Son of Hogwarts

Chapter 1: No Where to Go

A Harry Potter Fanfiction

By: Legato Deathscythe

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter. That is the work of J.K. Rowling and that woman did a wonderful job.

Some stories happen the way they do because of a modicum of events. But every tale, every quest, every grand voyage must begin with one event. This first step can set the course of everything that is to come. Bitter enemies become brothers in arms. Simple friends become lovers. And in some cases, a life of pain and heartache can be changed into a life full of wonder and beauty.

That is what we find as we look in on Minerva McGonagal as she waits patiently for the arrival of Albus Dumbledore. She hadn't been able to get a hold of Albus all day, and he needed to know what had happened. She was just about to conjure her broom when she noticed the lights from the street lamps being sucked into a device. Minerva McGonagal waited for Albus Dumbldore to get closer before reverting from her Cat form into a human being. Albus knew something was wrong the moment he saw her face.

"Minerva, what has occurred?"

"Something happened last night. The Dursley's were murdered in their home. Apparently Vernon Dursley made some dangerous enemies at his place of employment. A disgruntled former employee decided to demonstrate how angry he was. He shot both Vernon and Petunia with a muggle gun before turning it on himself."

"Merlin..." Albus said under his breath.

It was then they both heard the distinctive sound of a motorbike approaching them. When it appeared and landed Hagrid pulled his goggles up over his head and stood. The bike itself seemed to groan as it was relieved of his heft. He walked up to the professors and said, "He seemed to enjoy the ride just fine. Not a peep the whole trip."

"There is that at least," Dumbledore said.

"Albus, I know you fear for his safety among other wizards but we can't afford the risk now," Minerva said.

Hagrid was confused and said so. McGonagal told him what she had told Albus. After shaking his head in disgust and sorrow he said, "Professors, why don't we just keep him at the castle?"

The two professors looked at him for a moment like he was crazy. Hagrid simply said in his broken and deeply accented English, "Hogwarts has the best protective wards anywhere. We can watch over him ourselves and keep him safe. We can even teach him everything he could possibly need to know, after all it is a school."

Minerva sighed, "Hagrid has a point Albus. He'll be safer with the rest of us then he will be anywhere else. We of course will have to keep him exposed to the Muggle world. Lily would never approve of us simply ignoring that."

Albus nodded, "We can discuss matters of his education at a later time. Right now however I agree with the two of you. Harry's safety is first and foremost our priority. Hagrid, take Harry back to the school and ask Madam Pompfry to watch over him for the time being. I will go find Sirius and Remus. Minerva, I want you to be at the school tomorrow as well. It is best if we keep as many of our people around him as possible for the time being."

Both nodded and, as Hagrid flew off with Harry and Minerva apparated away Dumbledore simple looked to the stars. He sighed, "Your whole family taken from you in under a day. I hope someday you can forgive me for my failure young Harry."

Yes, a change in events can have far reaching consequences. The changes in the fate, life, and relations of young Harry Potter thanks to this tragedy could be for ill or good, who is to say.

"What evidence do they have to prove this?" Albus asked, his voice filled with sorrow.

"From what I can tell from my contacts within the DMLE, not much physical evidence. The Auror in charge of the investigation, a Rufus Scridgmore, is well known through the office and my contacts as being a political climber. A lot of the aurors would refuse to partner with him on shear principle. Most of the others because he's known for stabbing them in the back if he can make any personal gains in advancement. Bagnold is pushing for Sirius to be sent away for life to Azkaban without even a presentation before the Wizengamot. The only thing damning Sirius Black for the crimes he's accused of is a confession, conveniently procured by Scridgemore," Alistor Moody reported.

"You don't sound to convinced it's legitimate Alistor," Remus Lupin, who looked more dead then alive after the last few days said.

"I'm not. I checked the files. Every confession must be witnessed by a member of the DMLE hierarchy and be verified under veratisyrum. There isn't even a copy of said confession. I can spot a snow job when I see one," Moody said, his enchanted eye spinning in all directions.

Albus sighed, "With the numbers of Death Eaters being brought before the full Wizengamot it would be easy for this case to slip through the cracks. Lucius Malfoy has already started trying to bribe his way out of trouble. He's claiming he and others were under the affects of the Imperius Curse and forced to join."

