(i do not own any of these characters thats all down to the fabulous J.K Rowling)

Is This Allowed


Over the summer holidays Hermione had been doing a lot of thinking. Firstly she was just about to go back to school, so she could finish her final year; the war had stopped her last year and her biggest priority was to finish her education. The next thing that she couldn't stop thinking about was the fact she no longer had a boyfriend. Yes she had Ron last year, but she soon realised they were only together because of all the worry the war had caused and he was the only person she had at the time, other than harry.

To get her mind off everything that had happened she went back to her old life with her muggle parents and muggle friends. But that didn't help as much as she wanted it to. While she was with her friends she had noticed that most of them, no maybe all of them had a boyfriend at some part of the holiday. That how she realised she needed to move on from Ron and get a new man in her life, she knew Ron had done just that. Well she had heard from Ginny that he had got him self a new girlfriend.

So of course she had been thinking a lot about the boys in her life, she hadn't really had a boyfriend. Well she had Krum, the seeker on the Bulgarian Quidditch team, while she was in year 4 of Hogwart's, but that wasn't any thing serious. Harry was only a friend and he had Ginny any way. Ron well she had already been there and done that.

Other than that she didn't have any one else. So what about other boys that she knew, what are there chances, more like what were her chances. Neville, wouldn't even want to go there. Crabbe and Goyle- wouldn't even be able to comprehend anything she said. Malfoy-why is he even on the list after what he has done. So any other boy is a possibility.

Hermione made a promise to her self that when she goes back to school for her final year, she will try and get a boyfriend. Or at least get near to getting one, her final year was going to be a fun one at least.