humans in attendance both of them wore their rosarios and hid what they truly were. For that matter she did as well.

Shade grinned seductively and tossed her long plum colored hair. She slid down her sunglasses to reveal two mismatched eyes, one of sea deep blue and one of purest violet. Together with her full lips and delicate skin she had an exotic, almost unearthly beauty. "Don't compare me to dear Kurumu, I am something else entirely. No man can resist me if I want him."

Ria dismissed her with a flick of her hand. "My little brother isn't a man; he's a vampire and a powerful one at that."

"If he has something hanging there between his legs that makes him a man whether he's a vampire a human or a jabberwok." She slid her glasses back up to hide her eyes again. "I'll make him mine with one look."

"Tsukune has the ability to charm," Ria said sweetly. "That makes him immune to your power."

"Really?" Shade peered out to the dance floor. "A vampire who is immune to charm, and one who is already in love? Now that is a challenge." She looked back to Ria with a decisive nod. "I'll make him mine; there are more ways to seduce a man than just with charm. I have other weapons, they may take a little longer but they are more fun to use any way."

Ria shook her head mockingly. "Simple seduction will never work on him."

Shade glanced at her and a leisurely smile spread across her face. "Why? Did he reject you when you tried it?" The vampire's slight frown and tiny spark of killer intent told her all that she needed to know. "I'm not surprised, what would a vampire know about real seduction? A succubus is lust incarnate; I can make a man throw away everything for me with just a look. If I really focus my attention on him he'll be mine body and soul, for as long as I want him."

"You know nothing," Ria said with a touch of anger. "The only way into his bed is through deception or threat. Seduction is pointless, he's too stubborn and too naive."

Shade gave her a pitying look. "You had to force him to sleep with you? How pathetic."

Ria's grin was cold as winter ice. "If we were anywhere else I would kill you for saying that."

"You would try," Shade answered without worry.

"Oh me, oh my you really think you can make him yours?"

"Easily," the proud succubus answered.

"Then what do you say to a simple bet? They'll be leaving for their honeymoon right after this and it will last for a week, seven days. Do you believe you can get him to betray Moka on their honeymoon?"

Behind her sunglasses her eyes lit up with anticipation. Steal a loving husband away from his bride during the honeymoon? "Oh, now that would be fun!" She titled her head slightly and glanced curiously at the dark haired vampire. "What sort of stakes would you like to bet?"

Ria knew exactly what she wanted. "Whoever loses must be the other's willing slave for one day. And must do anything they are ordered to."

Shade's laughter was sweet and light. "Done! I will make him mine by the end of their honeymoon or I will be your slave for a day." She extended her hand.

Ria placed her within and gave a powerful squeeze. She was surprised to be met with equal strength. "Agreed, and if you somehow manage it I will be yours."

The bargain was sealed.