Remus scoffed in disgust, "He-who-must-not-be-named may have fallen but it feels like we are still losing the war."

Alistor "Mad Eye" Moody simply scowled, "Riddle was their leader, but except for a few who don't have the pull or the money several of the Death Eaters may get off with nothing more then a dent in their vaults."

"While an innocent man is condemned for merely being the lone survivor from a massacre," Remus said. Albus could tell the younger man had grown tired from the war, the losses just mounting.

Albus for the first time in a long time removed his half-moon glasses and rubbed the bridge of his nose. He thought for a moment and asked, "Is there anything we can do at this point?"

Neither of the other men said anything for a moment. Then Remus looked up, as if struck by a shard of hope, "We still have Snape."

"And what about the little maggot?" Moody asked.

"We haven't handed him over to the Ministry yet. We could offer him a deal, in exchange for all the information he can provide us," Remus said.

Moody turned his back and hobbled towards a container of fire whiskey. He poured three glasses of the liquor and said, "And pray tell what would we give him in exchange for his cooperation? I don't care what he's done for us, or if he gave us the intel on Riddle's plan to kill the Potter's. He was actively a part of several crimes the Death Eaters carried out. He belongs in Azkaban with the rest of them."

Remus nodded as he took one of the glassed from the older man, "Perhaps, but if he can give us the information we need to both clear Sirius' name and put a majority of the remaining Death Eaters away it might be worth it. I'd rather let Snape go free if we could get Malfoy, Crabbe, Goyle, Luxley, and the rest sent away. And most importantly, if he can give us what we need to clear Sirius then it's more then worth it."

"What do you think Albus?" Moody asked.

The old wizard thought for a moment and said, "Remus makes a valid point. There is just too much we do not know for certain though. Severus Snape could very well give us that."

"So we send him away for twenty-five years instead of life?"

"No. If he's willing to do this, I will vouch for him and push for a full pardon."

Moody was about to object, strongly when Remus said, "Makes sense. Any other deal he could just brush off and let us shift in the wind while the worst of the worst go free. A full pardon with the condition of full disclosure would be an offer he couldn't refuse."

Moody shook his head as he threw back the last of the fire whiskey in his glass, "I still think he should suffer the same fate as the lot of them."

Albus simply smiled, "Make no mistake, he will answer for what he has done. If Voldemort has found a way to cheat death like we believe, then Severus will be a necessary compatriot. I will keep a very close eye on him."

Silence fell on the trio for a moment before Moody asked, "So which of you will make the offer? I won't be able to stomach it."

Before Dumbledore could say anything Remus beat him to the punch, "I will. I'll talk to him Death Eater to Werewolf."

The others nodded in ascent. Moody took a moment to think before asking, "How is young Mr. Potter faring?"

Albus eyes seemed to grow even more tired at the mention of the now orphaned child, "Madam Pompfry tells me he seems to be alright. No overt affect of whatever it was that saved his life. The only noticeable injury is a scar on his forehead. We may not know entirely how throwing off the Killing Curse as he did affected him for years to come. With the shear amount of arcane and ancient magics at work. We just don't know."

"How are the Longbottoms?" Remus asked.

Another black mark on Albus soul seemed to appear almost palpably to the other two men, "St. Mungo's is telling me and Augusta that they may very well be lost. Their bodies are alive, but their minds are almost totally gone. It's almost as if the LeStrange's killed them as surely as if they had cast the Avada Kadavra."

Their was a shiver that passed through Remus spine. Moody slammed a second glass of fire whiskey then cursed loudly. Remus stood at that moment and made for the door, "I'll talk to Snape, make our offer. Maybe something good can come from all of this."

Albus nodded, his eyes closing behind his glasses. Before Remus left he turned and said, "We did do the right thing, didn't we?"

Albus opened his eyes, steppled his fingers in front of his face and leaded his chin on them, obscuring the lower half of his face. It was low, but in an almost haunted voice, "I want to think so, Remus. But with the way all the pieces are falling, I wonder if it was enough."

