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Part 18

The last day of term came quickly, Hermione had an hour until she would be leaving for the holidays, even though she had arranged to meet Snape in the break, she was still a little unsure about leaving. She had spent the night with Severus, and she was already missing him, she thought to herself that she could cope, it was only ten days.

While eating her breakfast, she was catching up with her friends, she realised she had been neglecting them recently, and she knew that she would spend most of the train ride home in the head carriage with Draco. When she was leaving the hall she quickly glanced over at the teachers table, noticed that Snape was watching so she blew him a kiss. She then hurried out to get to the train before anyone else.

The train ride was uneventful, her and Draco chatted for a while before doing a quick check. Once that was finished she went to find her friends, they were involved in a game of snap so she didn't bother them and went back to her compartment. Malfoy was already there, so she ended up speaking to him again for a bit, but it didn't take long for the conversion to turn slightly awkward for the girl. Malfoy had noticed her absence on Friday's, and wanted to know what she did with it and how she got around not doing rounds, he said that he had tried to have a night off but Snape wouldn't allow it.

Hermione knew that she wouldn't be able to lie about it, but she knew that she couldn't tell him the whole truth. So she told him enough to settle his mind.

"well, every Friday, I have been doing different thing's involved with prefects, rounds and all that. I have spent the evenings in Professor Snape's office to complete the tasks, so I haven't really been having nights off." after Hermione had finished telling Draco, she got out a book that Snape had lent her and started to read, ignoring Malfoy's other questions. It wasn't long before the train arrived back at Kings Cross Station, and Hermione couldn't wait to see her parents now that she was here.

Now that most of the students had gone, the staff had to arrange who would stay and when. Snape rushed in to say that he wanted the final five days off to go back to his cottage. Once the rest of the staff had agreed to this he left the meeting to go back to his quarters. When he was in there he realised how much some little things in the room reminded him of Hermione and this just made him want the ten days be over so he could see her again.