Severus Snape had spent the last several days locked away in a room with barely any human contact. Every few hours someone left some food for him at the door, but aside from that he had been left to his own devices. He had spent most of the time just watching the world outside the windows of his small makeshift prison and thought back. Thought back on all the decisions he had made that lead him to this moment. He sipped at a glass of water as he thought about the death of a woman he had at one time considered his best of friends. He knew that he had betrayed her all those years ago, which had led to him living a very lonely existence since the end of school. He had spent several years in solitude, unable and unwilling to even consider his mistakes. But in that time he had no purpose in life either.

It was a need for a sense of purpose that had led him to join up with the Dark Lord. And now, thanks to his own actions, she was dead. Oh Severus didn't give a damn about her husband. He still hated James Potter with a burning rage. But Lily had always treated him well before he alienated her. IT was what had made him finally turn against the Death Eaters. Even if he could never truly return back to the time they were friends, and she would never forgive him the crimes he had committed. Severus was still loyal to her.

Now she was gone, and only the child remained. Would he be her son, or his fathers? Only time would tell.

When the door opened behind him, Snape didn't even bother to turn towards it. The only way he knew who was in the room was from the reflection in the window he had been staring out of. He closed his eyes and said, "So Lupin, is it time for me to be taken away?"

"Depends. Honestly Severus I've questioned much about you over the years. But I never once questioned your intelligence until now."

"Spare me the lecture. I am hardly in the mood, and you are not as adept at that sort of thing as Dumbledore."

Remus couldn't help but chuckle at that. Snape had seemingly developed something that could barely be called a sense of humor it seemed. Still, he needed to get the offer out there for the other man and get out, before he did something he would regret. "I've been speaking with Albus and Alistor about you."

"I see, so how does Moody wish to handle my execution?"

"If he had his way you'd be getting a one way ticket to Azkaban right now. Dumbledore and I however want to give you a chance to redeem yourself," Remus said.

There was silence for a moment, "And what makes you think I either seek or am deserving of such redemption?"

"Because I know why you turned on Voldemort. You can lie to everyone and say it was because of a life debt to James Potter, but you can't lie to me. Dumbledore probably knows your real reasons just as well. You did what you did to try to save Lily. I understand she meant a great deal to you back in our younger days Severus. I really do," Remus said, he leaned back against the door jam as Severus just stared out the window.

"That was a long time ago, Lupin. That friendship was never meant to last," Snape said, trying to divert the werewolf.

"As the muggles say, Bullshit. She was your best friend for years, and something like that doesn't just end. Granted, you did something that hurt her very much. I also accept my responisbility in that incident. But you don't just lose a relationship like what you had with Lily before she met James over one word," Remus said.

Severus sighed and stood. He walked over to the bed and sat down hard on it, and ran his hands over his face. "You're right of course. I tried to run her down afterwards and apologize. She told me that I had shown her my true self in that moment. No, not just my true self, but a side of the wizarding world she abhorred. Our inability to look past appearances, to seek beniethe the surface. She said it was ironic that a group of people who were able to make things out of thin air would be so blind to what was right in front of them."

Remus nodded, "Dumbledore is willing to vouch for you, and to work towards a full pardon."

This shocked the other man, "The terms?"

"Full disclosure. Who gave up James and Lily, how many of the Death Eaters were under compulsion by any means, everything," Remus said.

Snape scoffed at that, "So I tell everything I know, lock away all the remaining Death Eaters for you, and then I'm just free to go about my business?"

Remus smirked at him, "I'm betting Albus has an idea of something you can do afterwards."

Snape started passing the room for a moment, "I can tell you now, none of the marked Death Eaters were under any compulsions or bewitchment. The Dark Lord was very specific about that. One had to take the mark and everything that came with it of their own free will."

"And the person who lead him to the Potter's?"

Snape was slightly confused, "Why do you want to know that?"

Remus sighed, "The minister is trying to railroad Sirius, saying he was the one who betrayed them. Peter Pettigrew is dead, along with twelve muggles. The only thing we know for certain is that Sirius was there and the only one alive when the Auror's arrived."

Snape scoffed, "The person who betrayed them is already dead then. Pettigrew was the one who gave us the location."

Remus was shocked but it made sense. The house at Godric's Hollow was under a fidelis charm, only the secret keeper or someone with a message written by the secret keeper could have found it. Only himself, Sirius, Albus, and Pettigrew knew. They all had slips of paper written in Sirius handwriting that stated where it was. It would have been simple for Petigrew to have given that to You-Know-Who.

"I suppose I should help you lot, after all I'm already a marked man. If they do go free then my life will more then likely end very suddenly and unpleasantly. If I am to be a traitor to the cause, I might as well complete the betrayal."

Remus nodded and left the room to tell Albus. As with the death of Harry Potter's maternal relations, this choice had wide spreading consequences beyond simply Snape's freedom. His testimony not only cleared Sirius Black, who felt slightly ill knowing who had saved him from years at the hands of the dementors. Several powerful families who would have gotten away scott-free with not but a slapp on the wrist would now suffer for their crimes. Igor Karkarof would be unable to barter his way to freedom. Several Death Eaters would be unable to buy their way out of a life in prison.

One of these Death Eaters was Lucius Malfoy.

It was several months after the fall. Life had for the most part returned to normal. With the agreement of Sirius Black and Remus Lupin, Albus Dumbledore had decided what to do for Harry Potter. He would live at Hogwart's, learning the truths of the world he was born in and growing up within the boundaries of the schools protection. To provide for Sirius insistence that he be allowed to watch over and help raise the boy, Albus had gone to the board of governors and insisted Dueling be taught at the school. Professor's Black and Lupin were very well respected by the student body. That was until Professor Black started turning the heads of the girls, winning him the ire of the boys.

One other change that would lead to unknown happenings in the future was the divorce of Narssica and Lucious Malfoy. Narssica had no desire for her baby boy, Draco, to be associated with someone like his father. This was not out of some desire to salvage her reputation, but to protect young Draco from the stigma of being born to a convicted murder. So she took her half of Malfoy's estate, not including the various lands and houses she wanted nothing to do with, and retook her maiden name of Black. Her brother Sirius accepted her back into the Most Ancient and Noble House of Black under one condition. That the madness of pure blood superiority end with their generation.

After having seen the horrors that the war had brought, and knowing that her son may still have to deal with the aftermath, she readily agreed. So Draco Black would never hear that Pure Blooded Wizards were superior to any other. If anything, he would fight anyone who said so. After all, his best friend was a half-blood by their definition. Draco would never allow anyone to harm or dishonor the other boy who was practically a brother to him.

Harry would do the same for him when some children brought up Draco's Death Eater father.

Draco would not be Draco Black for very long however. While living in Hogsmeade, Narssica and Severus Snap met, and after a long courtship married. During the reception, Sirius Black would comment on the fact he didn't approve of his sister's taste in men. Remus Lupin, who had made damned sure to keep Sirius in a body binder hex the whole time, would only smirk and try to console his last remaining friend.

"So she's marrying a former Death Eater. So she's marrying Snivilus, so what?"

"He's responsible for James and Lily's deaths," Sirius argued.

"He's responsible for getting you out of Azkaban and putting away all those Death Eaters who tried to buy their way out. His testimony was what got rid of your former brother-in-law Lucius."

Sirius just grumbled until Remus decided to pour a little light on the situation, "Besides, now you have a real reason to despise him."

"And everything else he's done over the years isn't."

Remus smirked, "He wasn't YOUR brother-in-law until about half an hour ago. And he and your dear sister are leaving YOU to take care of Draco for the next two weeks while they go off on their honeymoon. If being the designated Babysitter for two two year olds wasn't enough reason to hate someone I don't know what is."

That seemed to make Sirius brighten just a little. He then left Remus to try to seduce one of the many beautiful bridesmaids. Minerva McGonagal shook her head as she took her turn watching over young Harry and Draco.

It all started when a young boy child lost everything and had no home to speak of. For the next several years of his life he would call the school at Hogwart's home, and all the professors there as his family. What the future held for this boy, and all those who would come and call him friend, was a mystery to them all. But the bonds of brotherhood and friendship that would be forged over the next decade would aide him in ways he could not possibly understand now at age two.